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  1. I probably should have clarified that we get an all day locker because we take our own food in and the bags are heavy/ You wouldn't need a locker with a light bag. .
  2. No storage boxes at Jet rescue. They have short term lockers near the entrance. Franny Adams I think you are better off getting an all day locker at all the parks. For $10 for the whole day, it just makes it that much easier to walk around without the hassles of taking a bag with you. It only takes a few minutes to walk back to the locker from anywhere in any park.
  3. We did Dreamworld 3 times and got the Q4U for two of those days. The second time we got it we only needed it for TT2 and Thunder River. The rest of the rides were almost walk straight on. Riding The Claw in the rain was great fun too!!
  4. I just spent 3 days at Movieworld over the past 2 weeks. We were getting there at 9.45am and lining up at the Superman line, but when they opened the line up we would go straight to Arkham rather then Superman Escape as EVERYONE else would go to SE first. Green Lantern straight after that and then walk up to Wild West Falls to walk straight on there. We found that you could do SE at any time of the day as the line moved pretty quickly as they were running 2 cars. As for Scooby Doo, well we just lined up for that. There were certainly plenty of people at Movieworld each day, but we didn't
  5. Probably need to be able to put up with pushy parents, mongrel kids and blistering heat I suppose!!!
  6. Saw this on Movieworlds web site today......... Maintenance Safety is the highest priority for Movie World and maintenance is an essential part of that. The following rides and attractions will benefit from maintenance over the coming weeks: GREEN LANTERN Coaster will be closed for scheduled maintenance from Monday 3rd February 2014 and will re-open Monday 17th February 2014. BATWING Spaceshot will be closed for scheduled maintenance from Monday 3rd March 2014 and will re-open Monday 24th March 2014. SUPERMAN Escape will be closed for scheduled maintenance from Monday 28th April 2014 and wil
  7. Thanks for your replies. I forgot to ask about the Q4U passes at Dreamworld. Are they worth it? (It will cost me $75 per day for the family).
  8. Hello everyone, My family and I are heading to the Gold Coast in 2 weeks time for 2 weeks at the parks. We have VIP tickets and also Dreamworld/WWW Holiday World passes (the 28 day ones). We usually go every second year in either February or March and enjoy the parks during their quieter times. We know it's going to be pretty busy up there and my request is that if there are people going to the parks over the next 2 weeks, could they post on here how busy it is each day and perhaps ride waiting times. It doesn't matter which park as we will be going to them all a number of times. Tha
  9. How was the day lolman123? Did your brother like Dreamworld?
  10. Being 7, your little brother might also like the Avis Vintage cars. My kids loved them. He can "Steer" and use the accelerator while you sit next to him. There's usually not much of a line up either. Also, Escape from Madagascar is a cool little roller coast for younger people. (Adults can go on it too) It just depends how tall he is, and you might want to try him on that before you get him on Mick Doohan Motor Coaster. Don't forget MAD Jungle Jam. It's awesome for kids. You will spend most of your time collecting the balls for him to shoot, but it's worth is. From experience, don'
  11. I haven't had anyone be rude to me in the parks, but what I do hate is when there's a group of people in front of me lined up and then a couple of their friends turn up and jump the line. That's something that really annoys me.
  12. If you have to hire a locker everytime you want to ride SE because you won't get an all day locker, then that IS a waste of time. I never said it was a bother to carry a bag around, what I did say (or meant) was that it is much easier to leave your bag for the whole day in a locker. Put some cash in your pocket and off you go. As gbalby96 said, if you get a locker near the photo centre, it's in the middle of the park. People are going to walk past it a number of times in the day anyway. I have no issues with anyone who wants to pay for a locker each time they ride SE. I'm just putting a re
  13. I know I am going to upset a lot of people here, but I think if Movieworld want to charge for lockers a Superman Escape then I have no problem with that. After all, they are in business to make money and there's obviously a demand for it because they have had these lockers for many years now. Why do people want to spend the whole day walking around with their bags etc. It's so much easier to get an all day locker and then you don't have to worry that you have left something behind on a ride or at a show. Take some cash in your pocket. No one is going to see a $20 note in your pocket as you
  14. We had our bag checked one day at Movieworld and we had our lunch (bread rolls) in the bag. We didn't have them hidden and he saw them. All he said was "Thank you" and we were on our way.
  15. If you are there with a friend and don't mind sitting in different carriages on Superman, then both of you say you are single riders. You will get more rides that way.
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