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  1. The characters always used walk through or along their own walkway at the show building before and after runs from memory ?
  2. That is what I said djrappa.... I don't understand how you didn't get that lol... They were taken down around the time that the freddie maze was installed.. Correct me if I'm wrong .. I'm going off memory now
  3. The set are very similar ... I don't know what you are thinking of ? It's the same set with extra bits for the game show ?? Anyways it's gone .. At least for now
  4. The WnW Dominos is run by WnW staff.. Even if they are crankier than the rest
  5. Those sets from the Maverick show are sadly gone, or at least taken down at the moment .. It's a shame :/
  6. Aussie has been at dreamworld for over 20 years but he has gone through numerous face lifts. Aussie left around the same time nick came in from memory
  7. His name is Aussie the Platypus and he has been around since expo 88 like westical has stated.
  8. I have been to both (both being Adventure Parc at Mt. Tambourine and Green Challenge at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, the newest of the two). Currumbin has 65 challenges over four separate courses (beginners’ course, two intermediate courses and the Extreme Green Challenge), whereas Tambourine has 83 challenges over five separate courses. I prefer the one at currumbin because you get admission to the park with it (it may be $10 extra but that was a while ago), but my favourite challenge is the harness free challenge at Tambourine so it is a tough choice for me. The flying foxes are great! Th
  9. I saw the smoke... it better be there when I go.. smoke makes everything better XD
  10. ouch Dave...... 3 posts and your starting something already? haha classic parkz
  11. I have one of these too! Never seen them anywhere else until now
  12. I know the opening song for the DC parade is shake your coconuts by junior senior and dragons by caravan palace is posted on here already but that is the joker dance
  13. I know that Austin powers and his dancers have a small show at 9:58 from memory, which starts at the big screen and ends at the alley way in main street. I also know that the wonder woman bank robbery is after the bat man show but not sure of the actual time. Hope this helps
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