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  1. To stand apart from the pack... Couple of things, firstly being another complaint on the over-reliance on the DC brand which would make it the fifth DC-related attraction in a row for the park so thus I believe it to be "Milking" the brand and the lack of diversity within the park. Secondly, too make a quality attraction of this type you would need a sizable budget which with the projected $9 Million budget of this attraction compared to others around the world... It seems to be done on the "Cheap" thus brings up questions on the actual level of quality of the attraction. Thirdly, just to throw it out there considering all Australian parks are extremely mediocre at best... My exceptions are set very low.
  2. But those parks are much larger, much more variation... Movie World being the very small park it is, it needs more variation in it's theming.
  3. Another theme based on DC, four in a row... Superman Escape, Batwing Spaceshot, Green Lantern Coaster and now this, just give it a rest. Movie World has become a joke. -.-
  4. If this is true, another thing based on DC? Come on, its time to move into other areas. It's becoming incredibly less about a park based on films and other film-related topics into one based purely on DC comics. It belongs more in a type of park like Dreamworld where other sorts of themes are more accepted.
  5. But the big issue here is the Park being incredibly unbalanced in terms of variety and also the lack of rides.... Since 2005 Movie World gave three rides with two of them being coasters and an awful show. Dreamworld in the same period gave us six rides, three renovated rides/attractions, a bunch of new shows including a laser show, etc. Sure their theming isn't quite as good, but they are balanced and have a greater output in their offerings.
  6. Sure they have, but it makes the ride look less cheap.... Now it's kind of like "Jet Rescue" and it's station roof. It's pointless though and to me looks out of place, The point of theming is to add to the ride experience which this doesn't.
  7. I don't see it as "Noteworthy", I like look at the Mickey Mouse logo or even what they replaced that with on "California Screamin" at Disney's "California Adventure Park"... That was noteworthy.
  8. While I admit that the queue line is quite nicely done with the comic-book style panels outlining a simple but effective story, the 3D figures and the added logo welded to the side of the coaster but that's when the theming ends... Still disappointed at the station building and the fact that there isn't anything "Noteworthy" about the theming. Looking at previous attempts: Superman Escape and the entire section before the launch. Scooby-Doo's facade, entire queue line and the ride itself before the lift and after the main section of the ride. Batman's theming and pre-show. The entire of Wild West Falls... Well you get the idea. To better serve the theme and the ride, would have liked a "Space Mountain" sort of thing.
  9. Funny how things turn out, Buzzsaw ended up having the better theming.... Heck, even Cyclone has better theming then this. They went through the trouble of having these nice carriages built for this ride but not have anything to back it up.
  10. Yes, There is the need of diversity... With too many of the rides of the very few that they have themed after superheros, They might as well rename the park after DC Comics or something. >.>
  11. These animals don't belong in a theme park, They should be released in a wildlife sanctuary where they can be free rather be locked up in tiny cages. Disgusting.
  12. B-b-but for such high prices the people are paying for the Australian Parks is outrageous, What does it show for it? Barely anything, Getting Rides/Attractions that the rest of the world has had for years... Long gone are the days where the parks are spending $16 million for the Tower of Terror or $18 Million for Wild West Falls so instead going for the bare minimum.
  13. Again... Not a B&M, Just another moment where Australian parks charge such high-prices but yet again give us the bare minimum.
  14. I say kudos to the tiger, They are living animals just like humans are... They should be free, Not be kept in cages/pens and be gawked at just for peoples amusement.
  15. So another Roller-Coaster based on a Superhero, Or more specifically Green Lantern which film was critically and publicly disliked, was also a financial disappointment let alone was released months ago... With Superman Escapes and two Batman rides, Can't Movie World theme this to something other then a Superhero? With a limited selection in rides, They need to be a bit more diverse in theming.
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