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  1. Movie World New Park Map

    Arkham Asylum getting a dark green paint job confirmed 🤔
  2. Finally got a 10th row ride & a backwards ride today. Amazing! So many unexpected forces while riding backwards & that first drop is definitely my favourite sitting in the back. Even after riding forwards a couple of times, I was still not ready for what was coming. At some points you think the coaster is slowing down then boom, you get hit with an intense corner & dive straight back down. 10th row has to be my favourite facing forward. The first drop is awesome & coming out of the NIL is so intense. If you don't like intense rides however, the front would be a better option (even though the front is still pretty intense lol). Finally, let me just say I cannot wait for the shade to be added over the queue line 🙌
  3. I wonder how many people they are going to give early access to until it is booked out?
  4. DC Rivals HyperCoaster - backwards seating

    I've experienced a couple of different ride ops where some will say go to row 'such and such' and some will just count you through & let you decide. When I got to decide I hopped In row 10, however they miss counted and the ride op told us we could go on the next train in the front row.. which of course I agreed to 😂 Row 10 I wouldn't see as a problem by just asking on the way through if you can go into that row. For the front you would obviously have to stand aside & wait for the next train. Got to give it to the awesome MW staff for letting people do that 👏🏼 especially if you have been waiting in line for an hour & wanting a specific row.
  5. I think the wall is definitely a good backdrop & I prefer having that over a plain wall. Just a shame about the reflection & not standing out as much as it could have.
  6. DC Rivals HyperCoaster - backwards seating

    Definetly. The first drop is so damn amazing in the back rows. I've only been in row 8 and even that was incredible so I can't wait to try row 10. Hopefully heading down tomorrow to try the backwards seats
  7. One thing I did notice today was that there was no audio playing in the Queue line. Hopefully that gets fixed soon.
  8. I couldn't resist so I headed back down today for some more rides! I got 2 rides in the last 2 hours. First ride in the front row & the second ride in the 8th row. Front row - Amazing views from the first drop. I personally rather the airtime on the front than the back. Those bunny hills!!! Insane airtime! Row 8 - Even though we just missed out on getting row 10, row 8 still provided a good amount of airtime and was very enjoyable. I believe the rows towards the back are absolutely incredible for the first drop! Whipping you completely out of your seat. So intense! At about 3:50pm we tried to get a backwards ride in however they had completely sold out by then! It's definitely very popular! There's always next time I guess
  9. Glad you enjoyed it @Glubbo! I didn't really check yesterday but do they have an estimated waiting time? If not, what would be your guess for GA & Backwards waiting time at the moment? I really want to get down there & try backwards soon! Seems amazing from all of these reviews.
  10. I have done Magic Mountain aswell & this ride is well and truely up there with the likes of Twisted Collosus & X2 (My 2 favourite at MM). I would even say I enjoyed DCR more than TC because I personally believe it has more airtime. I can't stress enough how much airtime I got on this thing, I've never felt more pushed out of my seat ever.
  11. Very true! Can't recall how many times the staff told us this as we stood there for 1.5 - 2hrs that it had a chance to run however they weren't certain. We were very lucky to get on this today & It would of been a shame to have waited that long to not ride. Head down at your own risk. If you guys have any questions about the ride/experience or anything you would like to know feel free to ask
  12. WOW. I rode in the 4th row & all I can say is HOLY #%$! The Airtime, the speed, the first drop. Omg. This ride is WORLD CLASS!!! Here is my experience of the ride. - The lift hill is really fast & got me by surprise how fast it actually was - The first drop is amazing! Would definitely love to ride further back to see how intense it is in the back few rows - The first Airtime hill is awesome! Heaps of airtime (more than I was expecting) - The NIL is crazy & twisty. Also a good pop of airtime! - Stengel dive, probably one of the weakest parts of the ride but still good fun. - The Dive Turn was awesome, so intense! - S-Bend was super fast & the change of direction is awesome. (Similar to Jet Rescue) - The small airtime hill was good. Not a huge amount of airtime but still good! - Helix was super intense & you can definetly feel the G's!!! - The bunny hills got me by surprise, especially the first one!! I think the first bunny hill offers one of the most insane airtime moments I've ever experienced! Was going to go for a 2nd ride however the line was very long at this point & they were only running 1 train. This ride is absolutely incredible & is a great addition for Movieworld & Australia!! I honestly feel like this is one of the best roller coasters in the world. I'm not gonna say you have to ride this but ..YOU NEED TO RIDE THIS!!! To finish off here are a few photos I took on my phone.
  13. I am here now, the cherry picker is working on the top of the lift hill. Possibly the chain?
  14. Maybe they're not going to turn it on until Thursday Nights Opening Ceremony?
  15. Glad i'm not the only one haha! I was going to try and figure it out & draw up a guess on photoshop... but I don't even know where each line would lead to I think the Fast track one is the easiest to figure out, the rest I've got no idea lol