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  1. The current Tumble Bug & Spider at Luna Park Sydney are different to rides of the same name that I recall being there from the 1960's. The Spider was more like what used to be known as the Octopus and the Tumble Bug was what I think is called a switchback railway. These along with the Flying Saucer and Calypso rides were removed sometime during the 70's. According to the book Luna Park Just For Fun, the Calypso was destroyed by fire while in storage.
  2. airophon

    Manly Fun Pier

    Yes, I remember the Manly Fun Pier. My parents used to take me there during the 1960's. Sometimes it was the only amusement park open as Luna Park used to close down for maintenance during the winter months back then. The rides that I can recall at the Manly Fun Pier were the Dodgems, ferris wheel, merry-go-round/carousel, ghost train, upside down house, Rock-o-plane, Octopus, what I used to call Dodgem boats, mirror maze. I think there was a shooting gallery and maybe a Penny Arcade. During the Ghost Train ride, the car would crash through doors and you thought you were going to end up in the harbour but a couple of sharp turns and you would be back inside. When did it close down? Apart from the merry-go-round (Kales Carousel) which is now set up at Darling Harbour, I wonder what happened to all the rides? Scrapped I suppose. Thanks for posting those postcard pics of the Fun Pier.