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  1. Where is this new waterpark? It looks awesome!
  2. I'm pleased to see they've completely stopped showing the terrible video in the first room as you enter. It just shows the Sky Voyager logo now, and plays a few bars from the video backing track on repeat. Not a good pre show by any means, but much better than how it was with that video!
  3. I'm trying to imagine what that experience would actually entail.
  4. Mindless movie vandalism just to make an extra dollar!
  5. I'm with you on that, but I couldn't help but notice when I saw so many of those icons on most of my recent posts, so I decided some pointless revenge was in order! Yep. Totally childish nonsense which I wouldn't otherwise think twice about.
  6. I'd love to see Movie World really invest in Wild West Falls. I know they probably won't because it's not new and all that, but unless they're planning to close it soon I think it's really worth a bit of investment. It soaks up the crowds (quite literally) and a really good experience with something new there would have a lot of guests leaving with significantly better thoughts. At the very least, fix all the effects so they work reliably and they're timed properly. Ideally add a few new surprises. Maybe animatronic. Maybe even projection mapping (and not like on SDSCNG). Potentially, with some great imagineering, they could retheme it to a well known movie with appropriate scenes, and it would be virtually a new ride.
  7. Should be the main focus of the safety video. Much better!
  8. Well there you have it. Reasonable communication! I was actually about to give you a "like" but apparently I've run out of "reps" for today! I did think most of the "nauseating" icons were you as you do insult me at every opportunity, and you have for years, but seeing your last post, I'll stop throwing up all over your posts!
  9. The colour of paint used on rides matters a lot to some people. Just look at the DC Rivals construction thread. Anyway I've changed my mind. It's Almond-red.
  10. I'd be very interested to sit in on one of the meetings where they come up with ideas like that. I just find it absolutely fascinating trying to work out how their minds must work!
  11. I agree. With a relevant and entertaining pre show, and improved staff training so they understand the importance of the script (I've heard them miss some vital parts), it really is a world class ride. Loading can be easily improved by simply showing how to fasten the seat belts in the safety video.
  12. One of the best pre shows I've seen is the one on Hex at Alton Towers. The pre show is just a short video on a screen, but it explains the whole concept of the ride experience perfectly. Without seeing the pre show the ride itself would make no sense whatsoever, but with it, it's a fantastic experience. That's how important a really great pre show can sometimes be.
  13. Especially at Movie World. Pre shows help to make you feel like you're in a movie related experience. But yes, it applies to elsewhere too.
  14. Definitely and not all that hard to fix. Just needs a new video (or ideally a few new videos) to be made. The structure and the technology to show it is already in place! Arkham Asylum is the only ride I've seen in Australia at the moment that has a good pre show. It's funny (which keeps people interested), and it also provides relevant safety information. Bermuda Triangle was the only other ride that used to have a really good pre show. It wasn't only a video but involved actors as well.
  15. How is "Fully 6" (or "sick") beach based? I don't see the connection.
  16. Well. I had to jump through numerous virtual hoops, but I have finally got my ticket! I won't go into all the boring details here for fear It'll somehow make certain people feel even more ill, but if anyone's having similar difficulties just send me a PM and I'll do my best to help out (which is normally one of the benefits of forums!)
  17. I might be still missing something, but I can't see a $19 option, only $29. I'll try a different browser and see if that helps! Get stuffed! This is what I see in Firefox or in Internet Explorer!
  18. Might be time for the troublemakers to be moved along!
  19. I've seen that but there is no "use my points" option in the checkout process! I've tried several times!
  20. Appreciated, but there's a specific link for passholders to get the free ticket.
  21. Can anyone share the link to book Happy Halloween online please? I phoned Dreamworld this morning as I didn't receive the email with the link. The lady who answered wasn't much help!
  22. They need a reminder that that's not how Walt Disney succeeded!
  23. Well I certainly agree with that as you may already know if you've seen some of my previous posts on the topic of food.
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