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  1. the giant drop isn't going anywhere or anytime soon
  2. is it just me or does anyone else think that the title Buzz off - Dreamworld commences dismantling of Buzzsaw roller coaster seem a bit harsh wording
  3. why are they not allowed to post that video whats the issue with posting it
  4. then u must've put dreamworld email on the block list
  5. what email is it Hotmail or Gmail if its Gmail it would be in the PROMOTIONS tab other wise if its Hotmail maybe junk inbox
  6. its too early to vote just wait till its completed fully and then vote
  7. I think the title of the this post should be changed all I'm seeing is posts about accidents nothing about steel taipan nor the demolition of log ride seriously talk bout something else
  8. when was this @themagician was this today that they are doin maintenance
  9. The Track could've been done with a better colour scheme and redone track layout whats going on with old bigbrother area since dismantled
  10. Just Found Article In Regards to Buzzsaw http://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/news/gold-coast/dreamworlds-big-thrill-ride-the-buzzsaw-has-been-closed-due-to-safety-concerns/story-fnj94idh-1227223585204
  11. i saw this post on a sunrise group i thought it was surnrise australia so i thought it may of been maybe planned for one of the two themeparks you never know could be planned mayb
  12. Hi everyone the other night i was doing some looking around on Facebook and came across this picture ride could this be one of the many rides being planned for near future? Could it be MovieWorld Or Dreamworld
  13. For the People That have Iphone's Your Able To install Mafia Wars Just search From app store Mafia Wars 24Reward Point I believe is the Name Add Me Player ID 7704 5817 86 Iphone Name DarkSide
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