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  1. Hey Guys, Here's your chance to win the opportunity to race a real V8 Supercar driver, at the launch of Dreamworld's all new V8 Supercars RedLine, a V8 Supercars Simulator Attraction, on 16 Dec 2008. Enter Dreamworld's 'Me & My Car' competition -info at the official Dreamworld V8 Supercars Blog v8supercars.dreamworld.com.au/index.php/comp/ Ally. P.S. Questions will be answered at the blog! We won't moderate legitamate V8 Supercars RedLine related questions there if that's what's stopping you from posting q's there, promise!
  2. Hi Alex, Thanks for the question, I will check back every now and then but as you can imagine there is so much to do over here so I can't be a constant presence. I will post where I can though! The blog is a lot easier for me to check though because there are other people monitoring it as well who give me a little nudge to say 'hey Ally, someone's asking you something!'. Cheers, Ally.
  3. Yep, yep, yep! You're right - the Cyclone shed is having a make over for V8 Supercars RedLine. I've been inside and it is starting to come together nicely. Just want eveyone to know that these types of questions we'll answer on the blog site. It get's tricky going to all the different forums and checking for questions which is why we have the blog - so that your questions can be answered as quickly as possible by the appropriate member of our team. Cheers, Ally.
  4. Hi Everyone, I have posted Bob's comments from our blog site. Thought you would be interested to hear some real tech talk as requested. - - - The hydraulic system comprising of pressurised actuators responds via proportional valves and direct encoder feedback control systems in several DOF. The hydraulics provide the simulated translation of the motion of a racing car as you manoeuvre through bends, rises, dips, acceleration, braking and collisions! Reactions throughout the race event responds to control inputs at 50 msec (20 Hz). “It closely models the underlying physics of a race car navigating banked turns at high speed and faithfully transfers those sensations to the driver.” http://machinedesign.com/ContentItem/59080...keepitreal.aspx If you have any more questions let me know on v8supercars.dreamworld.com.au as it is easier for me to check here for comments. Bob (GM Special Projects) - - - Ally
  5. Hey Guys, Hope you're weekend was good! Just letting you know the blog is up and running now. Dreamworld V8 Supercars Blog Cheers, Allyxx
  6. Hey Guys, First off, let me assure you I am real (at least last time I checked), and I'm not easily offended. It's great to hear what you think, it only helps us. Just wanted to quickly jump on here from home to tell you that a lot of your questions will be answered on the blog from Monday so don't be strangers to that site (I'll find our web guy and see what I can do about the blogroll, we're dinosaurs and still getting our head around wordpress - I feel old!). We have myself, our other PR lass Shelley, Rob from operations, and Marty from engineering commenting and posting on the blog. I won't go into details about why we're getting a V8 attraction at the moment - it's the weekend and I like my days off (plus, I have housework to do and it's the topic of my first blog) - but I will stay in touch during the week. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Allyxx
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm Alicia (hereby known as Ally), PR Executive for Dreamworld and WhiteWater World. Just wanted to update you all with what's going on over here at the moment, drum roll please........we're opening a new V8 Supercars attraction this December! Check out our Behind the Scenes blog when it goes live Monday (it's funny - I know I wrote it), you can post comments, grab construction videos, hear all about the attraction in the media release section and become involved in the process of opening it - we want to hear your thoughts! Official Dreamworld V8 Supercars Attraction Blog Allyxx
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