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  1. The Track could've been done with a better colour scheme and redone track layout whats going on with old bigbrother area since dismantled
  2. Is there any photos of the new ride ?
  3. Just Found Article In Regards to Buzzsaw http://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/news/gold-coast/dreamworlds-big-thrill-ride-the-buzzsaw-has-been-closed-due-to-safety-concerns/story-fnj94idh-1227223585204
  4. DarkSide

    NEW RIDE 2K14/15

    i saw this post on a sunrise group i thought it was surnrise australia so i thought it may of been maybe planned for one of the two themeparks you never know could be planned mayb
  5. DarkSide

    NEW RIDE 2K14/15

    Hi everyone the other night i was doing some looking around on Facebook and came across this picture ride could this be one of the many rides being planned for near future? Could it be MovieWorld Or Dreamworld
  6. DarkSide

    IMW (Iphone Mafia Wars)

    For the People That have Iphone's Your Able To install Mafia Wars Just search From app store Mafia Wars 24Reward Point I believe is the Name Add Me Player ID 7704 5817 86 Iphone Name DarkSide
  7. DarkSide

    new stunt show a real let down!

    Hi Everyone 1st of all Merry Xmas & Happy New Year 2010, Recently i was surfing youtube and i came across the new Stunt Show Like The topic says REAL LET DOWN comparing to french version and american to the australian version, the australian version is a cheap version of all the stunt shows ive seen French Version - Moteurs Action! Hollywood Stunt Driver American Version - Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show Prt1 Prt2 Prt3 Australian Version - Hollywood Stunt Driver You compare the differences Tell Me Your Oppinions
  8. DarkSide

    Ferrari World

    Hello All, just done some searching and encounterd Videos Youtube Veoh Ferrari World Abudabi (Veoh) When Is it expected to open to the public, it must've just been recently just started construction it shall be intresting when the costruction shall be done and fully funcional it shall be intresting to see the outcome of the park Kind Regards D.S
  9. DarkSide


    i recomend wristbands not stamps 1. stamps rub off easily once water or sweat hit it and rub off easily as for writsbands they will not come off unless u rip it off any one else agree with me
  10. DarkSide

    Sea World Question

    Hi too all Sea World Lovers, i was just watching some video's of SeaWorld in USA & AUSTRALIA on youtube, I was wondering will seaworld australia ever get Killer Whales, wasnt there sightings of killer whales outside of sea world shores? in 2002 i think it was do you think they will bring killer whales to sea world australia what are your opinions......thx for your time alex aka darkside
  11. DarkSide

    Waterslide Drop Terror Slide

    sorry cadboy its been long time since i posted a message here sorry for the mishap i havent been checking the latest posts
  12. News: German water slide is the definition of terror. Rather than starting out sitting down and sliding into the steep part, you start standing up on a trap door that they pull out from underneath you. It drops you straight down, you know, so you can gather enough speed for the complete loop that it throws you through. I don't understand German, so I'm not sure exactly what they're saying in this, but I assume it has something to do with the dangerous amount of chlorine in the water to help balance out the pee that every single rider leaves behind. Video: Waterslide Drop (Terrorslide)
  13. hey everone hows everyone going, On the subject of this uknown roller coaster in Myers Brisbane how long has it been shut down i remember i was 10 when i went on that with my nanna, Now im 20 how many years has it been closed
  14. DarkSide

    Jupiters Casino

    THE RSPCA has accused Jupiters Casino of illegally breeding three tiger cubs and subsequently allowing one to die. RSPCA Queensland chief executive Mark Townend said the cub, bred to two of the casino's resident tigers, died yesterday. "The casino has got three tigers but, according to their permits, they're not supposed to breed them," he said. Mr Townend said the casino simply did not have the expertise or the facilities to deal with an animal breeding program. "It's not like Dreamworld or Australia Zoo where they have facilities to cope with it it's a casino," he said. "It's purely entertainment and the animals suffer." Given Australia's environmental protection and biodiversity conservation legislation, Mr Townend said he simply could not understand how Jupiters had been given permission to house the tigers in the first place. And he said to make matters worse, the Government had now also approved the addition of a young lion to the casino's large cat family. "Under the Act, circus animals are not approved for import so why should a casino be able to claim exceptional circumstances," said Mr Townend. A Jupiters Casino spokeswoman yesterday confirmed three tiger cubs had been born this week, with onedying yesterday. She said the casino was currently in the process of applying for a permit for the remaining pair. As for the lion, the spokeswoman said he was a fifth-generation captivity-bred white lion from the Johannesburg Zoo. The spokeswoman said the lion, nicknamed Jupe, would be housed in a purpose-built animal enclosure which had passed inspection from both the Queensland Government and the RSPCA. Jupiters chief operating officer Charles Read said Jupiters had worked closely with both the state and federal governments to ensure the animals were kept in the best of health with expert veterinary care.
  15. DarkSide

    Port Adventura pt2

    2006 - Costa Caribe Expansion - Rumor - (11/1/04) The long term plan of the park is to put some kind of expansion in place at their waterpark in 2006. 2007 - New Coaster - Rumor - (11/1/04) The long term plan of the park is to hopefully install a new unique coaster by 2007, though plans are always subject to change.