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  1. xRazzBerryx

    Japan - Fuji Q

    @Gazza Just wondering if you did Nagashima Spa Land & how you got there? As it’s kind of between Tokyo & Osaka.
  2. xRazzBerryx

    Japan - Fuji Q

    Ahh yes! Totally forgot about them having the bullet train. Will definitely be taking advantage of that. Would love any tips for any of the parks
  3. xRazzBerryx

    Japan - Fuji Q

    We are looking at doing a Japan trip late this year or early next year. Just wondering the best way to travel around Japan? Also, I didn’t realise Universal was so far from Tokyo. What’s the best way to travel there? Would be looking at doing - Disney - Fuji Q - Universal - Nagashima Spa Land
  4. xRazzBerryx

    Superman & DC Rivals only running single trains

    If this is true, does this mean we might see the updated shoulder straps added?
  5. xRazzBerryx

    White Christmas Parade 2019

    Yep, have to agree! The parade this year was great The floats were all really good and it flowed very nicely. Great to see that they go around & they aren’t all parked up at the fountain. Also, come to think about it, all the floats drive up the right side of the street & also return on the right side. Is this for any reason for this or to just fit In with the “Hollywood” theme of the park?
  6. xRazzBerryx

    Justice League’s Future

    I guess I’m just unlucky & seem to go on it at the wrong times 😅 Good to hear it still works well & they haven’t just left it to slowly wither away. Also good to hear it still pulls a crowd (At least when I’m not there). For a replacement attraction, whenever that may be, I just saw this ride on YouTube that is at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi - Justice League. Not sure if it has been discussed before but it seems similar to Tranformers & Spider-Man at US. Would be great to see something like this for one of our parks, as Australia is yet to see an attraction like this. https://youtu.be/rz66_5bi4hc Not sure if they could reuse props or even if this type of ride could fit in the building, but it would be great to see.
  7. xRazzBerryx

    Justice League’s Future

    Yesterday I went on Justice League & well, the ride is just a mess.. as it has been for quite a while now. Every time I ride, something seems to be wrong. From the guns not working to the targets not registering. I know the ride is only 7 years old, but the problems with it just make the ride experience very dull. 99% of the time I step into Justice League’s line, it’s walk on. To me that’s either because, a) It’s kind of tucked away & people don’t realise it’s there or b) People just aren’t a big fan of it. It’s a family ride yes, but do families with young children still enjoy this? Is it still hitting their target audience? Anyone with kids feel free to share your thoughts. Why do you ride? Because you enjoy the ride or simply because you enjoy air conditioning 😂 Finally, what are your thoughts on its future?
  8. xRazzBerryx

    Walt Disney World for Newbies

    These are my FP recommendations for each park which includes 1 thrill, 1 family & 1 kids ride that would work well for a family. Magic Kingdom: Kids - Peter Pan Family - Seven Dwarfs*** Thrill - Space Mountain Epcot: Kids - Frozen Ever After*** Family - Soarin’ Thrill - Test Track Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Kids - Slinky Dog*** Family - Star Tours Thrill - TOT or Rockin RC Animal Kingdom: Kids - Kilimanjaro Safaris Family - Avatar Flight of Passage*** Thrill - Dinosaur or Everest The ones marked with the *** are 1st priority as they most likely will have the longest lines in each park. I can’t remember which tier each attraction is in so I recommend googling to check that.
  9. xRazzBerryx

    Walt Disney World for Newbies

    I arrived back from Orlando last week from my first ever trip to Florida. Here are my tips from each of the parks I visited. Sea World Orlando - I would plan to arrive at opening as the lines are always shorter in the morning. Make sure you arrive to shows (especially One Ocean) early if you want a good seat. Infinity falls - you will get soaked! Busch Gardens - Again, arrive early. Most people start in Egypt and work their way to the back of the park so I would suggest starting over near Tigris & Sheikra then work your way to the front. However by the time you go Iron Gwazi should be open so I would suggest that first. Either way, in September (especially on weekdays) lines don’t get very long for Sea World & Busch. We went on a Wednesday and the lines were 5-15mins all day. Universal Studios - In September I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a fast pass, but if you don’t have a budget, sure go for it! Park hopper is definitely worth it with the hogwarts express, also it gives your legs a bit of time to rest as you’ll be doing A LOT of walking. WDW - Book your fast passes 30 days before you go, or if you’re at a on site hotel 60 days. Keep checking fast pass availability on the day you go to the parks & while you’re at the parks. I was able to snag quite a few Slinky Dog fast passes & even a Flight of Passage fast pass by just going back & forth on the fast pass section of the app. Here are my tips for the individual parks: Magic Kingdom - If you want a good spot to watch the parade, pick your spot early. As with the fireworks, I highly recommend a central spot in front of the castle. It really is amazing to see! Epcot - If you want a central spot watching the fireworks, then get a fast pass for the show. However you can see the show from all around would showcase so up to your preference. Warning for mission space - Yes the intense version is quite intense! 😂 was surprised by this one. Disney’s Hollywood Studios - We booked fast passes for Fantasmic, however we found out while being seated, the fast pass only secures a seat for you (it doesn’t give you amazing seats unless you arrive early!) We were quite upset as we didn’t know this and definitely could have used more fast passes throughout the day if we had known. We ended up in quite poor seats towards the edge, despite having fast passes. You could have turned up without a fast pass and got the same seats at the other side of the amphitheatre. So I would recommend not getting a fast pass for Fantasmic on a weekday, and just arrive earlier if you want a good view. Animal Kingdom - As mentioned before, keep checking for fast passes! Flight of passage can get very long & if you keep going back & forth on the fast pass section of the app you might just get lucky. As I found out, persistence pays off! As for Rivers of Light, same goes for this as goes for Fantasmic. I wouldn’t recommend a fast pass unless on a weekend. Fast Passes - Once you use all 3 fast passes, you can then book more. We found out you can’t use 2, then book another top tier fast pass. You must use all 3, then you can book another. Anyway, there’s a couple tips that comes to mind. Feel free to ask any questions while it’s all still lodged in my memory
  10. xRazzBerryx

    European theme parks to visit

    I would recommend Energylandia. I Haven’t been but looking at how quick they have developed the last few years & even more plans coming in the future, I feel this park will soon have the most roller coasters in the world. A hyper last year, an RMC this year & a Vekoma launched coaster just announced for next year, boy oh boy they just don’t stop pumping out rides. Not to mention the themed lands that go with them.
  11. xRazzBerryx

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    Villains area was closed on Sunday when I went. With DD, WWF & Dodgems not operational, was sad to see the GP walk down the path expecting to see something open, only to walk back disappointed. In other news I saw the LEGO movie 4D for the first time.. & it’s terrible! Not sure if some effects weren’t working, but no water effects in the movie (only leg tickler). Hardly any movement in the seats, was sat stationary for 2-3 minutes in some parts of it. Not great.
  12. xRazzBerryx

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    This is definitely the right direction Dreamworld should have implemented a year or 2 ago. The ‘Family’ direction they were trying to go down was always a long shot, almost like they wanted to be Australia’s version of Disney or something. What they needed is a big NEW draw card, and I definitely think this coaster is going to be that. Just a question for everyone (especially those who have ridden the BF Model). Do you think the triple launch is going to be worth it or do you think they should have just stuck with the traditional launch on this model? Not sure if capacity will be a tiny bit lower than a standard model as there will need to be a transfer track + time it takes for the train to go forward/back/forward.
  13. xRazzBerryx

    Cheap Flights to Theme Parks

    Thanks for all the info! Have signed up to a couple of sites & keeping track of the prices :) A bit off topic from the flights, but does anyone have a good website to purchase Orlando theme park tickets from?
  14. Thought I would create this thread so people could share their thoughts/insider tips on where to get cheap flights to different destinations. Also feel free to share your experiences with different airlines. It’s been a while since I have been overseas to go to Theme Parks. Last time for me was in 2015 to visit LA for SFMM, USH, Disney & Knotts. This November we are looking to head to Orlando & we are trying to decide on what airline to go with but also what is the cheapest option. Would be great to hear some past experiences & some tips on finding cheap flights :)
  15. xRazzBerryx

    Sea World to reveal $50m spend

    With the new area being built, surely this calls for a new boardwalk/walkway. It would definitely improve the flow of crowds & make access to Atlantis so much better.