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  1. From past June 2015 Parkz update: Let’s hope they keep the previous effects, & add mist (for an approximate of 2 weeks until they see it not worth to keep running like every other attraction that once had mist).
  2. Ejector I would assume? Haven’t ridden enough wooden coasters to know if many of them have floater hills, but from the speed most of them pull it would have to be ejector right?
  3. Looking really good on the concept art! @themagician That is jet rescue’s station on closer inspection, unless you’re talking about the blue bit in the middle. Possible queue area or theming around the helix’s? Hopefully an official POV is soon!!
  4. Really excited for this ride. I can already start to imagine how zippy it will be & how much it will pack into a small/medium size woodie. It will probably be most Aussie’s first wooden coaster credit, & it will be great to see their reactions. I really think it will pave the way for new family coasters here in Aus showing that you don’t need huge stats to be a standout attraction.
  5. For someone who is currently only holding a VRTP annual pass right now, I am contemplating getting the $99 annual pass. I was originally going to get it closer to December when the new roller coaster was expected to open, however now I’m not sure if I should wait until there is confirmation of it actually being built & then also an opening date.
  6. Very true. Forget how old the ride is. How long do we think it has left? Guess it still has a bit of life in it if they’re giving it a face lift to keep it going for a little while longer. As it is built next to & in the waterpark, would a new (Similar sized) roller coaster replacement be out of the question? What could fit in that area?
  7. This is one log ride that has always caught my interest. Such a great ride with a decent length & theming. This is what dreamworld needs.
  8. Freeview TV 😂🤙🏼 To be honest I don’t even know what channel it was on, I just heard it while cooking dinner. Will post the link once it gets shared to Facebook.
  9. News segment tonight on the new coaster. Hopefully we hear some new details
  10. From memory, the stairs are fire exit stairs so they weren’t intended to be used as such. All I’m saying is it’s a bad design & sure, if they needed a spiral ramp for wheelchair guests, then do what you gotta do but you shouldn’t make normal guests take the same route. Whenever I have been with others, they always complain about having to walk down the spiral after the ride, so maybe exit stairs would be a solution
  11. Rip it out. Build a ramp & stairs. Bobs your uncle. Does anyone know why it was built like that in the first place or was it just for theming?
  12. I hope they decide to demolish the terribly designed spiral queue/exit for Sidewinder. Most people just use the fire exit stairs from what I’ve seen.
  13. @Gazza Just wondering if you did Nagashima Spa Land & how you got there? As it’s kind of between Tokyo & Osaka.
  14. Ahh yes! Totally forgot about them having the bullet train. Will definitely be taking advantage of that. Would love any tips for any of the parks
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