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  1. Yes, completely wrong information because they were too hasty to get their story out, and not apologizing for giving out that false info, as I said. It's business as usual for them.
  2. This is honestly really tame compared to a lot of other things they've done in the past, it's been wrong information for quick clicks and views without an apology for incorrect facts, making stories on tiny fringe details, some not even related to the incident. It's bad and it's in the spotlight for people here because they've been following so closely, but really, this is nothing.
  3. BemaniAK

    Theme Park food prices

    Senior Management are not the ones making your burgers.
  4. BemaniAK

    Theme Park food prices

    I'm sure all the High School kids and gap year employees care more about the policies from years ago than they do about just following the rules. As I've already said the speed of the service is a culmination of the pre-prepared food, and the mass burger production line, the policies that drove employees to burn their hands turning patties over on the grill as fast as possible are long gone. Why would you expect them to? Mcdonald's Employees and just about every fast food server at movie world are paid rock bottom minimum wage.
  5. BemaniAK

    Theme Park food prices

    Nope, that's proof that the staff don't care if you have sauce on the side of your bun. Subway sandwiches for example, take 4-5 times as long as a Maccas cheeseburger, and they're still very messy, and it's not because they rush, it's because they don't care, and until you pay more for the sandwiches/burgers/popcorn/churros/whatever, you probably shouldn't either. I've had everything from overcooked Waffles at SeaWorld to black popcorn at Movieworld. I've also had everything from a reverse Big Mac (Everything stacked opposite) to a Frappe with ice that was too big to go up the straw. Richard, considering Mcdonald's staff turnover, I highly doubt anyone but district managers even remember the old 60 second policy.
  6. BemaniAK

    Theme Park food prices

    That's beside his point, I won't argue that a lot of staff at Mcdonalds are completely inept and they make mistakes all the damn time (Especially the one outside MW) but that's not what he said, he said "rushed" which is simply untrue, the staff are not urged to go as fast as possible because their pre-preparation methods and kitchen layout are the reason they are so fast, they're on a mass production line. With that said, my very worst ever food experience still came from Rick's and I haven't been since.
  7. BemaniAK

    Theme Park food prices

    That's rather presumptuous, the only thing that makes Mcdonald's "rushed" is the factory pre-prepared food. Ive had some good maccas food, Ive had some bad maccas food, Ive had some good MW food, I've had some atrocious MW food,
  8. probably, wasn't really paying attention to the amount of zeroes in my score.
  9. Just a warning for everyone that does try and get on it this week, the ride did not open until midday today and the staff members cast members whatever they're called at MW stated this week is their "testing week" and every day might have delayed openings until everything is completely sorted out. Also I'm not sure if I was doing something wrong but most targets seemed to require me to hit them a good 5 times before they registered as a hit, I'm not sure if I'm meant to hit dead on the eye (Which I was doing around the end of the ride) or if they're meant to take multiple hits, my girlfriend got about half my score and also appeared to have the same issue. My sister was dual wielding in the back not really caring
  10. And that'd be because you have no vested interest in JL, you're willing to accept whatever villain you get without disappointment. What you still don't get is that I loved the ride, I woke up early this morning and waited for almost 3 hours to be the first one on it, not even knowing if it would even open before I had to leave, my only problem with the actual ride itself is the hallway effect caused by the amount of light and effects, the Starro story was fine and I loved the giant animatronic Starro that I almost doubled my score on. There is no convincing to be done, I want things a certain way because I'm a JL fan, other people don't care because they are not. All I've really argued against was the practicality of Uxas.
  11. Bmull, how many of them actively read the comics? How many of them have picked up every issue of the main series since they were 12 years old? I can tell you I know a lot more JL fans than just about anyone here since Im actively involved in the community of comic book fanatics, about 3 of us actually care about this ride because we also happen to be theme park fans. The JL theming is not to cater to hardcore fans but to those with a passive interest in the whole DC Universe.
  12. They look like theyre off a kids backpack specifically because the designs you picked out to post were from the Justice Leage children's show. Since youve never ridden Astro Blasters Ill make it clear, static humanoid sculptures do not look tacky or out of place. There is no "diminished" because we have nothing to compare it to, the point is the ride is not bad but it would be better without starro and any real JL fan you ask would tell you the same thing. Keep blabbering on about what you think JL fans wanted or are excited about but the truth is that the huge majority of JL fans do not particularly care about the ride since it does not contribute to the comic's canon and continuing story, it just so happens that my love for theme parks and my love for JL came together and Im disappointed that it decided to represent an unloved villain for easiness instead of using one of the greats, djrappa can spout off whatever he likes but Im not the only one vested in this conversation, Gazza argues against me through his desire for MW to do as well as possible monetarily and I disagree as a JL fan, my love for the ride experience is not going to be ruined by this fact (its the first shooting dark ride in Australia and theure my favourite type of ride in any theme park ever, by the way) but my dream of having an amazing JL ride was let down, as much as djrappa would hate to admit it, Gazza does care because he's responded to me many times with his own opinion. You'll find very few hardcire JL fans who give a damn about theme parks and thats exactly why Im the only one on this very small very local website who has this view, if you looked up POVs of the ride you'll find a few more, even those who dont seem to be JL fans, who are confused why they chose starfish in this gigantic pit of possible enemies. Im going to be banned for pointing out that djrapper is a circlejerking mod like a lot of teenagers are, so I wont be back to mention that I enjoyed the ride for the ride. And I will do just that, see you all whenever.
  13. BemaniAK

    New Dreamworld Attraction

    You know exactly what I mean, the majority of people who will watch the JL ad will not research the ride beforehand, its made to do nothing but excite people and make them want to see what the fuss is about, its not criticism at all, the constrictor has the same marketing, I didnt even know it was out. You can take your dicks out of each others mouths whenever you're ready.
  14. By that do you mean the ride was closed for a long time in the morning? EDIT: Whoops, posted instead of editing my other post by accident, is there no post deleter in the editor?