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  1. Quite sure that you can rock up at front gate and purchase the VIP pass. Would save time going through web and not having to wait in queue
  2. Saw this article regarding an interesting campaign in Orlando Jobless? Get paid $25,000 to ride everything in Orlando Jason Cochran Pack your Dramamine: The tourist city of Orlando, home to seven of the most popular amusement parks on earth, is rolling out a job search for a couple who can take 67 days off to ride every ride, tour every attraction, get rubbed down at every spa, and generally explore every crevice (and line) of the Mecca of Mascots. The pay, to cover expenses back home during those two months, will be $25,000, and the winner will be put up in a one-bedroom condo of their ow
  3. http://www.dreamworld.com.au/content/drw_2...0DollarJuneDW09
  4. Sea World survey as well http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=oDsH...0p7dwXdFQ_3d_3d
  5. Thanks for the feedback and opinions on Hollywood Stunt Driver Three shows (previews) planned from Boxing day, timings as follows: 12.30pm 2.30pm 4.15pm Sorry Ash, you may have to start work late
  6. Glenn and Richard - thanks so much for the debate and some interesting points from both parties. I was just looking at the other option on the Lo-Q website an they have Text-Q system where a guest can use their mobile phones to reserve a spot. When you compare Q-bot hiring fees and the charges to send a single SMS (or four) to book a spot, why would DW have chosen Q-bot over TextQ. Are the SMS charges to use the system higher than a standard SMS rate? I do not deny that every industry is trying to increase per cap spending and theme parks are no exception to this. I feel it will be interesti
  7. Klassen - There was some activity in the arena a few days ago and a crew filming, I would expect that the footage will only be a teaser of the show, will have to wait and see what is released
  8. I believe tickets may still be available at front gate although it is not selling via myfun
  9. Sorry about that Gazza, I misundertsood your comment. I agree that the staff at the booth or over the phone may not have instant data.
  10. Hey Gazza - I am surprised that you reckon that the parks would not know sales numbers. In this day and age where they plan events based on how many people would be attending, I think the company would ensure that they have access to that data. Not just with respect to theme parks or just Halloween events. I expect 31st to be the busier night, ticket booths may be open to ensure that people do not go back disappointed.
  11. I agree that what DW management have done is right and feel that the media have made it into a sensational bit of news With regards to the people who have a disability, I assume that it would depend on the type of issue each individual has for a park to refuse. Eventually, it is all about safety first, for the person riding as well as for others It would be interesting to hear what other parks have to say
  12. The Zombie Laser Hunt is to be set up around the Wild West ride and there is a possibility that Wild West may not open
  13. The mazes will be setup early next week according to the staff and I have heard all rides are going to be open
  14. Thanks Cadboy I have heard from staff that there would be a new attraction for Halloween, a laser hunt and read somewhere about it too. Just not able to find the article. Will try to find out more soon
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