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  1. qcboy

    How busy is movieworld lately?

    I'm guessing you left VRTP to pursue a career in teaching english grammar?
  2. qcboy

    The Off Topic Topic

    i recon tis safe to say its not closed cause it was planned and for new attraction. looks fairly sudden to me
  3. qcboy

    Stunt Driver review

    I have to respectfully disagree with that last comment. I have seen the show and I can definitely say not everyone one in the audience thought it was brilliant. I think it was summed up wonderfully by a lady in front of me that turned to her husband and said "oh look, it's just like the Lights Motors Action show we saw at Disneyworld." I wonder how much time you can spend "putting together" a show where all you are in fact doing is taking something someone else has done, and working out how you can do it easier and cheaper, which is what the Hollywood Stunt Driver show is. The show also doesn't and never did teach the audience anything. The Disney show (which I've also seen) uses a multitude of trick cars to achieve seemingly impossible stunts and then afterwards shows the audience how they did it. The Movie World show does none of that. Of course the show will be compared to Police Academy, it was replaced by this show. If a park replaces an attraction and the new one is inferior to the old one you have to expect people to be disappointed. I feel you are completely entitled to your opinion Klassen24 however I do not agree with you and there are many out there that would appear to feel the same.
  4. qcboy

    Movieworld trip yesterday

    Its interesting to see more and more negative posts about the parks recently. What seems to be bad is that everyone appears to be pointing out things that seem obvious to fix and yet it seems like everything is deteriorating instead of getting better. It just seems to me like from what Im reading that patrons are noticing that standards are really going down hill everywhere in our theme parks, which is very sad to see. I hope that people from the theme parks read the comments on this site and get the motivation from them to step things up a notch.
  5. qcboy

    Jet Rescue Reviews + Opening

    Been reading this thread for a while hoping to see a sign of the ride reopening. Great to hear that its finally happened! Does anyone think something might be up with the maintenance department over at Seaworld lately? It seems the park used to be in top notch shape all the time now a new ride has opened which seems to be breaking down a lot and taking a while to get fixed and it was only a few weeks ago that corkscrew closed for a week or so mysteriously all of a sudden. Has there been some changes over there?