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  1. New passes at Dreamworld

    I have the same pass & did not know it got extended 6 months?
  2. Wow. I’ve gotta give you credit for waiting in the huge line for FOP @Mc coaster. I think the ride is a cool concept, but it really would only work with an IP. It works well with avatar, as you are flying around on a banshee. I think a Soarin’ style ride will do just fine as you fly around Australia. Here is a Brogent i ride that recently opened in Europa Park called Voletarium. The theming on this is outstanding & definitely makes the whole attraction so much better. I do wonder what theming Dreamworld could do & how well it can be done. I’m not expecting a huge amount, but hopefully they put some effort into theming! 🤞🏼
  3. Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    Great news that the Alley is open, will definitely help the flow throughout the park in the busy period. Hopefully it stays open when the crowds die down as well. Interesting that they have slightly opened the gate.. but not fully? Doesn’t make any sense to me 😂
  4. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Could it be the lap bar? As it is a single lap bar for 2 persons. If someone who is bigger sits next to someone who is smaller, the lap bar wouldn’t really hold them in. It hasn’t been an issue up until this point, but maybe they are cracking down on it now?
  5. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    I’ll explain it in one word for you. Dreamworld.
  6. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Went on Justice League today. So so soooooo happy that I can say it was at 90-95% working perfectly! The only parts not working that I could see was a couple of targets not flashing on & off + no vibration. Other than that It was great! Not sure if Movie World reads these forums to see problems that may be occurring in the park but I just want to say a huge well done for getting on top of that! It was the first time in a long time that I didn't think to myself "I wanna get off this ride" halfway through
  7. Dreamworld - 2017 Log Ride reopening

    ...surely a seatbelt or lap bar would look & be 100x better
  8. Dreamworlds New Simulator

    I'm hoping for a Soarin' style attraction however I feel a ride like Minion Mayhem at Universal would fit perfectly. Sure, it's probably one of the weaker simulator style rides at universal, but I think it would be a perfect fit for dreamworld. As for the theme... I've got no clue.
  9. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    Seems like the new kids precinct will be themed to Trolls. As stated in the parkz article - "Their first new addition in this space is an area under construction in the far corner of Dreamworld's Ocean Parade area. "I can tell you it will be a precinct aimed at little kids. It'll be a really cool activation of one of their brands. "The attraction is yet another that relies on licensed brands, which Mr Davidson believes is a key strategy for Dreamworld. "Ultimately licensing and simulation I think is a really good place for us to be in the short term."
  10. Let's be honest about Top Golf

    I love going to the driving range however I always felt like it was never as fun as something like mini golf as it doesn’t have a “competitive” aspect to it. It’s like going to a bowling alley. You can bowl on your own but when you’re with friends & seeing who can get the highest score, it’s a lot more fun IMO. So yes, I would have gone even if it wasn’t built by VRTP. Because of the location I would most likely only go after a trip to the theme parks or the GC (I live in Brisbane). If it was closer to home, sure I would visit more regularly depending on first experience & how much myself & my friends enjoy it.
  11. DC Rivals HyperCoaster - backwards seating

    Seems like the onride video is now available (as shown in the latest parkz update).
  12. Me not sure mazes will there be. Good hope they are Better this year than. 👍🏼
  13. Fright Nights 2017

    I do think they’ve been going on a decline in the recent years. I believe not being able to use the studios has been a HUGE reason as to why the mazes have not been as good. I remember back in 2014 in the Wolf Creek 2 Maze, you would literally walk inside a full sized lodge (house). This maze had huge sets & the theming was outstanding. Same goes for Evil Within 2. Easily the best mazes ever done IMO. The fact that the Studios had heaps of room means the sets were bigger, longer & more immersive. I found a video from Wolf Creek 2 here - In 2015 when they moved Evil Within & Wolf a Creek 2 to the Dodgems area & Soundstage, they were still good however I could definitely notice how they had been shrunken down In size to fit the area. As for Friday the 13th & Wyrmwood that were in the Studios, they had huge sets. Walking over the bridge as you went into Friday the 13th, to then walking down the big caves, it was just awesome. As for precincts, I definitely think they could be better. I think The Evil Within 2 precint this year had a good atmosphere but lacked actors. Zombie land was definitely one of the best. The roaming actors this year was way better than last year! Even if it was just zombies running up and down Main Street, it’s still better than having a dead/boring area. For next year, this would be my ideal layout if I could choose. -2 NEW mazes in the Studios. - 2 returning mazes in the sheds - Zombie Laser Tag in the soundstage. I just hope that the Studios will be free for next year but I doubt it ☹️
  14. Fright Nights Reviews (2017)

    Here’s my short & sweet review from tonight. (Spoilers) Arrived at 5:30 & went to see the opening ceremony at 6. Not a bad opening ceremony but could have been better (I was expecting all them to run down the street at us, however they didn’t & it just felt like no one knew if it had finished yet or not 😂) Maze Number 1 - From Dusk til Dawn Same old. Same old. Still not a great maze and only had about 5 actors when we went through. It was worth the 1 minute we waited for it though 3/10 Maze Number 2 - Halloween Not too bad of a maze. There is a lot of Michael Myers actors in there.. about 5 or 6 I think. I feel like this maze reused a few props from previous mazes such as Friday the 13th, Wyrmwood & Wolf Creek. A few good scares here & there but nothing that blew me away. 6/10 Maze Number 3 - Jigsaw I really loved the actors & their costumes in this maze. The main character that rides the little bike in the first scene looks amazing. The pig actor scares in this maze were my favourite. 7/10 Maze Number 4 - The Conjuring 2 The scenes in this maze really make it for me. The Kitchen room, the swing set room, the bedroom scene. Just awesome. The sound effects in every room are just perfect & give off a creepy vibe. This maze doesn’t have the best scares (they even took away the bungee scares 😢) but because of the theming, I just love it. 8/10 This is the first time I’ve chosen a returning maze as my favourite. I just happened to enjoy The Conjuring 2 the most out of them. Maybe I just didn’t get the greatest of run throughs on the new mazes. TIPS - Halloween had a very short line at the start of the night. This was due to everyone seeing Jigsaw first and jumping in line, not realising Halloween was just up the path a bit more with a tiny line. I suggest you do this first. - From Dusk Til Dawn only had about a 10 minute wait from the whole time I was over in that area. - Jigsaw was the longest line of the night at about a 50 minute wait. Perhaps if you can get into this line at the very start of the night when it’s a short line, do this one first & then head to Halloween straight after. - DC Rivals was PACKED! Checked the line at about 7:45/8 and it had a 75min wait in the General Queue. I suggest getting a fast track or just save $5 and go backwards (Backwards at nighttime on the first drop looking up at the lit up joker face is amazing!) To sum it all up. Not a great fright night & definitely not my favourite. Let’s hope this is like every years first night & it gets better from here on. I still enjoyed the night but there is definitely room for improvement.
  15. I've booked my early access for the last day of early access (only because that's the only day I can do anyway). I had a feeling the first few days of it would be packed as all the GP would want to ride it asap. Very keen to ride it & not have to wait an hour in the sun