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  1. Its so he can ride it as much as he can. I got what you were on about Ryande
  2. From those distant shots the lift hill angle really shows the point of connect well on Rivals peak height and first drop. Looking great!
  3. And the rise back up to the first air time hill is a lot steeper then I first though from the official video.
  4. There even got a tower of terror attached there too. Double whammy
  5. Ahh thanks for that. So Ardent Leisure has been spending a bit over the years but really have yet to make a big purchase on one big ride compared to the last owner. Hopefully that will change soon. They have tried everything else
  6. In the form of a ride what was DW's biggest spend? Tower of terror? Giant drop? What made DW want to spend the big bucks in the first place and why can't we seem to get back there?
  7. I had no idea that MW had so many shows. Will have to definitely get down there soon to check it out. Thanks.
  8. Grantus

    Dreamworld 5 year plan - a challenge

    Oh I can imagine the Gerstlauer now. Same tight reminiscing turns like your going to fall out especially like that last one when you used to come out from the dark to the open at the end, and added bank turns for nice track hugging in a darkness/light transitional environment all the while flashing lighting effects and some sort of minor animatronics at key points telling a story. That's it, I'm emailing DW
  9. Grantus

    Dreamworld 5 year plan - a challenge

    ^ that would be perfect. Would be one step more than what they had and one step more than scooby at MW although it would be hard to match that theming
  10. Grantus

    Dreamworld 5 year plan - a challenge

    There best bet is probably another wild mouse. You could create a good lengthy ride that doesn't take up much space, would be cost effective to DW's standards and considering it would be dark you could theme it well much like the old one just more up to date and safe. It was an awesome ride already. I can't see them looking too far outside that original box. Is there new tech based wild mouses around or are they a dying breed?
  11. Grantus

    Dreamworks at Dreamworld

    All good. Thanks for that.
  12. Grantus

    Dreamworld 5 year plan - a challenge

    I know it wasn't cheap. 10mil. I actually asked a question in another thread to see how this thing works. I'm learning.
  13. Grantus

    Dreamworld 5 year plan - a challenge

    Woops, should be DW Dreamworld haha
  14. Grantus

    Dreamworks at Dreamworld

    Just thinking of it then, when DW builds a section like this to there park, does it cost DW the entire amount to build it? Or does/can Dreamworks contribute to the cost? Same with Wiggles world too. I'm really not sure how this type of thing works. I can understand rides being a one sided payment, but Dreamworks gets something out of this too.
  15. Grantus

    Dreamworld 5 year plan - a challenge

    The thing is, has DM done enough tinkering in the last few years to start doing something good(other than Buzzsaw)? Or are they going to continue and spend small and expect big?