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  1. Those larger rectangle footers, they're more obvious in the 2nd photo. There's a couple facing each other which looks like they could form the base of a loop.
  2. I just had a look at the footers then... I agree with a swooping drop where the driveway meets Green Lantern but it looks like it will go straight into a loop. The first couple of pictures are where I believe the loop will be then I did a rough sketch as to what I think the start of the layout might be. I took a little panorama but it won't let me upload it for some reason.
  3. Does anyone know what the deal is with those red things? [I'm on my phone and have no idea why the image has rotated and how to fix it]
  4. The website now says closed till September 30
  5. I just came across this on Facebook. It's a couple of weeks old and may not be new news but I thought it was interesting so I'll share it anyway. Driver killed in carnival ride road accident [May 22, 2016] An 80-year-old man has died after his car was struck by a metal out-rigger from a Hurricane carnival ride which was travelling along a highway in Burbank, Brisbane, Australia. The metal arm came loose and swung out, before it crashed through the front windscreen of the man’s car, travelling in the opposite direction, just before 9pm last night. His car then veered off the road and down an embankment, where he was pronounced dead at the scene. Police are investigating how the ride was loaded onto its truck trailer.
  6. If that's a catering shed then they might be using the show stage for the roller coaster or something else in the future. Don't they hold events in the show stage as well as mazes? This way they wouldn't lose a function space.
  7. Alpha 2 is out for anyone interested. Coasters are properly added as well as new flat rides. One of which is as close to Doomsday as you can get.
  8. For anyone complaining about no audio on GL... If you look at the back of the trains you can see a little clear box labelled audio with the key switched to off. Also inside is a bunch of cables that leads to nothing (i.e. the box is basically empty). So good luck having any sound....
  9. By expansion I meant giga coaster That location has been mentioned numerous times for the new roller coaster next year. I know it probably is just a maintenance area, but surely they would've been better of building it behind WWF? (where they keep the floats for parades)
  10. You'd be shocked to know I do, but I'm at the end of my data for the month so I was waiting to get home to upload pictures but here they are... The main support ready for the arms to be attached. The two arms prior to being lifted into place. Moving the first arm into place. Attaching it to the main support and motor. Also, this was taken through the employee gate behind WWF (the smoking area). Not sure if it's been discussed before but could it be to do with an expansion or just a maintenance shed? I noticed what could be a sign behind the blue fence at the back but I wasn't too sure.
  11. For anyone here at the park now, they're in the process of attaching the first arm on Doomsday. I'll see if I can post some pictures tomorrow.
  12. Haven't seen it mentioned on here (unless I'm blind - sorry if that's the case) but the water park is history. What could the future hold? There is so much space there now. http://seaworldresort.com.au/rooms/resort-extras/water-park.aspx
  13. Has anyone had an issue with redeeming the bring a friend free passes online? I've got my free redemption ticket and the bring a friend ticket in my basket and it asked for my pass details twice to validate them. But once I put in the details on one it says it has already been redeemed for the other ticket. Any ideas?
  14. For anyone who saw the live stream, it looks like a Suspended Twin Hammer is incoming. Also, curved stairs and natural paths look cool. Just paths in general have been improved massively.
  15. I'm running bootcamp on my Mac and it works fine
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