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  1. DazzaMoes

    Dreamworld AVPX Replacement

    The AVPX briefing bays will be used when the attraction officially opens which also returns the exit to the other side of the building. They have been using them as storage while construction happens (they had the doors open yesterday). They will show alot of the back story in these briefing bays on friday.
  2. DazzaMoes

    The Off Topic Topic

    Dreamworld Prices: RTD - $9 Bacardi Breezer - $9 Hahn premium light - $5 XXXX GOLD - $6 XXXX BITTER - $6.50 Premium beer - $8 Seaview Brut piccolo - $7 Lindermans Chardonnay - $7
  3. DazzaMoes

    Dreamworld AVPX Replacement

    They are planning to make these areas more clear on which way to go.
  4. DazzaMoes

    Dreamworld AVPX Replacement

    Ive been at Zombie Evilution for most of the morning. As it is not very busythetoday they have allowed anyone in the park today to preview the attraction. However, its still not been busy so I started having a chat with the guy from Sudden Impact. He told me that there are many things that will added between now and friday. There are secrets and parts of the story that will be released over the next few months. They dont know how long the attraction will be in the park.
  5. DazzaMoes

    Dreamworld AVPX Replacement

    ZOMBIE EVILUTION is set at a fictional town called Kevil Hill which was established under the utopian dreams of a grief stricken wealthy widower, JB Kevil. Determined to never lose a loved one again, and the dream of eternal life, JB Kevil recruits Professor Jacques Madigan to develop a cryonics chamber that preserves the dead to be re-awakened. The corrupt professor is confronted by the son of Kevil, a violent outbreak occurs and the explosive chain reaction begins. The frozen ones wake and begin emerging from the depths of Kevil Hill hiding in the dark depths of the city ruins.A scare attraction that makes being terrified fun, ZOMBIE EVILUTION will challenge the most seasoned of horror lovers, as guests must make their way through the dark eerie remains of the Kevil Hill buildings among the predatory zombies.Zombie Evilution will challenge all who enter its doors to not scream in complete terror.
  6. DazzaMoes

    Dreamworld AVPX Replacement

    I was looking at the terms and condition of the join the evilution competition on the dreamworld website, I noticed that they called it a 'Kevil Hill' competition. So I did a little research on kevil hill and found this: As the legend goes, Kevil Hill Oil Refinery Oil Tower was built by the [MENARA OIL COMPANY] Company of protest [Moco] center because of its location high in the mountains and beautiful nature of the hinterland of Jakarta in Bogor. There is a large explosion and fire at the refinery, and what it stands right now, is all that's left. It is said that ghost rig workers who died in the explosion was the 'Ghost's' who currently occupy the building in a police station [precinct] and who drove the last remaining tower of up and down to terrorize visitors and protested the blast and subsequent closure of the refinery business
  7. DazzaMoes

    Theme Parks Pocket Guide App

    The free Wifi at Dreamworld is for their Mobile Q4U. Although it can be used for other things. You are supposed to enter your email address when u open your internet browser. You get 24 hours access or 100mb.
  8. DazzaMoes

    The Off Topic Topic

    Ive had it when it slows down to go the opposite direction but ends up going the same direction again.
  9. I cant see dreamworld hiring staff to be in a maze scaring people... it doesnt fit in with their latest budget cuts
  10. DazzaMoes

    Day at Dreamworld

    The 27th of june is the last day of the school semester before the June/July holidays start.
  11. DazzaMoes

    Dreamworld AVPX Replacement

    I wonder if Dreamworld will have 'World War Z' as their zombie movie theme for AVPX replacement. Thats if they are going with a moive theme and not just a generic zombie theme.
  12. Its the aircon covered by a tarp
  13. DazzaMoes

    Dreamworld Closing Down?

    Dreamword's latest way of budget cutting is to turn off all the lights in the queue lines of all the rides. It was fairly dark in the giant drop line today and the ToT exit ramp to the lift was dark aswell.
  14. Yeah, i think Hervey bay and the whole Fraser Coast needs something big to attract the tourists back up there as they are up against the Gold Coast on whale watching.
  15. Has anyone else noticed that they just reused props?