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  1. Quick question. How is the day time access to Movie World affected during fright nights? Is anything typically closed or areas unavailable? Cheers.
  2. Mort

    What's worth checking out at Disney?

    Totally understand that but you also dont want to have an awful time. Doesn;t matter if its the msallest part of your trip or the biggest you dont want to be stuck in MK peak crowds when you dont need to.
  3. Mort

    What's worth checking out at Disney?

    Trust me i spent 12 months planning my WDW vacation and one of the well known facts is that MK in the afternoon is a write off during busy periods. You use that period for meet and greets, parades and shows and low wait rides like carosel of progress and the railroad. You will arrive at MK and have 45min to 90 min waits for all the E tickets and you will have a miserable time. you will be lucky to get in Thunder, space and HM and MK is not just about the coasters it would be a tragedy to go to MK without hitting Peter Pan and Pirates and in my opinion even small world.
  4. Mort

    What's worth checking out at Disney?

    Still think you are doing it the wrong way with epcot first. If you want to do MK at night i would go MK in the mroning then shoot over to epcot and then go back to MK. You will minimise your wait times this way.
  5. Mort

    What's worth checking out at Disney?

    ​I would defintely avoid MK in the afternoon. When i was just there (in an off peak period mind you) wait times were 45 to 90 mins in the afternoon so we spent that time doing Meet and Greets and fastpasses because the stand bys were a little long. If you go in the morning you shouldn;t wait any longer than about 20-25 mins. and things like splash will be walk ons. EPCOT doesn't have that many attractions that get long waits. Other than the test track, soarin, mission space and space ship earth, the others arent must dos and have small waits. I would say living with the land is really cool but not a must do. And Journey through the imagination is only worth doing if you have excess time......its like an acid trip....but with out all the good parts. The last thing you want to do is do all the rides and then leave because World Showcase really needs some time to get the most out of it. Its such an amzing experience and you can get some really one of a kind disney merchandise from the pavilions. and specially seeing as Epcot is your main focus you will want to end up there and have that as your last experience. In terms of Wishes vs Illuminations. I personally prefer wishes just because im a disney movie fan and love the music, however i feel if you see Mickeys Philharmagic and illuminations you ge tthe best of both worlds as illuminations has much better fireworks and pyro.. However celebrate the magic is amazing. Seeing as you have such limited time i would seriously consider putting together a custom touring plan from It will let you figure out what is doable and the expected wait times and the best orer to do everything. I used them on my trip and they were pretty damn accurate.
  6. Mort

    Must-Do Theme Parks

    If you dont like disneyland your an idiot. but in all seriousness. i only went to disneyland because i went to the states for Universal orlando and was in LA heading to Vegas and we decided to go there on the way through for two days. wasnt really a huge disney fan. Loved toy story and thats about it. cut a long story short im now a disneyholic. Disneyland is not just an experience its a total escape. AS soon as you set foot in there all your worries evaporate. Universal ended up being a huge let down after going to disneyland. And to webslave, saying you were bored of pirates of the carribean shows you totally miss the point. The story telling an innovation in that ride is incredible. how can you not be blown away when you enter the scene with the ship, it looks huge! This is what theme park rides should be, not just who can build the fastest, tallest roller coaster with the most inversions. This is true entertainment. And dont get me started on the Haunted Mansion, and if you say that ride sucks, ill personally print you your own death certificate. (hurry back!)
  7. Mort

    What's worth checking out at Disney?

    This is a hard question. If i was only going to disney for 1 day i would actually ride minimal rides. Disney for me is all about the atmosphere and soaking everything up. Here is what i would do. Start your day at Magic Kingdom. Depending on your preference go straight to space mountain or seven dwarfs then i would go to peter pan for a classic dark ride experience. then i would go to haunted mansion then to pirates of the carribean (this actually might be down for refurb in september if memory serves me right) then to splash and finish with big thunder Then i would spend some time walking around the park just having a look before jumping on the monorail to epcot. I would not book any fastpasses for Magic Kingdom and would book them all for Epcot I would book fastpasses for saorin (you can only get a fastpasss for soarin or test track not both, i say soarin because it is a more family friendly ride therefore lines are usually longer than test track) spaceship earth and mission space. I would then spend the rest or your time in epcot going around world showcase and watch the illuminations fireworks. For lunch or dinner options at epcot i can recommend via napoli or teppan edo but i would book these NOW as reservations at Epcot book out months in advance. now if you are crafty, you can watch illuminations from near the international gateway and as soon as it finishes walk to hollywood studios from the international gateway and catch fantasmic and if it happens to be a hollwood studios Extra MAgic hours night you could potentially ride star tours, tower of terror and rockin roller coaster. best of luck, you'll need your skates on!
  8. Now I'm gonna say upfront this is not a rumour or anything but just something I have noticed happening. I get the feeling Disney has been putting its feelers into the Australian market a little to see how much interest there is in the products. For example, there was a Mickey and Minnie Meet and Greet at the Melbourne Show this year and alot of Disney merchandise. Disney has also sponsored the sand castles down in Frankston and they are all Disney, Star Wars and Marvel. They also were doing something at David Jones in Melbourne over Christmas as I saw alot of people with Mickey Ear Headbands on. It just seems strange to me that all of a sudden disney would do a Mickey and Minnie meet and greet at the Melbourne Show when they have never done it before. Thoughts?
  9. How windy does it need to be for rides to be closed at movie world and usually which rides does it affect?
  10. Mort

    Parks During G20 long weekend

    So how many rides can you usually get in on a Busy weekend? If I'm there at 930 and get straight to superman I should be able to hit out supes, arkham, WW AND Scooby by lunch still yeah?
  11. So I'm gonna be at movie world next Saturday (15th) and it's the G20 weekend. How busy do you think Movie World will be? Will there be extra people from Brisbane there trying to avoid the city?
  12. Mort

    Disney or Universal

    Disney for sure. I found that there were only a few good elements to Universal. Actually my favourite thing that i experienced there was Krusty Burger, no joke, followed by the duelling dragons. We didnt even spend a whole day at either of the two parks because we felt there wasnt that much to see. WE did all of teh Hogsmeade in the early access hour in the morning plus we had express lane so we went to the front of every single ride. There is a lack of shows and a serious lacking of night time entertainment. Personally i think rides with just projectrion screens and some movement are boring and thats the majority of Universals rides if you exclude the dueling dragons, hulk coaster and the mummy (plus that awfully uncomfortable music rollercoaster). I liked spiderman but then felt that transformers was pretty much exactly the same thing. WWOHP is incredible detailed however the hogwarts ride i felt was nothing like the experience you get when you ride somthing like Pirates of the carribean and there is just so much size and scale to it. Universal is going to be packed for quite a while with Diagon alley having just opened, if youre expecting see diagon alley, ride gringotts and ride the hogwarys express that will probably be a whole day. I totally disagree with those that say Universal has more variety. I'd say Disney has way more. Especially seeing as you have the water parks and Downtown Disney which i feel is much better than city walk. There are so many great rides at disney and its not all bout thirlls its about immersiveness and story something that is sorely lacking from Australian parks. There are also great shows like the beauty and the beast musical, fantasmic, castle projection, fireworks, stunt show, safaris. There is also a much bigger variety of restaurants at disney which the older people in your group will apreciate. Things like be your guest restaurant. For me its an easy decision.
  13. Mort

    Favourite US Theme Park Blogs

    I spend alot of time on micechat. There are some great US podcasts on itunes. The best IMO is The Seasonpass Podcast and then Inside the Magic
  14. Wild West falls does have a story. You're traveling through a mine and you run into Bandits and they tell you to get out and make you go down the first drop backwards You then go into another mine and there is an explosion so you escape down the large drop. Wild West Falls has characters and dialogue therefore story.
  15. Just because a Park has different themed rides doesn't make it a Theme Park. You'll find that 6 flags parks like Magic Mountain are classified a Amusement Parks not Theme Parks yet they have rides themed to all different kinds of themes like DC characters and other rides like Colosus.