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  1. They should shut it down in its current form, it is a disgrace to the Batman Adventure: The Ride 1.0! That used to be the most fun you could have with your pants on back in the day. The atmosphere was great and the simulator was insanely violent, more fun than the roller coasters with no headache! (Especially if you clipped your seat belt up under your ass and didn't hold on to the handles under the seats! good times!) Also the actual live action movies made it more realistic...now it is just really bad 3D videos telling an even worse storyline in the library instead of a good actor. Fol
  2. ahh good ole leathal weapon headaches! The "head padding" has been hard as a rock since day 1, i always go on it a few times in a row than avoid it for the rest of the day just to get the headache out of the way early.
  3. I got myself one of these and it has been great, even had lunch in the all you can eat buffet today since entry was free! Will definitely be upgrading to an annual pass when it expires, thanks to AVPX
  4. A friend and I have spent 3 days of the last week at Dreamworld just lining up constantly for AVPX. I am a local who has been going to the park since i was a kid so nothing else interests me except tiger island and the occasional Wipeout or Claw spin if the line is too long (but the claw is having annual maintenance atm aww). If me being there for 3 days so close to each other doesn't already say it, i LOVE AVPX! The arena is fantastic, and apart from some of the packs having range or sensor issues, and no sensors on the guns, the equipment is extremely good. Especially when we got a taste
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