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  1. $15 was barely tolerable for one ride. Upping it another $4 just because they can is a bit rich. 

    I mean sure they know people are paying and will pay for it, but it's just money grabbing because they can. 

    Why does it need to be on its own fast track? Why not make it an additional tier for the existing one? 

    We pay for backwards, we pay for fast track, soon enough they'll charge for general entry and single rider. 

    Plus I'm known for complaining about everything, so why not this too. 

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  2. This has just been passed on to me, so I'm trusting it's correct, if not, I apologise. Anyway......


    Plan on riding fast track soon? 

    Better byo lube or they're going in dry on this one. 

    Fast track for Rivals has been bumped up to $19.

    Let that sink in. 




    For once, theme park food is looking cheap in comparison. 

    Now I make a comfortable living. I get by. I don't get by paying $20 to ride a roller coaster once. Yes it's an upcharge, but $20 for a single ride??!! 

    Better off just waiting for the backwards seats and save yourself the money. 

    Is it a fair price? IMO not even close. Would I recommend anyone pay it? Hell no. 

    Will some people disagree with me? Sure and more power to them if they can afford to be gouged every time they visit the park. 

  3. It seems this has gone largely unnoticed, so here we are. 

    The team that brought the QBot system to Dreamworld are now partnered with VRTP to overhaul the ticketing system at VRTP.


    This section just wishful thinking

    Could this see the potential for a Q4U type offering for Village parks? 

    The Prism system could integrate basically all of their existing upcharges into one small wearable device. http://accesso.com/solutions/loqueue/prism







    ORLANDO, Fla. (September 14, 2017) – accesso Technology Group plc (AIM: ACSO), the premier technology solutions provider to leisure, entertainment and cultural markets, has announced a five-year agreement with Village Roadshow Theme Parks, Australia’s largest theme park operator, to install the accesso Passport ticketing suite at Warner Bros. Movie World, Wet’n’Wild Sydney, Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast, Paradise Country and Sea World (Australia).

    The addition of the accesso Passport ticketing suite will provide guests with more simplified and convenient access to Village Roadshow Theme Parks, where they can enjoy some of the most thrilling entertainment, rides and slides available anywhere in the world. The Village Roadshow Theme Parks properties will utilize the accesso Passport ticketing suite, from admissions and reservations, to eCommerce and much more. The platform will go live in spring 2018.

    The addition of the accesso Passport product suite follows the installation of QbandSM, an accesso LoQueueSM virtual queuing solution, at Wet’n’Wild Sydney in 2016.

    “As Australia’s leading theme park operator, we are always looking for new ways to improve the guest experience and drive revenue,” said Adrian Karzon, Head of Information Technology for Village Roadshow Theme Parks. “By expanding on our partnership with Accesso, we look forward to streamlining our ticketing and eCommerce operations to ensure that our guests have an enjoyable experience from the moment they purchase their tickets and throughout their visit.”

    The accesso Passport ticketing suite provides a comprehensive, secure and fully-hosted online shopping experience seamlessly across desktop, tablet and mobile devices for advanced ticket and product sales, as well as flexible payment options for onsite ticket and season pass purchases. The platform’s eCommerce solution allows operators to drive revenue by dynamically configuring up-sell and cross-sell products and messaging throughout the purchasing process.

    “We are thrilled to expand upon our relationship with Village Roadshow Theme Parks and look forward to further growing Accesso’s presence in Australia,” said Steve Brown, accesso CEO. “This agreement illustrates Village Roadshow Theme Parks’ continued confidence in our suite of solutions and their commitment to crafting a truly unforgettable experience for their guests.”


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  4. Time to share your pics from this year's event. 

    I found this years event a lot harder to photograph. The lighting was a lot harder to work with, but the event seemed a bit brighter. Not really sure how that works, but I guess it poses a challenge at least. 

    And for all my complaining last year about the purple lighting, this image was blue when I started. 


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  5. I must say these shade sails are quite different to what I expected them to have. 

    They do fit the modern look of the ride. Having not experienced a shade sail as see through as these, it will be interesting to see how it goes in the peak summer heat. 

    Given how busy the ride would likely be, I'm a little surprised it doesn't cover the whole queue line. Hopefully this is a sign that we'll see 2 trains in operation most times and the queue will move pretty quickly. 


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