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  1. Ickabodd

    Lethal Weapon or Arkham Asylam

    Yes I agree I couldn't find my way back to the car I was so Dazed!!!
  2. Hi, I was just wondering whether to start a mini debate... I am.... Post ideas, arguments or just yes or no Ok I will start off: I went on the lethal weapon for the first times with one of my friends, I absolutely loved it, with loop-de-loops other thrills I thought it was the best ride ever!!!!! but when I read the comments (as I haven't already been on it) the Arkham Asylam is best by far??!! So I am very confused. so answer back with comments etc.. Thanks Ickabodd
  3. Ickabodd

    The wackiest, wildest coaster ever?!

    wacky in this context means crazy
  4. hi, I was just wondering if anyone has pictures, words or anything on the wackiest coaster they have been on. It can be anywhere around the world. Can't wait to see them Thx Ickabodd.
  5. Ickabodd

    Movie World's Fright Night 2012

    yes $70 is a reasonable price compared to other prices,others are worse
  6. Ickabodd

    Best Ride at Movie world

    could I please have comments on the green lantern I'm really anxious to find out!!!!!! :wacko:
  7. Ickabodd

    How often do you visit?

    I disagree, personally I loved Mick Doohan Motor Coaster. Dreamworld does have 'kiddy' rides and 'big' rides. including: Giant drop, TOT2, and so on. Also the best 'kiddy' Park is Seaworld
  8. Ickabodd

    Best Ride at Movie world

    what about green lantern is that good or big time bad
  9. Ickabodd

    RCT3 Creations

    love this ride I recommend everyone to go one this
  10. Ickabodd

    Best Ride at Movie world

    Here's what I think: 1. Superman Escape 2. Wild west 3. Arkham Asylam 4. Whatever you want