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  1. I think it's great is it like the one at the easter show sydney-hollywood horrors.
  2. laurie

    orphan rocker opening

    Thanks Jobe that was great anyway the tour guide said there getting new track not using it and he didn't announce it to the group just to me so I don't think it's to get people coming back anyway had the best time ever down there really funny bright guide saw the maintenace team it really is a great tourist attraction
  3. laurie

    orphan rocker opening

    The sourcE was a tour guide he said yes I personally was surprised he would tell me so i asked about the rust he said there getting new track and that every tour gide is now allowed to speak about this info NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi I've been told that orphan rocker will open within a decade and is no joke/rumour it's from a reliable source!!
  5. Hi I have been following this for ages then remineded i should post this also check coaster guy hes got all the full throttle constrution which the track has been finished ps sorry if theres a other topic thing out there and soz about da spelling and all yo
  6. www worker why do you say wait till you see dreamworld 2013 if this is not a joke please tell us pretty please
  7. How do they plan to build a world class theme park in this time space.
  8. What is warner bro products getting out of this?
  9. I still love wild mouse at LPS and that's wooden its only bad if harnnesses are to tight or it's a bumpy ride and this is realitic they've got the money and wild mouse is so small but a crowd pleaser.
  10. laurie

    New Dreamworld Attraction

    That looks fun for kids.
  11. laurie

    Dreamworld 5 year plan - a challenge

    The cyclone is probaly the funniest ride there just not scary like the others.
  12. It's coming back these holidays.
  13. laurie

    New Dreamworld Attraction

    I don't think this will be a ride after two new ones I'm guessing a atrraction like po's garden.