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  1. My aunt drove me to Sydney to see a thearte production at Star City this was a few months after WL closed. So I was surpised to still see Space Probe looming over the trees as we drove past, then I saw Bush Beast sitting majestically by the fence the Wonderland sign removed. The slides of the beach were still up and it was eerie. They were starting on the construction of the motorway. I was thinking I wish it was still open. (I recall now promising a friend that once I got my full licence that I would take them to WL, that promise now broken). Then last year I went to Westmead for a doctor's appointment. I was excited as we drove up the from the central west. I smiled when we went past the arrnotts factory and then I turned my head a little further up forgetting that everything was gone and I was expecting to see the Space Probe looming up ahead. Instead all I saw was mounds of dirt, an expressway and that ugly LG factory. I had to admit I got very teary as we drove past it. No more fun in NSW.
  2. Playfuldreams

    Parks of Central West NSW

    I didn't know what to title this. When I was in Dubbo for a weekend with a friend we did the Western Plains Zoo, Old Dubbo Gaol (That was interesting if not a little spooky). One night we had a rest and I was looking at pamphlets and there looked to be an interesting theme park. There were pics of carnival rides ( I don't recall the name of this park). It was on the outskirts of Dubbo at a farm. So my friend and I got in the car and drove, we went into the right address just as we were driving in a woman comes out of a building which looks like a house and says "Are you coming in?" we said yes and she said it would be $20. I looked at the space in front of us and was thinking no way $20 for what. We paid the money and parked under a shady spot. There was no carnival rides, all there was a tall slide with those mat things, a tractor pulling a wagon, a jumping castle and a dinosaur "maze" which was just fibaglass dinosaurs sitting around a passage of nothing with a recording of a roar noise. After 10 minutes I could see my friend was bored and I didn't need to say anything to him as we both mentally agreed to leave. ---------------------------------------------- Old Forbes/Parkes town? I remember going to this place, my grandparents took my cousin and I and joined their friends (another couple who had kids our age) on a weekend trip to Forbes. I was 13 and since there was nothing to do, my grandparents suggested on taking us to Old Forbes/Parkes town. (Can't recall the title of the place). Because they took our parents once when they were young and they had a great time. We get to the place, there were heaps of old buildings and at the main building it had a banner across reading "Under New Management" in we go pay our admission fee and as we went out it was nothing like what my grandparents told me it was. There was no people wearing period costumes, no wagon rides or horses in fact it was deserted we were the only living thing there. So we look at the buildings, there was a sweets/general store. The door was opened and it was roped off so all we had to do was stick our heads in peer into it and move on to the next building. The funeral business, it had a coffin made, parts of a coffin unassembled and was roped off. Then we went into a "house" all the rooms were roped off but you could see into the rooms. My friend who's parents came with us, notice that most of the accessories "supposedly Victoriana" was bought from Clints warehouse. Even one of the Jug and basins still had a barcode sticker and it had made in china stamped on side. We went to the school house and looked around, it was kind of cute but the newspaper cuttings were from 1995 and were photocopies lol. Going past a shed we saw the wagon that used to pull people around the town. The paint was wearing away and it was a little worse for wear. On the way out we got some "gifts". I bought a "gold" nugget, just a rock spray painted gold and a folded postcard with pictures of the glory days of the park as a proper tourist attraction. I looked at the pics and thought gee it would of been great if it was ran the same way as it was when it originally opened. That's my experiences with parks of the central wests. Has anyone had experiences?
  3. Wow great find, I remember riding on beastie and when it got to the tall peak, I looked onto my right and I saw a dumping ground of old structures etc and always wondered what they were for lol. I am amazed at the kelly gang woman cutout thing, I always thought it was a whole structure so I'm guessing that the old lady cut the characters out lol. I remember getting my pic with my grandmother and cousin one day inside those cutouts I am guessing this was in 2000. I'm glad the lady tried to save as much as she could lol.