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  1. Just hazarding a guess but i'd say all parks have been experiencing a lull in business. The general public don't differentiate between Ardent and VRTP branding as much as we think they might. I think the locals need some more time to heal. Then they will be back onside, at least with movie world, sea world and WNW. Dreamworld itself is going to face a much steeper uphill battle.

  2. 1 hour ago, iwerks said:

    ^Yeah, that's what I thought happened on Viking's Revenge - a whole bunch get dispatched at once then they separate before the lift hill.

    Typical dad moment, though. A friend of mine was on Transformers at USS with his family and completely flipped out when the ride came to a stop just beyond the station.

    No actually they didn't seperate at the lift hill they were still almost on top of each other. That's what dad decided to abandon the ride. We were told that the boats get stopped at the top of the drop.

  3. 51 minutes ago, MaxxTheMonster said:

    I think we need some of these...

    Related image  :P:P:P:P


    Honestly though, in response to your post @POP...  Yeah with a young kid I would definitely be worried if something like that happened...  You would think though that staff would have stopped the ride so you stopped at the lift hill as a precaution...  If one thing failed (like the release of so many boats already) and no safety system kicked in at the next available point (the start of the lift hill) you would be hesitant to believe that the next safety precaution would kick in properly...  Especially if you had no detailed knowledge of how the ride system works...


    Pretty much lol, and dad already HATED going on rides and i do believe this was the last ride he ever went on. 

  4. So ive never told this story here but when my mum and dad took myself and my little bro to Seaworld/Nara Resort for 3 days back in 2001. While mum waited with my little bro in the pram, dad took me on the Vikings Revenge Flume. At the loading dock, something happened which caused the boat dad and i were in to immediately dispatch right after the boat in front and then an empty boat behind us immediately dispatched as well so the three boats were hitting each other through the channels. Dad started freaking out as the boats got to the conveyor hill as he thought something bad might happen on the way down (capsize, crash, i dunno what) so he jumped off the side on the way up and i remember being totally distressed while he tried to help me off. I think we just waited there for a while because we didnt know what to do/where to go and then they shut down the ride and one of the ride attendants came running up to us and was really angry because we had apparently made them shut down the ride and when dad tried to explain that he was worried about what would happen going downhill, the attendant told us that there was a safety mechanism at the top of the hill that stopped the boats and only let one down at a time. So that was my experience on the Vikings Revenge, lol.

  5. 6 hours ago, themagician said:

    The issue is POP, the way you have made us picture you, and the sassy comments, and making you come across as the best, and non of us mean anything, and unless we agree with you then you don't like it. Such as the post above. Rather than posting .gifs and trying to stand out, if you'd provided constructive or commented on people's opinions then maybe you wouldn't get so many dislikes. The other week you said you were signing off for good, but now you've come back, no better than before. So maybe you should stay signed off, or change the way you are on here.

    Aint nothin wrong wit being sassy boo boo

    Get on the shade train, toot toot


  6. 2 hours ago, Theme Park Girl said:

    Haha, that coaster is insane! Rode it once a few years back and my sister in law and I couldn't believe we were still alive when we got off of it. We couldn't stop laughing about it afterwards. Talk about rough as guts lmfao. Loved the air time tho :lol::lol::lol:

    You should try your chances and ride it again.

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