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  1. No Limit, Spaceroller and XXXL are my 3 favourite rides at the show I would say start at XXXL then do Spaceroller then work your way up to No Limit. All of them are great rides, and are easy for me to ride. But they can seem quite intimidating for first time riders. Good luck next year haha.
  2. Breakdance isn't HUSS, its manufactured by Sobema
  3. Are you even going to be able to open your eyes on this thing without water gushing into them?
  4. ^ Cant agree more. If they think they can just refurb an old ride, and put in some new lazer show thing, they're kidding themselves. Thats not going to bring in guests.. A new COASTER is going to bring in guests. And its something Dreamworld needs to realize/put in to effect.
  5. Yes I have been to both Disneys in California. And i made that msn when I was like 11 -.-
  6. Ugh. Disney hater here so I couldnt really care for this. Bring over a Six Flags and ill be happy. lol
  7. I dont know the dimensions of HUSS Rainbow, but I know it would fit because originally it was meant to go to Lunapark instead of the Ranger. And we have a KMG Inversion in the country on the show circuit called XXXL. Im pretty sure that would fit in maloneys corner. Here is a video of XXXL at Adelaide show :
  8. Its down for maintenance. Not really a fan of the ride myself anyway so I would've preferred if they were scrapping it and putting something else there..
  9. I ride kiddie coasters and i'm not a whore. Just sayin' ^ ^
  10. The only thing that stands out at Dreamworld for me in the Giant Drop. Everything else is pretty meh. They really need at least one WOW coaster, not these crappy laser tags and simulators. Bring on a B&M flyer or Dive machine. Or, an Intamin Mega Lite.
  11. Haha, I didnt like LG for a while after Wonderland closed, but I realised how stupid that was after a while. Its not like LG was the reason Wonderland closed anyway, they just saw the land and took it.
  12. Hopefully Lunapark Sydney has bought it
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