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  1. Hey, was wondering what is Nightmares attraction that is in the spot of the old water park at dreamworld?? Its on the map aswell http://www.dreamworld.com.au/files/pdf/map.pdf Thanks.
  2. Hey, since the Adelaide show is coming up on the first of september i decided to go on the website, there is only one new ride this year... the extreme speed machine (is it one of those jet boats that do 360s? etc) i looked it up on google and there r no pics? But apprarently it was at Luna Park Sydney in the Summer. Does anyone have pictures? If so please post them up. Thanx. http://www.adelaideshowground.com.au/showtime/rides.htm
  3. The new amusment park in Glenelg named 'The Beachhouse' opened today! It is on the land of the old Magic Mountain site. The park consists of 3 water slides, bumperboats, bumper cars, ferris wheel, merry-go-round, and more... The Ferris wheel is i think a 40m tall London Eye style ferris wheel.
  4. From the Advertiser on the 16th... Adelaide Advertiser For better or worse, here's the new Magic Mountain By XANTHE KLEINIG 16sep05 THE building to replace Magic Mountain on Glenelg's foreshore - due for completion by the end of summer - has already been branded "ugly" by Holdfast Bay's mayor. Designs for the complex show three 110m waterslides encircling the building, starting from a height of five stories. Mayor of Holdfast Bay, Dr Ken Rollond, said the coloured downpipes supporting the slides detract from the building. "Everyone thought Magic Mountain was ugly and I think some time
  5. OH YEAH!!!! Im going there next year in July!!! YAY
  6. No, thats the ride list for Terrific Tuesday (unlimited Ride pass) This is the official ride list... > Simulator > Pirate Caves > Ghost Train > Mad Mouse > Gravitron > Mega Drop > Hangover > Scorpion > Miami Music Trip > Dodgems > Mega Mix > Breakdance > Ali Baba > Skymaster Wheel > Hard Rock > Fun Factory > Air Max > Roller Ghoster > Slingshot > Super Bowl > Sizzler > Techno Jump > The Claw > Twin Flip > Bear Affair > Carousel > Circus Circus > Buungee > Combo Ride > Dragon Wagon > Giant Slide >
  7. Does anybody have any photos, videos, etc, of Dazzleland, or Magic Mountain (SA.) Because it would be great to see them as Adelaide doesnt have any parks, and i dont really remember what the Jazz Junction looked like. Thanks!
  8. Yes, 2003, didnt see Thunderbolt. It would of been taken around Jan-Aug 2003 YA 50th POST!!!
  9. It must be Jan-June 2004, No Claw, or construction site for the claw.
  10. This is a very recent photo.... Except that ride called mammoth plunge or whatever its called is still standing
  11. But this will be a Disneypark, so it will have to have some similarity to the other Disneyparks. I can tell you this, our current Australian parks are shocking! Why would Movie World be like UNiversal Studios??? its not Universal Studios, Australia. Its WARNER BROS!!!! All i am saying is that this park will kill our parks, and will be like a smaller Disneyland with great theming, etc.
  12. Dont make it one complete pool complex. I have made my park just one complex before and i ended up having around 300people on the parks path and 800people in the complex. Some people in the game do not like going into the first domplex and like walking aroung the park. So you should make every attraction a different pool complex.
  13. Yep, i can now see the track of cyclone, and i saw Nick Central. If Cyclone got intalled 2001, pratically 2002, and Thunderbolt got removed mid 2003, BB must be in DW, so the sum must be reflecting against the logo
  14. You are able to take it on rides. (I think most) But you can line up with it, then place it inside a box next to the station.
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