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  1. Ioanne6

    The Off Topic Topic

    G'day guys and girls, Over the past few weeks i've been creating a website offering cheap, genuine, imported xbox 360 and ps3 games sourced from around the globe. Can you please give me some feedback on my website and maybe offer some constructive criticism on how I can improve the UI of my website, etc. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks P.S Sorry if I put this post in the wrong topic, i'm new here Website:
  2. Ioanne6

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

    Im currently 34 prestiege (1st) and finally stabbing on this game has got on my nerves. Besides that I believe its a great game. Add my gamertag: Ioanne6
  3. Ioanne6

    Dreamworlds Direction

    It's already been finalised on another thread, Seaworld are the only one's getting segway's for public use at the current time.
  4. Ioanne6

    Segway's Coming to Seaworld!

    Yes the price is a little steep. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to hand over $70 for a one hour tour but I couldn't believe how fun the Segway is. Also the technology and safety features in this little machine are tremendous. Gazza im not sure what exactly there doing with the train tracks but that's where he stated his going to be going along. The sleepers within the tracks may be taken out and replaced with gravel, though some may be left due to the off road nature of this tour. Due to the nature of the park and due to the amount of people on the main pathways of Seaworld it would be unsafe to use this route, thus they need to use the area the train operated within. Edit: Woops sorry Gazza
  5. Hey everyone, Just thought I would share some information reguarding the Seaworld Rail Way and it getting transformed into a Segway guided tour. After taking a Segway lesson at a Resort, the operator of Experinces Guided X2 Segway Tours was briefly informing us about his future site's where Segway's will be operating in the 2010. One of those site's will be Seaworld along the old Rail Way which has been closed for the past 18 months. The Segway tour will cost around $100 per person and will include behind the scenes Segway tours around the Seaworld gounds. I know I cant wait till this begins operation as Segway's where the most enjoyable type of tour i've ever been on!
  6. Ioanne6

    iPod/iPhone Game & App Developmen

    Hey there, I am currently constructing some applications for the iPhone/iPod touch. I am fairly new to programming with only a week of experience. I currently own an intel based Macbook Pro (late 2009 model), and have all of the required programs including Photoshop CS4 Extended and Apple's Dev tools. I am currently reading the book "Beginning iPhone Development, Edition 3". I will be actively willing to help in the production of this Application.
  7. Ioanne6

    WVTP Changes

    Hey guys, Just reading this, and i couldn't help laughing. My son's birthday is actually on the 4th of may and he wanted to take his friends to Movie World. So just to clarify the birthday boy/girl gets in for free and his friends and myself get in for 50% off the normal rate. Good job WVTP and keep up the great deals!
  8. Ioanne6

    PLEASE Wet 'n' Wild.

    Hey guys Was looking on WhiteWater West's Website and noticed they actually released a looping slide called an "AquaLoop". It looks pretty much the same as the pictures of the prototype which people have posted previously and it also looks like a really good and fun slide.
  9. Ioanne6

    Whats Happening To Terror Canyon?

    Hey guys, Any update on whats happening to Terror Canyon.
  10. Ioanne6

    Dreamworlds Direction

    I also do think that we do what GoGoBoy suggested and that is to make up a petition and get everyone to sign it and then they might finally realize that there going in the wrong direction and to get some quality rides. To be honest if Dreamworld didn't have the ToT and GD, Dreamworld would've been closed down by now, because the only reason I go to Dreamworld is to ride those 2 particular rides.
  11. Ioanne6

    Whats Happening To Terror Canyon?

    I also agree with all of you guys but don't you think WnW already has enough mammoth style rides. My personal opinion is for WnW to get something new like a Uphill coaster like Whitewater West's Master Blaster which can blend in with the surroundings like what Walt Disney has done to their Master Blaster at Disney's Typhoon lagoon at Walt Disney World.
  12. Ioanne6

    Whats Happening To Terror Canyon?

    I hope they are at least replacing Terror Canyon with either some turbo tunnels, tantrum behemoth bowls or tornado's, A Master Blaster or maybe even a boomerang! fingers crossed EDIT: Also guys just to let you know that Terror Canyon's 1 and 2 have been taken off WnW's website.
  13. Hey guys, Im was just looking on the myfun website and came across that Terror Canyon is under refurbishment and has been for a while. Does anyone know whats happening to it? Cheers EDIT: Sorry guys for the double post, mozzila firefox crashed and double posted for some reson
  14. Ioanne6

    WWW VS. WnW

    Thank you for your help Gazza.
  15. Ioanne6

    WWW VS. WnW

    The last time I visited WnW would have to be a month ago with my school just after the public was allowed to ride the kamikaze.