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  1. WipeoutDreamworldFan

    Strange new noises on Wipeout

    I’m still 50/50 whether they will bring the surfboards back, maybe in the next maintenance period? Time will tell! But I do hope that they bring them back as well.
  2. WipeoutDreamworldFan

    Strange new noises on Wipeout

    Just an update It seems that Dreanworld have re-installed the water canons for Wipeout. Happy soaking!
  3. WipeoutDreamworldFan

    Strange new noises on Wipeout

    I think its the breaks that lock the gondola in place. I think it’s not locking the gondola right in the first place and causes issues later on in the backflip and doesnt release the gondola early enough to do the second backflip, does it to late and doesn’t have the momentum to achieve the second backflip... if that all makes sense. Thats what I gather anyway from watching the videos.
  4. WipeoutDreamworldFan

    Strange new noises on Wipeout

    Check out the groaning and screeching noises of Wipeout, it definitely adds a bit of scare factor and can make some people a bit unnerving. I assume it would just be the new parts wearing in, hopefully there is no issues.
  5. WipeoutDreamworldFan

    Theme Park Maintenance 2018

    Some things I’ve noticed since the reopening today: - Water canons missing - Surfboards missing (doubt they will be back) - Wipeout logo under the gondola missing - Still making groaning noises, but to be expected with brand new parts in operation. Maybe they just wanted the ride reopened finally after such a long period of time and in the next maintenance period they will add them back in. Not too sure about the surfboards, maybe the safety audits told Dreamworld to get rid of them as well with the water canons. Really wish they would change Wipeout back to the original cycle, the one in use now and since the 2014 refurb is just too short, but thats my opinion. Great to finally have it back!
  6. WipeoutDreamworldFan

    Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    Hahaha I hope so too! I know. A stupid username I made a long time ago.. haha.
  7. WipeoutDreamworldFan

    Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    Don’t worry, this is just one of many cycles built into the Wipeout. When it had it’s last refurb back in 2014, I was there during the first initial testing phase. This is the first and exact same cycle they tested on for days to wear the motors in and to manually test the arms and docking the gondola. Once they are satisfied with the motors capabilities and the way the gondola stops etc they will begin to change the cycle to more intense ones, I believe there are 5-7 cycles built into the ride. If you notice in this video, when it stops ready to do the double backflip, the left arm did not position itself correctly and was too high, therefore the double backflip didnt happen and the gearboxes didnt like it and failed to complete the double backflip with some groaning noises. Then at the very end the left arm did not stop where it was suppose too and went too far out and had to be manually positioned to the home position. With a new ride operating system, motors, gearboxes and many other parts it will take time for the system and parts to wear themselves in again and lots of testing. Keep an eye on the ride, cycles will change to more intense ones when they feel it is ready to handle the pressure, same as last time Feel free to speak to one of the engineers or mechanics floating around, they are always happy to discuss and tell you what’s going on.
  8. WipeoutDreamworldFan

    Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    I have a feeling the surfboards might not come back. Since the audit and long period of downtime, they seem to have installed a new ladder and caging on the left arm structure, circled in red. I think it would just be in the way of the surfboard being there as the surfboard leans all the way up to the side against the motors. I do hope they come back though. Time will tell!
  9. WipeoutDreamworldFan

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    I'm really hoping with Wipeout that they just don't have a definite date for the maintenance so they have decided to put closed on there instead rather than having to keep constantly chaning the dates and dissapointing guests. What I think has happened is after the audit that took a very long time, that Dreamworld would have recieved feedback and findings that need to be fixed, repaired or replaced and it's taking a long time, the ride itself is quite complex. Maybe Vekoma/3rd partys are making and sending parts from the Netherlands? Maybe the work behind the scenes is a lot and is just taking more time than originally thought? Considering the Wipeouts age, I would think Dreamworld are taking no chances and are doing everything that the audit has told them to do with recommendations and feedback to ensure that it is as safe as it possibily can be. I hope when it reopens it looks brand new again as it did 2 and a half years ago after the massive refurb it had. The Wipoeut is a classic, there is nothing else like it with the uniqueness and the scenery and the park would sound dull without those gearbox noises . The Wipeouts day will come for retirement but I and I hope Dreamworld believe there is still a lot of life ahead for the beast.
  10. WipeoutDreamworldFan

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Has anyone got any recent updates/pictures of Wipeout? I wonder what is taking so long for it to be re-opened? Hasn't been operational since the day of the accident last year(except that 1 week after audit) and it recieved its major overhaul only 2.5yrs ago. I am glad Dreamworld is investing in the ride as it's unique and the 40 guests per ride is great to get through the queue quickly but definitely interested to know what is going on with it
  11. WipeoutDreamworldFan

    Dreamworld reopening - the summer season

    I read something on instagram last night with Wipeout, apparently the operator beach box is being completely gutted and surfboards are still not back. Has anyone seen anymore progress?
  12. WipeoutDreamworldFan

    Dreamworld reopening - the summer season

    Giant Drop now open! Wipeout to go
  13. WipeoutDreamworldFan

    Dreamworld reopening - the summer season

    Hey all, how is progress going with Giant Drop and Wipeout reopening? Any signs of them opening soon?
  14. WipeoutDreamworldFan

    Dreamworld reopening - the summer season

    Don't forget Wipeout is 23 years old so the age could be a factor as to why it is taking longer. Plus 40 seats to thourghly check would be a big task. Wipeout isn't going anywhere soon, after the massive overhaul/referb, I and others were told they want at least an extra 10 years out of her and up to 20. Shouldn't be to much longer and the beast shall re open
  15. WipeoutDreamworldFan

    Dreamworld reopening - the summer season

    Awesome, sounds like it's going well. Thanks for the info