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  1. Although this may look promising I think the real issue here is the mountain itself. If something goes wrong can riders get out, is it fire proof and up to all of those standards etc. I think this is why it shut in the first place. It didn't meet the modern day fire regulations.
  2. I've been to the Hogsmeade side of the WWOHP at Islands of Adventure and they have four rides in that area. (Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, Dragon Challenge - red & blue and flight of the Hippogriff) But it's so much more than rides. It's an experience and the intricate detail is AMAZING. Moaning Myrtle's voice in the bathroom, the animated windows, tasting butter beer and visiting all of the shops. Then you have the shows - ollivanders, students choir etc. Diagon Alley even though it only has two rides will be an area you'll be able to spend a couple of hours in. I'm excited for my visit next year. Universal are leading the way in immersive, interactive experiences and can be so much more than rides. It's about that feeling you'll get when you walk through the hole on the wall.
  3. Hi, I'm looking at doing a TPR tour this year to Japan. Has anyone been on one of their tours and what's it like? Thanks
  4. I blacked out on Goliath (on the helix of doom) and back row of Batman. Both at SFMM.
  5. Fascinating. So if you were a gambling man and these rumours of Movie World working with Sally Corp again, you would think they would be working on a LTRR replacement considering they know the space etc. maybe?
  6. Transformers Has a ride comming up soon Universal studios next year right ? also who's sally corp Hi Jacko - to answer your questions there is already Transformers opened at Universal Singapore and Universal Studios Hollywood will open Transformers in May. Sally Corp are a company that specialises in dark rides.
  7. I was just reading in a different post about a Sally corp dark ride going into the batman building and apparently that area of the park to be DC Superheroes. Could we see a shoot Em up interactive based on the new batman film - The Dark Knight Rises? What I would love to see is something like The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman or Transformers or The Curse of Darkastle style. But I think Sally Corp would be better suited to the Looney Tunes building style ride - more family friendly. Something like The Lost Kingdom from Legoland?
  8. I've always looked at going on one of the trips - but they have never lined up with my holiday time. Did you go over by yourself on the trip qldtaw and djrappa? I do enjoy TPR.
  9. Thanks Pin142, Have you been able to use any of the benefits?
  10. Is anyone here a member of Club TPR on Theme Park Review? I'm looking at joining and want to gauge whether it is worthwhile. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks
  11. 1. Manta (SeaWorld Florida) 2. Incredible Hulk (IOA) 3. Fire dragon (IOA) 4. Kraken (SeaWorld Florida) 5. Goliath (SFMM) 6. rock n roller coaster (Hollywood studios) 7. Expedition Everest (animal kingdom) 8. Superman Escape (MovieWorld) 9. Space Mountain (magic Kingdom) 10. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit (Universal Studios Florida)
  12. There is also the new film coming out next year. Could we see something in line with The Dark Knight Rises?
  13. I'm sure they are always looking for those brands - Fright Nights ia a good example using Saw and Arkham Asylum this year. Very popular and well known. Which is why Disney is a success - well known characters and stories. I'm not saying Warner Bros don't have these but Unfortunately the bottom line is that we don't have the visitor numbers or the money coming into the parks to have these richly themed attractions. When you can get into 3 parks unlimited for a year for $100 the parks are not making money on entry and therefore not making money from them pass holdrs when in park on say merchandise and food. Essentially the only money then is from sponsorship and interstate visitors. Disney entry is about $80 a day and often the only discounted tickets are for Florida residents. Movieworld did and do have some greatly themed attractions, LTRR, Scooby Doo, Superman, WWF. I don't think we need a Disney equivalent we need Movieworld to be Movieworld.
  14. You have to remember though all parks around the world replace rides. Universal Orlando Kong for Mummy, Jimmy Neutron for the upcoming Despicable Me attraction, Universal Hollywood Backdraft for Transformers, IOA part of lost continent for Harry Potter and probably a heap of others. It all comes down to money essentially and space. When it comes to theme or thrills - most of the time unless it's a dark ride (eg spiderman and Harry Potter at IOA) and some coasters (Superman Escape, Mystery Mine at Dollywood) the themeing ends in the queue anyway. I enjoy a backstory as much as the last person but unless you are a theme park addict - and here is a massive generalisation - all most people want to do is get your adrenaline on and enjoy the thrills.
  15. Ahhm Joz - SFMM Got a green Lantern coaster - it is a zac spin and SFGA Is a Green Lantern Stand Up coaster.
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