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  1. jimmyonparkz

    What is going on at Dreamworld

    But didn't Shrek just release a Halloween special dvd or something? And also the Christmas specials? I don't think Shrek will be going in the bin anytime soon.
  2. jimmyonparkz

    Commonwealth Games 2018 & Village Roadshow

    i wonder if this topics going to go on for the next 7 years...
  3. jimmyonparkz

    What is going on at Dreamworld

    Yeah they did say on the news that the Runaway Reptar will become Madagascar, Dronkey flyers for Spongebob fly pants & Shrek merry-go-round. And they also mentioned that there wasn't any plans for new rides.
  4. jimmyonparkz

    What is going on at Dreamworld

    ^^^ The exciting third phase, which is currently in development, will include a Kung Fu garden where families can meet Po from Kung Fu Panda and enjoy lunch or refreshments.
  5. jimmyonparkz

    White Christmas 2011

    https://myfun.com.au/MyFun/Box-Office/Warner-Bros-Movie-World/White-Christmas-2011.aspx Tickets are available now. Season Pass $60 & every other ticket $40.
  6. jimmyonparkz

    Flume Ride @ Aussie World

    Looking good.
  7. jimmyonparkz

    Green Lantern Coaster

    If it's going to be opening during the White Christmas period it would be much better to get it open before the start (10th December) as it would be a little disappointing to choose a day of the event before the opening of a huge new thrill ride. It's on the White Christmas page on the website as an attraction open and it would also be awkward struggling the ride opening before the event starts if they choose to open it in the middle.
  8. jimmyonparkz

    Happy 20th Movie World

    The parade has been so boring for so many years now. They should really make a story in it and more fun and exciting then the usual same old parade floats followed by the same old dance.
  9. jimmyonparkz

    Nickelodeon is moving for a Sea change!

    Sea World did say and i quote 'Hi Jen, Sesame St will be closing soon to make way for the World’s First SpongeBob Parade :)' on a post on their Facebook page. Does that mean it'll be closing forever? And if so it's a little disappointing as it is really nothing new as Dreamworld had Nickelodeon for years but then again Spongebob would be a character to be missed on the Goldy.
  10. jimmyonparkz

    White Christmas 2011

    Emailed them today asking when tickets were going to be release, they said that tickets are due to be released from tomorrow.
  11. jimmyonparkz

    White Christmas 2011

    As Halloween has passed, Christmas is slowly strolling along... Which means, White Christmas! Movie World’s White Christmas events will feature loads of family entertainment including a spectacular display of one million fairy lights in the park’s expansive Main Street. Catch up with your favourite Looney Tunes Characters in a fun filled ‘Kwazy Christmas’ live show which is sure to entertain the little ones. There will be Christmas Carollers strolling the park, a special Polar Express 4-D experience in the Roxy Theatre and of course Santa Claus will be there as well. The highlight of the nights will be a dazzling evening Christmas Parade full of colour and light, all under a glistening white snowy sky. SUPERMAN ESCAPE, LETHAL WEAPON, BATWING SPACESHOT, ROAD RUNNER ROLLER COASTER, GREEN LANTERN COASTER (subject to attraction opening date) and Kids' WB Fun Zone will operate from 5.30pm – 8.30pm only. 10-18 December Tickets are not yet on sale http://movieworld.my...s/Whats-On.aspx Bookings available to VIP Gold & Local's Summer Pass now https://myfun.com.au...-christmas.aspx
  12. jimmyonparkz

    VIP pass after 31st Oct

    http://myfun.com.au/big3/VIP-pass.aspx It's official. New pass.
  13. jimmyonparkz

    Fright Nights 2011

    How was Fright Night tonight to whoever went? I couldn't make it but will definitely this upcoming Saturday.
  14. jimmyonparkz

    Green Lantern Coaster

    All i can say is, detour detour detour! It sure took away some atmosphere when getting into Fright Night last Saturday night, but yet, I guess still exciting with all the photos on the construction gates. But I reckon it'll look great outside the theme park just like the BuzzSaw did to Dreamworld. It makes it more exciting when entering and even driving past the park. Just hoping it has excellent theming like the Lethal Weapon and The Wild West Falls.
  15. jimmyonparkz

    Fright Nights 2011

    Politely asked them through email. I'm sure you'd get them through the gates on the actual night. Wouldn't want to be encouraging everyone to email them as it may annoy them, or maybe not. I've been collecting maps of theme parks for a while now and would like to read it before i go in the next week or so.