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  1. leonardodabdl

    New Dreamworld Attraction

    Thank you for the photos friend. I think this beautiful style of Chinese construction. As for the rides, they seem to be pretty cool. If anyone has more photos will be happy to see.
  2. leonardodabdl

    Theme Park - Beto Carrero World - Brazil

    Video made by the park on the anniversary commemoration of 20 years.
  3. leonardodabdl

    Theme Park - Beto Carrero World - Brazil

    Really the names look a bit. haha Yes, the incident happened. In this case, the pilot stood a few seconds after the crash and walked backstage. The structure of the car show is how F1 car. They are designed to absorb impacts without causing further damage to the pilots. The clothing worn by riders of motorcycles are also special with the helmet and do a good job of protection.
  4. leonardodabdl

    Theme Park - Beto Carrero World - Brazil

    Hello! The Extreme Show is really exciting! If they are in order to visit Brazil and get to visit the park, they can contact me and I nominate friends who live next to the park and would be grateful to receive them. I live in Rio de Janeiro, maybe if you decide to really come, depending on when I can even accompanies them. My email is: Leonardodabdl@hotmail.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leonardo.marcal.7
  5. leonardodabdl

    Theme Park - Beto Carrero World - Brazil

    A few more things about the park.I just forgot to put on the Review of the park site. Sorry. Here is the site: http://www.betocarrero.com.br/ Automotive Complex:Beto Carrero World tells a motocross track and an international kart track, designed by German Herman Tilke. The Karting has bowling alleys, shops and restaurants. In 2011, he received 500 Miles Kart, an important event that brings together the leading celebrities of world motorsport and Brazil. The Autódromo Internacional is already designed and its construction should begin in the coming months.http://www.betocarre...ease.php?id=220 Karting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67UfUn-RrnE Model of the Autodromo future. It was designed by architect Racetrack official F1. Electronic music festival:For the next month (16 and 17 November 2012), is scheduled to take place in the electronic music festival Dream Valley festival, which has confirmed the presence of: David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren, Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki and others.But the festival still awaiting the release of IBAMA (public organ which oversees the zoo park).When I appear more news post here.Thanks for commenting. http://dreamvalleyfestival.com.br/ New Coaster for 2013! Some images of the new roller coaster that came from Six Flags Great Adventure - The Chiller. The friend in the picture is the Lucaz Ferraz. Lucaz is the founder of the site http://www.cbmr.com.br/ (Club Brazilian Rollercoaster). Lucaz helped in negotiating the purchase of the new Rollercoaster.
  6. leonardodabdl

    Theme Park - Beto Carrero World - Brazil

    Hello! The "Zoo" of the park is supported by IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources). Each animal's "Zoo" lives in an enclosure, there is a project to create a new park where there will be a safari with animals poderam get it "free" in a larger area.
  7. leonardodabdl

    Theme Park - Beto Carrero World - Brazil

    Hello friend! The park is open to 20 years. Every year one or two thematic apreas receive mega makeover. The last was the area of the Zoo last year. Hello friend! The SLC was actually very sharp, until the park found a cheap solution and I particularly I approved, most foams were placed in the locks so that his head hit the latches less. His head is firmly attached. About The Chiller MR, it is already under renovation and should inalgura next year. Every year the park opens a new draw. For the next year also provided this success in negotiations with an Intamin 8 inversions lying abandoned in a park in Rio de Janerio (Park Terra Encantada). We would be very happy to welcome you to know Chiller (yet unnamed). The only thing we know about the new roller coaster is that it will be in the area of the Old West.
  8. Hello, first I would like to apologize for my bad Inglês. I'm using Google translator, I hope you understand. So folks, I'm from Brazil and I will show this topic some of my favorite Brazilian park. Hope you enjoy. Beto Carrero was a character from TV and radio in Brazil, once after a visit to Disneyland artist and entrepreneur in Brazil decided to create something similar to what was seen in the USA as well, with the help of friends in 1991 inaugurated the Beto Carrero World, today the best park of Brazil according to a journal and the largest in Latin Amarica. Amid a land without utilities aparetes he was born his dream. Located in Penha - Santa Catarina - Brazil, less than 100 meters from the beach and with land of 140 million square meters, whose park occupies only 4 million. We are proud to show you the best theme park in Brazil. At the entrance there is a statue of the creator of the park, the artist João Batista Sergio Murad or Beto Carrero. A cowboy who had a horse chado Faisca also very famous. The gateway to the park is a huge castle and all colorful. In this castle are the box office, shops and suites for guests invited. When going through the castle you are definitely inside the magical world of Beto Carrero!! The park is divided into seven thematic areas. 1 - Avenue of Nations 2 - World Animal (Zoo) 3 - German Village 4 - Old West 5 - Pirate Island 6 - Extreme Adventure 7 - Fantasyland ____________________________________________//_________________________________________________ 1 - Avenue of Nations. In this area there is a food court with dozens of restaurants, and a sub area called Triplikland. In this area there are some classic rides from parks, like Giant wheel and carousel. The rides are themed with characters from the park. Cinema 4D Character Betinho Carrero. Acqua Show. Show where a shipwreck is simulated and many artists make an amazing presentation on the seabed, alternating their skills in acrobatics, juggling and dancing, framed by a fascinating play of light and musical score. A wonderful show. 2 - Mundo Animal. Área do parque onde ficam concentradas atividades como Zoológico, com centenas de animais, distribuídos em várias espécies. Monga Show. A woman becomes a gorilla! 3 - German Village. Thematic area in honor of so many immigrants in the state of Santa Catarina. Excalibur Show. Rollercoaster - Tigor Mountain. Car bumper cars. 4 - Old West. A small village, with buildings typical of the old west, so famous in movies such as chapel and its saloons. Thematic souvenir shop. Beto Carrero Memory Show. A musical that tells the story. 5 - Isle of Pirates. An island connected to the center of the park by a bridge pencil, with absolutely all thematized beside her Work paddle the boat Viking, in a small lake that separates it from the rest of the complex. Cave of Pirates. Pirate Ship. 6 - Radical Adventure. It is the part of the enterprise responsible for adrenaline, where the toys are more "radical". So, is the most visited area of the park. Fire Whip - Inverted roller coaster. Star Mountain - One of the first roller coasters the park Elevator - An elevator that rises and then falls very fast and ends with the cab lying on a running track. Big Tower - The tallest attraction in the park, with 100 meters of free fall that reaches a speed of 120 km / h. It is pure adrenaline! Tchibum - A water channel where the boats-wandering trunks 15 meters high to plummet to 80 km / h in a water tank. There are two climbs and descents, flowing water and leave you quite wet. Empire Of Water - The greatest work ever done at Beto Carrero World. More than a thousand tons of rocks and about 16 million liters of water per minute simulate an incredible rafting, which takes visitors through a river nearly a mile long and five feet wide. It is considered the best of this type of attraction in Brazil. Portal Of Darkness - This is a maze of horror where there are seven scenarios of famous horror movies like "The Exorcist" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", also counting cemetery, mortuary and other gruesome scenarios. Attraction pays part. Extreme Show: One of the new shows from Beto Carrero World, and one of the most sought after. The Extreme Show has the largest looping cars in the world and was inspired by the "Light, Motors, Action" at Disney's Hollywood Studios, where they performed various stunts and riders. 7 - Fantasyland. It is a distinct area of the park where all attractions are viewed by a train ride, the railroad DinoMagic, whose tour of the station João Alves de Queiroz, one of the most beautiful buildings in the park. On the way, the orientation of the entire journey is performed by the driver of the train. Hope Village - A village in homage to the inhabitants of the rock attraction is a second rail route with a smaller than the main. DinoMagic. This year (2012), the park has partnered with DreamWorks and Universal Studios coma. New areas subject to Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar class. The partnership of Universal Studios transformed the Extreme Show in a single show in the world, the Show of Fast & Furious. Some characters are already presenting the streets di park, the construction of new thematic areas should begin shortly. By the end of the year also comes the character Megamind. So long just for guys, hope you enjoyed.
  9. leonardodabdl

    April 2012

    Congratulations Trip Report, would like to see more photos of the area's Kung Fu Panda.
  10. leonardodabdl

    New Dreamworld Attraction

    Hello friend, I'm from Brazil and I am new here in PARKZ. I wonder if anyone has news about a new area of Kung Fu Panda. If anyone has pictures, I will thank. (Sorry for my english, I'm using a translator).