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  1. After visiting DW today I couldn’t help but notice the back area of the park (corroboree/vintage cars) is just so dead & hear so many people saying things like “This was so much better 10 years ago”. Makes me wonder how many more years they can get out of it. Vintage cars is a great family attraction & kids really do enjoy driving, but the throughput is terrible. My question would be, would you like to see the whole area get a major upgrade, get demolished to make way for something new or just get some minor TLC?
  2. Headed to DW this afternoon for the first time in a couple months. An improvement I noticed: It was great to hear themed music in different sections of the park. Every themed area had a soundtrack that accompanied it. Only heard generic music in the pathway between MS train station to GD & out back where the kangaroos/koala’s are.
  3. Can’t wait for the seatbelt & over the shoulder restraint on the carousel 👍🏼
  4. 100%. That’s just embarrassing. MW need to turn this negative into a positive. Yes, closing a ride that is only 10 years old with half decent theming (when it’s working) is unfortunate, but you’ve got a decent sized show building ready to go to house the best dark ride Australia has ever seen.
  5. Better than promising a date & pushing it back 5 months 🤷🏽
  6. Agree holding out until everything is 100% completed. Rushing an opening is not the way to go. I just wish they were more transparent about this with the public. It’s almost like a shady move to say it’s opening Easter, families buy passes for Christmas, etc. And then it gets pushed back. I know this isn’t the reason they announced it for Easter, but why even put a date if it’s not 100%. I would just scrap the September opening announcement, and just announce it when it is early stages of testing & everything is smoothing out.
  7. Looks promising. A repaint & lighting fixture of GD would be a grand “beacon” for DW. Any guesses on what may fill the “world class family ride” spot? - Coaster? - Flat? - Motion based dark ride? I’m hoping for a MBDR, but my next question would be where this attraction would be going.
  8. Imagine how big of an FU🖕🏼to Dreamworld it would be if Movieworld added a Mack spinning coaster like Ride to Happiness 🤣
  9. I Attended Movieworld for the first time in a while today & thought I’d comment on a few things including these rumoured additions. First off, the place is thriving with guests. It’s almost like they haven’t heard about the new ride down the road (which with the marketing for it they definitely would have) or they just aren’t interested in visiting the park as it is right now. Just shows DW have to keep pushing to get their mojo back! POSITIVES Superman, Batwing & Roadrunner are still running quite well despite their age. Roadrunner’s new trains are super comfy & a great upgrade, just wish they would have done a repaint. Yogi Bear 4D was quite a fun little snippet of the movie, definitely not the worst screening I’ve seen them put on in that theatre. NEGATIVES 3 rides were closed today, GL, DD & WWF. GL & DD especially must be maintenance nightmares for them! With these rides closed it really does hurt the other lines in the park. Scooby is still terrible with the “Next Gen” upgrade.. however kids seem to not care & still love it. Justice League is still all sorts of broken, with 3 screens not even turning on. If they don’t want to keep it up & working.. why bother? Wouldn’t mind this getting replaced, despite it only being 10 years old. DCR still has issues with seating that I’ve seen raised here on the forums, with the attendant having to mark off where people are going to sit on a white board. The ride is a lot rougher than I remember, but with Mack’s premium seats I don’t see it being a huge issue in the future. RUMOURED ATTRACTION(s) As for the Dualing Boomerang + Suspended Family Coaster, I think it would be a perfect fit for them. I totally understand why they would have chosen this & even though it doesn’t excite me personally, I can see it being a big hit with families. PAST & FUTURE If it was me, I would have kept pushing the themed rides long ago. The parks theming seems to have declined since 2011 when they removed LTRR & Batman Adventure Ride. Only noticeable mention of “theming” would be Justice League & the Doomsday precinct, but accompanied by terrible rides, it just doesn’t live up to the old standards. When you think about how much detailed theming was put into the LTRR & Batman AR, the new theming just isn’t as good. I would have pushed Movieworld as the “Universal of Australia” & let dreamworld take the Six Flags route, but it seems MW is taking the same. I just hope they don’t dig a hole like DW did & struggle to get out of it. I agree as others have said Movieworld as of right now is neither on an “incline” or “decline”, but the next few additions will shape the direction they’re heading. The kids area is desperately needing a new ride, something that takes you on an adventure, something that LTRR did. As for the next addition after, I would either be replacing JL or use the Showcase studio with a Spider-Man/Transformers type ride system. Anyway sorry for rambling on! Just my thoughts 😃
  10. After attending dreamworld 3 times this passed week (finally got some time off work 🤣), I can say it is a good park.. but still far from a great park. ST & SV are the standouts for me. Maybe it’s because they are the newest attractions, but they just offer so much more vs the older rides. Other than rides, I feel like there needs to be better themed music (and louder) in different areas. Ocean parade is just filled with house music & it just feels out of place. There’s nothing like a good score, accompanied by a themed land that makes you feel immersed in the area. E.G. Walking down Main Street at Movieworld with “Hooray for Hollywood” playing. As for Greg, I’ve seen him everyday I was there, he is putting in the effort and hats off to him. Even out the front in the morning greeting guests, helping with QR scanning. There really is only so much one man can do, and if he keeps dreamworld the way it’s heading, I have no doubt it will turn into a great park.
  11. To add to this.. A lot of things today had downtime due to the wind, with GD the most noticeable being down all day. Shockwave, Tailspin, MDMC & Gold Coaster were all down for 2-3 hours late afternoon. Most opened around 3pm or so. Staff were saying it was due to “wind” but Claw & ST operated all day without hassle. Also, shout out to staff on ST, phenomenal operations 👏🏼
  12. Well after 4 more rides yesterday on ST, I’m ready to give a full review. Starting with the train. A well presented snake theme on the train, unfortunate that the eyes don’t light up, but still looks great. Mack seats are definitely up there with the most comfy seats out there. The first launch is quick & short.. quite a relaxing sensation after the train rolls off the LSM’s and you get a brief accent up the horseshoe. Rolling back, you’re then really just waiting for the LSM’s to catch for a 2nd time. Boom, you get shot up the reverse spike, which is a great sense of positive G’s. I too was one to wonder if the “triple launch gimmick” was really worth it, but after experiencing it.. a GREAT decision to add this element. If I could have 1 change to this layout that was possible, I would change the horseshoe into an outerbanked airtime hill (if it could be done). The horseshoe is okay, but nothing outstanding.. just a slow turn around section really. Next up the loop. You get a tiny bit of hang time at the top, a bit of positive G’s on the way up & down, but the best part is exiting the loop into that snappy turn that goes up into the MCBR. The drop off the MCBR is definitely better in the back, but the next 2 corkscrews were equally as good for me in either the back or the front. It’s a really sharp whip at the top of the corkscrew that throws you out of your seat for a quick second. But.. boy oh boy! We’ve left the best til last. The final barrel roll leaves you with a holy F*** moment. From viewing this element off ride, it really doesn’t seem like it would pack as much punch as it does. It’s something that is very hard to describe in words, so you must experience it to know what it is truely like. Definitely the best element on a roller coaster in Australia for me. So.. does it top Rivals? IMO just not quite. It’s the uniqueness of Rivals custom layout, with one of the best drops in the world that gives it an edge for me. But coming in a close 2nd, Steel Taipan. It is the ride Dreamworld has needed for a LONG time & is definitely a great addition.
  13. Got in 2 rides today. Great coaster, desperately one dreamworld needed. Will hold off the full review until I get a few more rides in, but noticeable standout elements for me were the reverse spike & final barrel roll.
  14. For those that have ridden.. What is your favourite element?
  15. There is so much packed into that ad, brilliant! The production & editing is outstanding! I feel like it hasn’t reached many peoples news feed though, not much traction on it, wonder why?
  16. After seeing this video it made me wish ST was similar. Minus the drop track, the tunnel at the start.. turn then have similar rockwork where the launch is. Has a nice head hopper as well.
  17. Possibly yes. If waiting an extra 4-6 months means we get better theming, I’m all for it.
  18. Wow incredible pictures! I cannot wait for the whole experience. The queue line looks to be one of the best located queues I’ve seen. The ride itself looks to be sharp & seems to have a ton of airtime moments. The most noticeable thing about this article is that they are keeping the theming under wraps, which to me sounds like it’s going to be awesome. I have high hopes that this will be a whole experience, from entering the queue line until exiting the ride.
  19. Not when we arrived at 5pm, however there was “lollipop ladies” directing guests at the crossing. This didn’t help as the cars then had to stop as more people crossed. Movieworld’s vehicle entrance flows nicely as the cars enter the car park without having to stop at a crossing, allowing guests leaving/entering the park to cross freely. The only vehicles that would have to stop would be buses & drop off’s. Below is Movieworld’s car park entrance, also a picture highlighting dreamworlds crossings.
  20. As in they weren’t using all of them on Saturday or are you meaning entry through WWW’s gates?
  21. When we joined the entry line, it kept moving. Just a slow paced walk until we reached the ticket booths, scanned our barcodes and were in. I just think they struggled with the amount of people they had to how many entry points there is. Is it possible to add extra ticket booths/entry points into the park?
  22. Oh wow that grew much larger than I was expecting. We entered the queue at the blue circle (5pm), the line moved rather quickly & was in within 10-15 minutes. They must have really hit a slow point & struggled afterwards.
  23. Overheard a cast member say tonight was 8500 & the cap on all nights are 9000.
  24. We exited the highway (coming from Brisbane) around 4:50pm & there was a lineup of cars in the left lane. We went down the right lane thinking there’s no way that those cars could be for dreamworld.. well turns out yep, definitely was! Wow huge crowds! Was lucky enough to sneak in the 2nd lane entrance into Dreamworld, sorry bit cheeky I know but had no choice after going down the wrong lane… See below pictures for reference. Once arrived & parked, it was around 5pm. A 10-15minute lineup to get into the park & got into the park around 5:20pm. Headed to the scarecrow overlay for Vintage Cars first as we figured it has the slowest throughput. Walk on for us & thought the overlay was really fun with all the happy & interactive scarecrow actors. After a couple of rides we headed to the Mystery Mansion. The wait was about 20 minutes & was a really spookily fun walk through. The objective is to try & find 8 candle holders throughout. As a fully grown man.. I only found 5.. whoops! Either I’m blind or they were a bit hard to find. I think they’re a bit tricky for kids as we got to the end & I heard a young boy behind us saying he only saw 1. Curious to know how others got along with the task. Finally after a few more rides, we ended our night & was surprised to get out of the car park with little to no wait. Only really had one criticism & that is placing the basketball arcade game next to the talking pumpkins. All you can hear when you walk passed is the guy yelling out “player player, who wants to play!” & so on.. You really couldn’t hear anything the pumpkins were saying. All up I think it was an excellent event. One thing I loved was almost everywhere you stood in the park, you could see a piece of theming. Great job Dreamworld!
  25. Agree. The area is presented nicely, you may hate the look, you may like the look.. but at least it’s not bare & boring. Just curious to know what you would have done? Add a view of the launch?
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