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  1. Wet N’ Wild, Seaworld & Movieworld Theme Parks Gold Coast Trip Report Early November 2016 We hadn’t been to Wet N’ Wild nor Movieworld for over 12 years, nor Seaworld since Nov 2011, and our crew all enjoyed a visit to each last week. Firstly, we mostly used public transport during our week in & around the Gold Coast (using QLD transport Go Cards we’ve had for years), and it was great – the new light rail tram from the Uni/Hospital to Pacific Fair is excellent, those theme park buses e.g. TX2 are great, the airport 777 coach was excellent, and it all cost a fair bit cheaper tha
  2. I agree. Last time we visited SeaWorld (some time ago now), I was very disappointed with many aspects of it. So much of it seemed in need of repair, aged, or closed. The front gate ticketing staff were way too few, resulting in massive delays getting in (during school term), and I simply couldn't believe there was a pirate/swim area within the complex for which you have to pay extra for?! - unbelievable. I'm hoping it is far improved & better value these days, in fact I doubt it's possible it could be worse that when we visited.
  3. Dreamworld & Whitewater World Early Nov 2013 Trip Report: We returned here for 2 days during our time in QLD again this year, the same as this time last year, noticed some improvement, some disappointing aspects, but overall had a good time. My first positive impression related to the easier walking routes & access between some areas – last year/years past I recall it being quite confusing or offering little obvious easy access between certain areas, this year it seemed better, including signage – e.g. from Wiggles World to the Tower Of Terror II / Tigers / Madagascar area, also fr
  4. Omg, the only real enjoyable Dreamworld Park music I heard last week was "Everybody's Free to Feel Good", most of the rest I was REALLY looking forward to getting away from & hopefully never hear again.
  5. During our visit to DW this time last year, I did notice more areas than I'd like appearing in need of maintenance, many areas looking "dated" or worn. Overall I recall it wasn't a huge issue, but something notable for a theme park charging such modern-day high entry prices. Re: Certain attractions "closed for maintenance" http://www.dreamworld.com.au/Attractions/Maintenance/ Whilst I dislike significant attractions closed during times we plan to visit, I accept that it's sometimes necessary and at least they do advise well in advance via the webpage above which is good.
  6. It's disheartening to hear that the Vintage Cars and such replacement train(s) would only be operating on weekends - in fact if that's the case that really sucks. Glad to hear reports of some DW train operating (some?) weekdays (@ least Fri 25 Oct 11am-4pm). Will find out ourselves next Tues & Thursday.
  7. We'll be @ DW next week, hoping to take the little bloke through Zombie Evilution @ least once. We did AVPX last year, and whilst he found it a little scary a couple of times, he ended up enjoying it. Lookin' forward to this one, being so new!
  8. Looks like we'll be there around a similar time.. --- Dreamworld Gold Coast: We’re going for 1 or 2 day trips during midweek next week (6-9 Nov 2012), haven’t been there for around 15 years. We’ll be a couple of adults, 1 6yo boy & a baby. We have a Holiday World Pass for each (http://shop.dreamworld.com.au/holiday-worldpass ) ("Unlimited entry into Dreamworld & WhiteWater World over 21 days from date of first entry"). - There appears to be 3 entries from the main carpark into the entire facility: 1) the Dreamworld main entry, 2) the Whitewater World main entry, and 3) the World Pa
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