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  1. lets think this way say the accident happened on RHLR and not TRR does anyone think we would be seeing Ardent been just as silly and putting something like this on the TRR rafts
  2. ok im going to put this out there lets say that the accident happened on RHLR and not TRR does anyone think we would now be seeing Ardent adding something sort of the same to the TRR rafts ?
  3. you are right but hows it going to look if they put a bar in your view - face
  4. its more ardent are doing what they think they need to do to stop another accident happening on there watch
  5. if its going to course damage to the log boats over time and there are chances its going to course injury. its clear it does not WORK
  6. JeffreyMoore

    Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    its more likely just that Austin Powers is a character village roadshow have a licence to use
  7. JeffreyMoore

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    come on push you should know im always with you when it comes to the parks adding some major non coaster family friendly attractions
  8. JeffreyMoore

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    once again we already have a dark roller coaster i know you like roller coasters but its time to sit back and wait while some more family friendly attractions are added as for comeing to dreamworld rite now there currently nothing left at the park that i really like - wont to ride so i will wait and see what happens in the future
  9. JeffreyMoore

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    as i see it the gold coast has roller coasters its time for some new family friendly rides like i - Ride and a dark ride etc i have no problem with the majority been coaster first but the gold coast has roller coasters if dreamworld do take the family ride path to rebuild from the TRRR accident i think it will be big boost to the parks future it will help me wont to start comeing back to the park someday
  10. JeffreyMoore

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    the possibility of a new dark ride is the best news the gold coast theme parks have had for years for me so over every new major attraction been a roller coaster
  11. im willing to think reopening eureka mountain mine ride was there plan b as its ardents way of always doing things the cheap way its likely 100% there is now no plans for the future other then the demolition of thunder river rapids and the likely sale of the park been high - witch could sadly lead to the parks closure if someone won'ts the land for houseing etc
  12. was always going to happen sadly but after the thunder river rapids accident its better to be safe then sorry as for any replacements dont get excited abut anything happening for a few years - that it will be anything like the gold rush of old . this is ardent we are talking about any replacements will be done on the cheap
  13. JeffreyMoore

    Dreamworld Steam Train

    not like the chance of them mentioning the thunder river rapids tho - im sure some would see that as in bad taste after what happened
  14. Dreamworld, the alleged jewel in their crown. Dreamworld has now become the BASKET CASE in there crown SADLY
  15. atleast there takeing the steps to see if the ride can live on before just knocking it down and replaceing it with nothing witch is what will happen if it is deemed to far gone
  16. and just think the world is still yet to be subjected to two sure to be terrible sequel's to one of - if not the most over rated movies ever AVATAR fast and furious sequel's have not been worth the time it takes to watch for a hell of a long time now But you have to the marketing teams who do such a good job at sucking the world into spending there hard earned $$$ to see the rubbish
  17. Just becouse a movie grossed well does not make it a good movie all it means is alot people whent too see the rubbish Jurassic world 2 will only be even worse
  18. JeffreyMoore

    Seaworlds New Kids Area Announced

    this may also have something to do with TRR and the CHAIRLIFT been slated for demolition in the near future
  19. JeffreyMoore

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    sadly starting to look like this could be a DC retheme witch im hopeing does not happen
  20. the problem is if DW did bulldoze the whole thing they would then replace it with nothing in true ardent style i would be happy there is a chance of a new dark ride been made out of the mine ride site
  21. why would we wont a area based on one of the worst movies ever made there is only one word to explain JURASSIC WORLD = CRAP
  22. its good news that the accident didn't happen because of a staff member make any mistakes in the running of the ride but still so sad that the accident did happen
  23. JeffreyMoore

    Whatever happened to dreamworld studios

    gess ardent knew that big brother was over for good after the second cancelation and there's no need to spend money on the studios
  24. yes but its sadly looking like it was not just a freak accident witch I'm sure a not the outcome we were hopeing for
  25. and while its still speculation until the report is released the fact its not been released is look like dreamworld as been found at falt witch means there now open to law suits witch is going to cost them much more $$$ then they have already lost and if they are to blame its there own falt