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    $500 million China theme park in Australia, NSW

    I don't get how this would attract Chinese visitors to Australia. It would be like me going overseas and going to a replica opera house. Could somebody explain this?

    Expansions start at Jamberoo Action Park

    Thanks for all the info. Cant wait to get to Jamberoo again.

    Wonderland Sydney - Mini Golf

    Awesome, Glad i wasnt going crazy. I cant find any info about it on any sites. Do you know if there are and pics of it?
  4. Just wondering if any body knew if there was ever a mini golf course in wonderland. I think if i remember right it was situated between the space probe and the zodiac. It was right opposite the magician show. I think it was themed to Adams Family. It was among plants but was cleared out. I remember exploring it with my family. The holes were filled with concrete though. Can anybody shed some light on this or am i just dreaming things up.

    Dippin Dots Replacement

    Hey Guys, My local convenience store just got some Mini Melts in. They look and taste the same as Dippin Dots. Maybe we might see them enter one of our theme parks soon. Could be a new informant Here's the website if you want to take a look: Have any of you tried any. I had the banana split flavour this morning and it was quite good.
  6. I would love to ride on a old looking wooden. And considering that both of these "lands" are themed to the gold rush/old west i think it makes sense to make it old looking.

    Ten years ago today...

    Awesome work guys!!! Wow... I would of been 9 back then. Back in the days when wonderland was still open.

    Expansions start at Jamberoo Action Park

    Great to hear the work has finally started. Excited to see the changes

    Ricks Café Americain


    Ricks Café Americain

    Where abouts do you buy this online? I cant seem to find the link on there website

    Dreamworld 5 year plan - a challenge

  12. Also this link is of a park that was abandoned about 6 years ago. So sad to see all those rides go to waste.

    New 4D Movie at Movieworld

    Personal i think they could of done better but i would of much rather this than journey 2.

    New 4D Movie at Movieworld

    Yeah, I think you might be right. I was really hoping they would do looney tunes. Nice find, Haven't heard much about the film as yet but am now looking out for it

    New 4D Movie at Movieworld

    IMHO i don't think DC would suite the theatre anyway. I guess all we can do is wait and see with what they come up with. Its not that far away