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  1. seaboi

    Bermuda Triangle

    As a past employee of WVTP I have to add my comments as well. All the parks have lost the love and Sea World has lost fun, excitement and entertainment factor that it used to have. I agree with the above comments. Current management just don’t care about the parks, its all about the bottom line now. Just to see how bad it is now I went to Sea World today to see what was happening. It was a depressing visit. Pirates Unleashed is a disgrace. Gone of the former glory of the ski show and the professional showmanship. I took some photos whilst I was there and you can see how the 1230 show doesn’t even fill the ski stadium. The old ski show used to fill it consistently. Who ever thought up this show needs there head read, it just doesn't flow. In an other effort to raise more revenue there is now a dispenser for fish food on the bridge next to the ski lake. What will they think of next... Dolphin food in a coke vending machine? I noticed that Dockside Tavern is now also closed, making for a very limited food & beverage offering, very disappointing. But maybe this venue will be getting a new lease on life, lets hope! Also of note is that the water park is now closed for winter, however the pools are being gutted. What's replacing them? Any ideas? Glad I didn't pay any entry fee, Sky-high skyway closed, Monorail closed due to the construction in the water park, Flume closed for maintenance, dockside closed, no train anymore, etc... On a more positive note, it is good to see some work happening on the Plaza area, new shops fronts, toilets being refurbished, gamezone area, and new furniture. Anyway, thats my rant.
  2. seaboi

    Fright Night

    I did not get to ride one ride. We got there on time and headed for TOT. Lined up and got to the very end and then it started raining. Fair call, its not there fault. When then headed for GD. The que for this was up on to the ramp that goes to goldrush country. So we gave that a miss and headed to Lara Croft. Got through that and headed to Cyclone and the que was right down the bottom of the que area. We were not going to wait in that que, already knowing the capacity of that ride, so we headed back to GD to try our luck there. When we qued there we looked at the signs that say '1 hour & 15min wait from this point' and it gave us enough time to ride it. Infact it gave us 15min spare. So we were responsible and looked for the signage. Its not our fault that the signage is either wrong or that the ride was not running as fast as it should have in terms of capacity.
  3. seaboi

    Fright Night

    I was one of these people. We had been in the line for an hour and half and were almost about to get on the GD when we were told that the ride is now closed. It was disgraceful. The line behind us was cut off at about 9.15, however nothing was said to us about the possiblity of not being able to get on. We made a complaint to guest services about this and they couldnt give a stuff. Came up with 'these things happen'. This is not good enough, not even a 'sorry you feel like that'. I have lost alot of respect for DW management if that is how they are going to treat their paying guests.
  4. As we all know Shark Bay is due for opening this Easter Holidays, however around the same time or I'd probaly say June will see a new show in Reef Discovery. As Shark Bay will take most of the animals that currently reside in the large tank at Reef Discovery, this will make way for a brand new show/attraction. It is rumored at the moment that it will be turned into a crocodile show, with new theming and only a half full tank. The show will also feature a hologram aparently. Not sure what that means though. Will keep you updated.
  5. Whilst at Dreamworld Yesterday i noticed that all of dreamworlds water features had been turned off to help conserve water durring water resrictions on the coast. They had turned off the Wipeout's 3 water features. Its a shame cause rideing the wipeout is made all that much better with the feeling of being hit by water. I can not see how turning off this feature would save that much water as it is recycled water anyway from the water below the wipeout. It was also disapointing to see that the main fountain in Central Plaza was also off because of these reasons. I sure WBMW hasnt turned their front fountain off.
  6. seaboi

    New Attraction

    Im not sure if this type of ride would be right for sea world. It looks too tall and carnt imagine local government giving the go ahead for a tower like that next to the beach. Plus i also think the footings would have to go quite deep, and remembering sea world is built on a sand bar i carnt see how they would be able to do it. But i may be wrong.
  7. G'day guys, I had the pleasure of visiting Dreamworld yesterday and noticed that the show that used to be put on in Gum Tree Gully has been closed down. The Australian Bush Jamborieee i think it used to be called. Thats a shame considering it was the first animtronic show of its kind in Australia and even had the likes of Disney out when it first opened just sp they could see how it worked. Granted that it had seen better days, but nothing that a bit of maintaince and possible a new show wouldnt have fixed im sure. Its a shame to see that whole area so run down and all closed up. Its like walking through a ghost town! Does anyone know what has happened to this attraction? Have they pulled it apart inside?
  8. Does anyone know why they closed the 'Backlot' at Fox Studios in Sydney? I didn't get to go to it, what was there? What happened to everything that was in it? (like the titanic ride) Anyone know? (geez i ask a lot)
  9. seaboi

    New Attraction

    Hi Joz, Not sure, i got the info from an ops member, who said they were there and by the way he was talking sounded like he knew what he was talking about. However even if the crocs were to be next to PBS, to hold 60+ crocs would mean it would have to up behind the mid mono station. Im gona have to go and take a look for myself though. Any other news on Seal Rock?
  10. Guys, Does anyone know what ever happened to Magic Mountain on the Gold Coast? All i can remember is the big castle, small thrill rides and the chairlift. Did it go bust? or was it bought out by property developers? Anyone know?
  11. seaboi

    New Attraction

    Thanks Wipeout and Joz, Yeah joz i just listerned real hard
  12. seaboi

    New Attraction

    Hi guys, This is my first post, so i hope im doing it right. I got some goss from Sea World is that Shark Bay has been either cancelled or delayed big time. In its place will be a crocodile enclosure. This enclosure will hold more than 60 crocs, and will be located behind the mid monorail station and next to polar bear shores. So this must be what John Mennzies was talking about when he said that we were getting an exciting new attraction in the coming year.... 'Chricky, i wonder what thats all about' It looks as if plans are finalised and construction could be starting soon as peg markings can be seen behind the monorail station. Have Fun