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  1. my oldest has an intellectual imparement and despite being a bit of a daredevil (she LOVES the storm coaster at seaworld) the size of the screen and matched movement would terrify her
  2. mate, do you work for dreamworld? jesus. seems like your too busy sucking on the teat of ardent to realise there are MAJOR issues at DW. A single ride will not close the gap between DW and there competitors. we know ardent has let DW slip badly in the last few years - even before the Thunder River Accident. what was the last ride dreamworld added before skyflyer? Buzzsaw? yeah they opened the Lego shop and had brickman, but in the same period of time MW has added DC rivals, Doomsday destroyer and a ton of other stuff as i said above. when it comes down to laying down my money
  3. i was at movieworld today and although it was packed, i got quite a bit of riding done. I was there at opening and left at 2 and did the following: 2 x DC rivals 1 x Green Lantern 1 x batwing 1x superman 2 x Wild Wild West 1 x Doomsday Destroyer 1 x Scooby Doo (was told at one point the line was 2 hours long for scooby) I also watched the Hollywood stunt driver show and had a look at aquaman. I should point out that the reason i was able to do so much was for the most part the single rider queue. The DC rivals was showing a 45 Min wa
  4. and in the last few years movieworld has opened DC Rivals (an absolutly amazing coaster), the doomsday destroyer, rethemed scooby doo, opened hollywood stunt driver 2 and now has the aqua man exibition. heck, even paridise country had a flippin shawn the sheep show when i was there today. I understand things are different at Dreamworld (due to the tragedy with TRR) but the average person doesnt care.
  5. me and my wife were looking at where to buy annual passes to take the kids this year during the holidays, DW and WW or seaworld, MW and WNW. we took the kids to DW early this year and honestly, it was depressing. the theming was rubbish, half the rides were out of service and stuff seemed plonked anywhere with no regard for anything around it. it was like a 9 year old playing roller coaster tycoon. we made a decison that even at the extra cost ($110 vs $150) we would buy village roadshow passes - at least they are doing stuff. and the skyflyer? doesn't interest me, and would
  6. i have watched the edited video and DW did nothing wrong. i'm the parent of a disabled child and when i'm going somewhere i scour the website for info. as much as we want to empower disabled people and tell them they can do what they want, we need to be realistic and face the fact that this is not realistic at places like dreamworld.
  7. whats also not been mentoned in this thread is that movie world (well more precisely village roadshow studios) will host the boxing, squash and table tennis. there will be a ton of people next door and they need to try and get some to make a day of it - a session of boxing at melbourne 2006 was 2 or so hours long...
  8. i recently went to the melbourne zoo and it's sad when the theming of a zoo (i'm thinking of the newish elephant area they have) is better than a theme park!
  9. once big brother starts agin i'll buy a dreamworldd one. i went about 8 times last year for big brother and spent the day in the park
  10. in terms of thrills and re-rideability the priate ship rates huge. it is like the giant drop - i get a rush evrytime i get on.
  11. yesterday i went to sea world for the 1st time in about 8 years so it was pretty much all brand new. here are a few thoughts seaworld is a good familly park. not one to go to for much thrills. some of the shows are great, but some get too preachy. i liked planet SOS 4d film, but shark bay was a bit preachy. Rides: Corkscrew: great ride by Arrow - Huss. it's really showing it's age now however and shakes alot. if i hace one complaint is that it's too small in length. Monorail: i only ever saw this full once. addmittily i pretty much only rode it from main station to mid station. still a nic
  12. we want a full report on friday night
  13. ok i see now. thanks for that - i'm kinda new to this sort of thing. i love rides, (spewing i missed going to wonderland last year when i was in sydney) and i'm really keen to expand my knowlege
  14. can someone explain to me how the claw starts? i'm not too famillar with rides, and the fences for this look real close. does the gondola rise up the central shaft? does the central "shaft" move up or is there plenty of room for it to just swing freely?
  15. it sounds similar to the thing they had at southbank when that opened up here. i only went in it cos for 1 week they were giving away free passes to it
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