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  1. Not at all. A pause on the opening of a much anticipated roller coaster/new area is not an indication they are on a decline. Happened with all SeaWorld/Busch chains in America. Would you say they are on a decline? No. They have some great additions for their parks, and a pause in construction isn’t a sign of a decline. My guess is it would be COVID related, but there would be a reasonable answer to this which may never be openly announced.
  2. Agree. I just feel confident that the next attractions will be thoroughly thought out & will be great additions.
  3. Just purchased an annual pass & will be visiting for the first time since 2016.. gosh has it really been that long?!? Excited to see all the landscape changes & experience the new attractions. I decided not to renew in 2016/2017 as the park just seemed to be on a decline. As an enthusiast I really wanted to support them, but I just couldn’t support the path they were heading down. As for the harsh cut of rides, to me it was necessary for the future of this park. Fixing the mistakes of terrible vision/future planning from past management. Now with Steel Taipan &
  4. So has this ended up being fact or cap? I mean it’s the news so they will say anything to gain some attention.. Anyone at the park today?
  5. Not just onboard audio, but when anything in general is done right, it’s good. Unfortunately we have some rides here in Aus that have been half assed, and in return, is a big let down. E.g The onboard audio on GL, Scooby’s Projection Mapping. Or even little things such as turning off the mist on Superman, Turning off the water sprays on Surfrider.. just little things that add to the experience. A true ride should be an all round package.
  6. I mean, the view of Steel Taipan when driving into the park will be decent now.. you won’t have a big red circle of steel blocking it 🤣
  7. The king of “killing the hype for 90% of their new attractions” goes to Jim Reid-Anderson 😂 An announcement video with 4 of the same ride models, 3 standard looking flats & 1 big coaster just kills it. Everyone starts talking about the big coaster & the others are forgotten. Anyway I agree with Joz. I’d do teasers until vertical construction & then hit everyone with an announcement. It creates speculation up until the anouncement, then continues the hype until opening. None of this up & down hype 📈
  8. Love all the details in new floats. Really well done & hopefully a few stick around for the regular parade. I really wish they brought back the Mr. Freeze float, that was a standout for me as a child.
  9. Agree. They need to get in popular social media pages/people to their media days. You can see how well it is done by overseas parks, getting Youtubers to document the whole ride & it really gets more people talking & creates hype around the ride. Sure, Australia doesn’t have as many but the more the better I say. You shouldn’t be not inviting people because of their opinions. The whole industry thrives off different opinions & chit chat. Look at us all here right now.
  10. I think it was a smart move not announcing the AA replacement with all of these other announcements. We can only suggest it’ll be a big roller coaster taking it’s place & it would be a huge draw card. Announcing it with these other attractions would probably over shadow them. I think the AA Replacement needs to be a stand alone announcement.. that’s just what I would do anyway.
  11. From past June 2015 Parkz update: Let’s hope they keep the previous effects, & add mist (for an approximate of 2 weeks until they see it not worth to keep running like every other attraction that once had mist).
  12. Ejector I would assume? Haven’t ridden enough wooden coasters to know if many of them have floater hills, but from the speed most of them pull it would have to be ejector right?
  13. Looking really good on the concept art! @themagician That is jet rescue’s station on closer inspection, unless you’re talking about the blue bit in the middle. Possible queue area or theming around the helix’s? Hopefully an official POV is soon!!
  14. Really excited for this ride. I can already start to imagine how zippy it will be & how much it will pack into a small/medium size woodie. It will probably be most Aussie’s first wooden coaster credit, & it will be great to see their reactions. I really think it will pave the way for new family coasters here in Aus showing that you don’t need huge stats to be a standout attraction.
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