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  1. Which is the design element from operation enterprise. I wasn't saying it was going to be operation enterprise. I should have been more specific.
  2. Here this morning for early access. Just finished my second ride. All I can say is wow. What a fantastic ride. Couple of hundred people here and wait time is about 20-30 mins
  3. Isn't Wipeout undergoing a full tear down at the moment? Also @djrappa mentioned recently we would be surprised to know how many pieces Superman's train was in during maintenance. I'm all for anything that increases public safety but I don't think we will a massive increase in maintenance schedules at the parks. What we may see is a more open process on maintenance procedures from the parks along the lines of the maintenance/safety videos to inform the public. Travelling rides on the other hand would appear to have some hard times ahead.
  4. The QLD govt. have rejected ASF's casino and resort proposal. Key points. To have a masterplan for the spit Three storey height limit to apply for development on the spit. Casino license to remain on the Gold Coast but no integrated resort would be allowed on the spit http://www.news.com.au/national/queensland/news/gold-coast-spit-casino-and-resort-rejected-by-queensland-government/news-story/5370e99a7d840f1d57a04337ea3612d5
  5. Problem solved. Use this instead of Kool Aid
  6. It's part of an email from Dreamworld to pass holders reminding them their pass has been extended. It starts with We would like to remind you that your Season Pass that was due to expire in June 2017 has been extended until 24 December 2017. The post above follows that.
  7. Just remember as @Skeeta has pointed out there is still a way to go
  8. Saw Wonder Woman on Thursday night and the track colour was nowhere to be seen. The lasso however did have a twisty coaster feel to it which would work if the track was a yellow/golden colour. But as Skeeta says maybe the colour doesn't have to match. If it's not DC based but movie based I hope they weren't counting on this. Quote from https://www.forbes.com/sites/dongroves/2016/02/25/village-roadshow-pictures-bets-on-three-potential-hollywood-franchises/#22958c4b3be4 A unit of the Los Angeles-based Village Roadshow Entertainment Group (VREG), VRP is making it a priority to unearth films which it believes are potential franchises. Now the company is confident it has three titles which fit the bill: David Yates’ The Legend of Tarzan, Guy Ritchie’s Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur and Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, all co-produced with Warner Bros. “ We see the future of film production as events and global franchises and films which have compelling reasons for people to leave their homes and go to the movies,” Graham Burke, co-chairman/co-CEO of Village Roadshow Ltd., which owns 47% of VREG, told Forbes. “We think our upcoming line-up delivers just that.
  9. Pretty logical speculation based on the track numbers imo
  10. Having only ridden the Gold Coast and Brisbane (Expo Park) coasters I'm really excited for this one. It's a coaster that one of the parks had to do and VRTP have made a bold move capex wise to do so. Not everyone loves roller coasters just like I don't like flat rides like The Claw, Wipeout etc. Everyone handles the forces on rides differently @Ryande16 so not everyone will be happy with it but at least it seems everyone here is going to try it once. Who knows maybe even @pushbutton will like it.
  11. A non inverting loop sounds very cool but the assumed track pieces 42 and 43 have me asking questions. This would be Mack's first non inverting loop so anything goes and given rcdb.com has 11 coasters listed with non inverting loops there isn't much to look at for comparisons. Both track pieces 42 and 43 are very twisty and both have one anchor point. Intamins Flying Aces and Soaring with Dragon have a non inverting loop and the last piece of supported track on each side of the loop start straight and then twist. There is a section of unsupported twisting track that joins the 2 together. Photo Intamin Rides Shock at Rainbow Magicland has the loop fully supported but that loop is tilted over. Photo Rainbow Magicland If 42 and 43 are part of a non inverting loop I'm very keen to see how they fit in.
  12. I also got the park today and was impressed. I look at the top of Batwing and think this coaster will be the same height. Fence at Green Lantern isn't blocked of either so here are a couple of pics.
  13. I thought the same as @AlexB @Skeeta can you see any legal reason why they couldn't run curbing along the temporary fence line and make that the new drive way. Also in your lift hill calculations did you get the possible angle of the car park footer support and if it might create a vehicle height restriction as it crosses the road.
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