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  1. I've never been to the Hong Kong park (Only the Disney parks in the US), you won't have the big thrill rides, but it doesn't matter since the Disney experience is superb, and would really be suited to the age group of your kids. I'd say go for it, Disney is Disney, plus its a whole new country and experience, so it's worthwhile regardless, plus on the theme park side of thinks you also have Ocean Park which has some interesting looking rides. If you are thinking of branching out to see an overseas park, but don't want to go so far then another option to consider is Universal Studios Singapore, which opens early next year.
    Thanks Gazza I hadn't heard about Universal Studios going to open in Singapore. Have had some good family holidays on the Gold Coast, but feel that things are going a bit backwards at some of the theme parks.
  2. The family and I have been on a family holiday to the Gold Coast for the last 4 years. We have spoke about going to Hong Kong Disney next year instead. Just wondering peoples thoughts are that have done both? The reason we going to the Gold Coast is based 99% on going to the theme parks. Our kids would be 10 ,8 and 2

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