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  1. mandajk13

    TR - Dreamworld

    I'd like to know how you can say I walked around and wasted time considering you weren't there with me. The only walking around I did was from ride - ride and if you consider sitting down for about half an hour for lunch was wasting time then consider me guilty. Oh, before I forget, I think I visited the bathroom twice the whole day too. That would have added about another 10 minutes to my "idle time" the whole day. As for not going on rides because my BF doesn't like going on them - last time I checked I had a mind of my own and didn't follow him around like a puppy. I actually managed to go on two rides with Alex and his GF while my BF held our bags etc. I also managed to go on rides by myself (wow!) at the other parks. I didn't get my money's worth because of the sheer number of people queuing up at each ride. I could have added the Cyclone to the list of rides I went on (without my BF incidentally) but I just couldn't be bothered queuing for over an hour. So you could add about 15 more minutes of "wasted time" while I was in the queue there if you want to be specific. And I never said that I don't enjoy going on rides - I said that I didn't feel like going on the claw, the big drop and TOT. I quite enjoy rides actually - would I have spent $58 just to walk around all day? I think not. I'd also like to see you actually go to DW and try to ride on four rides in the first hour. Good luck.
  2. mandajk13

    Trip Reports.

    Hi, I also posted about WBMW and Wet n' Wild - all opinions are my own ;-) Amanda
  3. mandajk13

    TR - Wet n' Wild

    I went with Alex to Wet n' Wild...I think we had to convince him to let us have a day off to rest after Sea World and MovieWorld! ;-) I enjoyed the wave pool and calypso beach - I pretty much lived there most of the day. BF and I (not being very brave) were coerced into riding mountain river and mountain falls and apart from shivering in the queue they were enjoyable. The one complaint I do have is the cost of the food - compared to the other parks, Wet n' Wild was more expensive. That about sums up my day at WNW - I did get a tan out of it, so that's better than nothing!
  4. mandajk13

    TR - MovieWorld

    I went with Alex to MovieWorld and was eventually coerced into going on Lethal Weapon. What a ride! It was the best ride I went on out of the four parks we visited, closely followed by Scooby Doo. The downsides of the day for me were the same as they were for Alex - The Matrix Exhibit (yawn) and the ice drinks - what a waste of money! We saw people buy them at other parks and make faces when they tasted them -you'd think it wouldn't be that hard to make a drink with water and flavouring!! I loved the characters at the park - they stayed in character extremely well - especially porky pig. Alex forgot to mention another highlight of the day -LUNCH!! We had the buffet for $16 and it was worth every penny after suffering takeaway food a few days in a row...It was one of the best buffets I've ever had - even my BF who is a fussy eater found something to eat. Seth - from Lethal Weapon was amazing - it's great to see someone who obviously loves doing their job. I was nervous about going on Lethal (it was too late to get out once I was strapped in!) but his voices and singing took my mind off the fear factor. Overall I loved MovieWorld - if you could combine the dolphins from SeaWorld and MovieWorld into one park I'd be in heaven.
  5. mandajk13

    TR - SeaWorld

    I went to SeaWorld with Alex and have to say it was one of the best days of my whole trip to QLD. I won't go into too much detail because I did pretty much exactly the same stuff Alex did. I loved the animal shows - especially the dolphins. I loved the Corkscrew aswell - I was hesitant at first but was pushed to go on it and I'm glad that I did. Considering it was my first trip to SeaWorld, I personally didn't think the ski show was dated - I enjoyed it and it was a nice way to end the afternoon. I did think (like Alex)that the Bermuda theming was a little boring and in need of a change - I think only toddlers would fall for the pre-ride video they show you! BF and I enjoyed the monorail and skyway (no motion sickness on either!) and it was a nice way to see the whole park. The staff were very friendly throughout the park - there seemed to be enough staff to adequately run the rides (compared to DW where they were obviously running on skeleton staff the day we visited). The waiting times for the rides were reasonable and moved quickly which was good. Overall, this park came in equal first with Movieworld in my opinion - The rides were good, the animal shows were breathtaking and the atmosphere was pleasant and friendly. Next time I go to SeaWorld I'm definately booking in to swim with the dolphins :-)
  6. mandajk13

    TR - Dreamworld

    I went with Alex to Dreamworld (it was my first time there) and I have to agree with him that the queues were a little disappointing...I exepected queues considering it was school holidays but it seemed to take a long time to move to the front. The staff overall (with the exception of the lady in the ticket booth) didn't seem overly friendly or willing to help, this was in stark contrast to the staff at the other parks we visited who were enthusiastic. The characters in costumes also seemed unfriendly - their "minders" were dragging them around with scowls on their faces so I wasn't game enough to approach them for a photo. My BF isn't a fan of rides (and I wasn't up for the TOT or the giant drop or the claw) so we enjoyed the steam train ride and the log ride, then the rapids ride. The rapids ride was good but after queuing up for so long I was expecting a longer ride... I really enjoyed the Reef Diver ride - BF was left holding the bags and camera as the other 3 of us rode it. I also enjoyed Wipeout but for me that was the limit of the "thrill" rating I could tolerate. I started to queue up for Cyclone but didn't have the energy to stand in line for over an hour so after about 15 minutes I snaked my way back outside. After that ( and after the others had ridden The Claw) we split off and my BF and I visited the Big Brother house. It was a nice way to end the day. I would have liked to go on the chair lift but we arrived too late and it was closed. I don't think I'll be rushing back to DW in a hurry - The cost vs ride ratio (based on how many rides I was able to fit in on the day) was pretty high (about $9 a ride) and that's including the BB house and the steam train ride. Out of all the parks we visited, this was my least favourite.