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  1. Great Effort, how long did it take you to make it?
  2. Drove past yesterday and it looks like they are pulling down the Turbo Mountain rollercoaster.
  3. Thanks Gazza I hadn't heard about Universal Studios going to open in Singapore. Have had some good family holidays on the Gold Coast, but feel that things are going a bit backwards at some of the theme parks.
  4. The family and I have been on a family holiday to the Gold Coast for the last 4 years. We have spoke about going to Hong Kong Disney next year instead. Just wondering peoples thoughts are that have done both? The reason we going to the Gold Coast is based 99% on going to the theme parks. Our kids would be 10 ,8 and 2
  5. Not sure about price increase, 5 of us went on the 5 min flight for $200 that was 3 adults and 2 kids
  6. I have lived in W.A. all my life... Can I say that Adventureworld is crap. I know it has got a lot of varied rides but it is closed for half the year. Height resrictions on the roller coaster are a joke. Needs a huge up-grade.
  7. Done the snorkel on last trip to Seaworld, there was a 3 minute video, and then we got in the water, only for 20 mins though. Well worth and will do it again next year.
  8. House definatly still there, had a good look at it a few weeks back from the helicopter.
  9. I was on the Gold coast from April 30th till May 16th this year and it was closed the whole time I was there. I was told they were waitng on a part to be shipped in.
  10. I think it could do with an update. But then again a lot of the rides at Movieworld could do with a makeover.
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