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  1. Darren

    Has Wonderland got a future

    After my last visit to Wonderland (about a year ago) I was very disapointed in the standard and the upkeep of their rides. The Bush Beast is the worst woodie Iv'e been on. The brakes after the first drop and turn, where you virtually stop before going down the second drop is embarassing to say the least. It's roughness and lack of speed make it a ride you don't want to go on many times. The Demon, while being an okay ride is oring after two or three rides. When I was in America I discovered that the Demon is a standard verkoma boomerang that is found in nearly every park. They were all walk on rides with no queue. After Luna Park lost the Big Dipper to Dreamworld, Wonderland now has all the NSW market. Wonderland has to build a top coaster and soon.
  2. Darren


    On my annual visit to the Gold Coast this year, I was standing in the queue for Cyclone, and who do you think was at the top of the queue? Gary Ablett. I caught up with him later that day and had a chat. He was on holiday with one of his sons. I live in Geelong and I'm a huge cats fan. Darren - Go Cats Go.
  3. Darren

    overseas parks

    In Juluy, 1999 my friend and I did a theme park tour of America here's a list of the parks we went to. Disneyland (Anaheim) Seaworld (San Diego) Knottsberry Farm Six Flags Magic Mountain Universal Studios (Hollywood) Pacific Park (Santa Monica Peir) Adventuredome (Las Vegas) MGM Grand Adventures (Las Vegas) Seaworld (Texas) Six Flags Fiesta Texas Six Flags Astroworld Disneyworld (Florida) Islands Of Adventure Universal Studios (Florida) Busch Gardens (Tampa Bay) Kennywood Hershy Park Cedar Point Paramounts Great America My favourite parks were Magic Mountain and Cedar Point.