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  1. How's everyone's experience been with food? The burger I had last time almost ruined my day, the pizza is completely disappointing and the hot dog is below average at best. Anything that might not make me mad for spending ridiculous money on?
  2. I've been down a couple of times since school started, usually only spend a few hours because it's so quiet and can get heaps done in no time. In that time I've ridden the racers at least 15 times, averaging times of 13-14 seconds. Protip: The lane that starts as purple is by far the fastest due to the speed you pick up in the curve. Me and my friend noticed whoever used that slide always won by a large margin. I think it's the 5th lane from the left. From experience, lanes 1, 3, 6 and 8 are considerably slower while 2, 4, 5, and 7 pick up a lot more speed. This is because the former lanes have a long straight section between the twist and the helix, making you slow down.
  3. And pretty shit if you were planning on going during the day. 3pm???
  4. I saw that on the news last night, here's the story. http://au.news.yahoo.com/nsw/a/20458653/near-drowning-sydney/
  5. Let's guess how many days it DOESN'T reach capacity between the Christmas break and the start of school. I guess maybe 3 or 4.
  6. That sounds like a horrible idea. Here's a really simple tip to people who don't want to be denied entry due to capacity: Get there early. How hard is that?
  7. I headed down this evening. Didn't get in until 8 pm and stayed til 11. The lines at this point were still huge on all attractions, and disappointingly Boomerang Bay was closed. I bought a locker, no issues there, headed to the Riptide since the line was moving pretty fast. Afterwards decided we'd try the H2Go Racers thinking the line would move quick, but noticed that only 4 of the 8 lanes were operating. No idea why. Ended up waiting a while for this because of that. The 2 aqualoops on the far side weren't operating either, but the line for 360 Rush didn't seem too long. Was probably around 9 by the time we went to line up for the T5. Got on it just before 10. It's so much more intense at night, loved it. Went to have a rest and at about 10:15 we decided to check out the Whitewater West tower, and was very surprised to see there were next to no lines on any attractions. Between then and just before 11 when they closed, we got in every slide but The Breakers. I was told they were closed due to lack of lifeguards. Half Pipe: Loved this one, definitely lives up to the hype. Insane speed. Tropical Cyclone: I found this to be more exciting than its Gold Coast counterpart. Nothing amazing but a solid slide. Aqua Tube: Was really surprised with this. Picked up some nice speed around the turns. Typhoon: This one was actually much better than I expected. We were the last ones on it all night, all the slides had been closed. Pretty fast and the rattles are nice too. Went to check our on-ride photos before leaving to find the Riptide had taken a photo of the group that rode it before us. Probably swiped the band too early. They've made some attempts at correcting the utter confusion on the towers. The Whitewater West tower had stickers with ride names with their respective colours on most of the individual stairs pointing you in the right direction. The Proslide towers had posters at the bottom saying "T5 (green and yellow) and an arrow pointing to the left, and so on. I'll most likely not head back until February when school starts, hopefully they fix all the minor issues by then.
  8. Heading there tomorrow and I really hope Boomerang Bay is open since it's going to be my go-to spot until the lines die down in the evening.
  9. Just noticed this video shows the family slides using 2 person rafts instead of the 5 person ones. What's up with that? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgEEbZcvPjM
  10. What confused me a bit was when I first went to line up for the Half Pipe, I grabbed a 2 person raft assuming you could ride 1 or 2 people (since I was by myself). The guy at the bottom of the stairs saw me alone, asked which slide I was headed for and directed me there (and I still managed to go the wrong way). When I get to the top I'm told you need 2 people to ride any of those slides. So I waited a good 10 minutes before a group of 3 rocked up. I agree the park could definitely use some more larger trees. Way too much mulch. And the stairs definitely need some signage. I saw so many people lining up in the wrong side of 360Rush/H2Go and heard plenty more people pointing at stairs on the proslide towers wondering where the hell they went.
  11. The bands you get by default are blue. You can change them in the park (I think for $10) in other sizes and colours. As for photos, I had to upload my photo to my band on the WnW website before visiting. I think if you don't do that, they take a picture when you first visit.
  12. Just got back from my session. Park wasn't too busy, only about a third of the car park was full. Tantrum: Rode it first, was pretty fun. Gets you nice and soaked. T5: Went on this twice, was awesome both times. Drop is great and the closed funnel somehow makes it more exciting. Plus that final helix gets you riding up the wall like crazy. Bombora: One ride on this, you almost fly down that drop. Breakers: Was lining up for the Half Pipe but ended up on this. For the short ride it is, I enjoyed it. Final drop is nice. Riptide: Really enjoyed this one, you really do fly down those hills at the end. Double Bowlseye: Wasn't really impressed by this. Went pretty slow around the bowls. The Curler: Another average slide. More suitable for families. I'd only ride this and the bowling alley if they had no lines. 360Rush: Highlight of the day. Rode it 3 or 4 times and loved it every time. Best part was that I never had to line up for more than 5 minutes. H2Go Racers: Rode these a couple of times, best racer slides I've ever ridden on. Would be awesome with a group of mates racing each other. Food was pretty nice as well. I might head back either later this week or early next week. Before school ends, hopefully it isn't as busy as I think it will be.
  13. Oh thank god. I'm going alone so I was worried I'd have to keep going to my car all day. So how many rides did you end up going on? And was missing out on some due to wait times or simply not going for every slide?
  14. Daniel, by any chance did you see if lockers were available to hire? I'm going tomorrow morning and still have no idea if I'll be able to hire one or not.
  15. Got my email 15 minutes ago. Booked in for Monday at 9 am. Keen!
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