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  1. I agree the cost of a few booths and staff would not be that much. And how many parking spots are there, Lets say 750 x $5 for parking = $3750 per day x 7 = $26250 a week x 52 = $1365000 per year = a new ride or 1/4 of a decent rollercoaster paid for in a year aleast then they would have capital to spend on the parks How many millions in parking do DL/DCA, US and MM make per year.
  2. Do you think our theme parks will introduce paid parking like they do in the USA. Would it do harm to attendances. What do you think.
  3. I work from 4 pm to 12 and would go down to Movieworld when I woke up and then go home in time to get ready for work I live about 30 minutes away from the park so most days I would go to Movieworld.
  4. That would be right and I think there are a few people out there who have done nearly the same amount of rides. When Superman first open it was a 10 to 20 minute wait now it is nearly an hour and you just cannot get as many rides in one day I think the best we did one day was 8 rides. I have recorded of how many times I have riden Superman in all that time there have been 9 closed not running at all, 7 breakdowns with an hour or 2 wait, 2 breakdowns with a reopen in the afternoon. We have ridden in every seat and even at night during the Anzac day late opening last ride of the night first rid
  5. Yes X2 after waiting inline for 2.5 hours and What the Hell have I got myself into moments awesome
  6. Last count 453 times on Superman Escape since the day it oprned
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