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  1. Just on the subject of ticket sales and expected attendance, they really don't have a guaranteed way of knowing this based only on ticket sales alone. When I bought tickets, I was not expected to tell them what day(s) I was planning on attending, I just had 12 months to use them. My tickets were originally purchased as a Christmas gift for 2021. We ended up getting a credit and re-buying them shortly before our Easter trip. Now, we would be on the 'expected attendance' list with our purchase, but there would have been a cohort of people with passes purchased sometime in the last 12 months that were waiting for their right time to attend, along with people like me that bought them just before, or at the gate.
  2. Super ripper is the purple slide yeah? While standing on the tower waiting for Kaboom we noticed a few flying down the slide, and some just crawling. Maybe clothing is a factor?
  3. No I agree with you, there is still a human (humans?) factor to be considered in all of this, but at the end of the investigation, was any person(s) in particular held responsible? Or was it the business as a whole? When looking at WHS/Financial responsibilities, there's always a personal liability under your role, as well as a business responsibility - both have the potential to cop a fine/penalty if a breach is made. In the US families of the Sandy Hook victims recently settled with Remington... so in a way, I guess guns do kill people Never knew that was an actual thing. Anecdotally I've heard of the 'Grandad's old axe, it's only had 2 new heads and 4 new handles'. Legally though, the business entity of Dreamworld still exists as it did no matter how many bodies have come and gone since 2016. I completely agree, but I'm talking about public perception, and not that of enthusiasts that understand the changes that have been made. See also, ride stoppage 'news' where people were 'frightened for their lives' while stuck on a lift hill. Here we all know that there is no danger to them, but people that don't know any better don't. I remember the news video with Greg still in the COO role announcing the closure of TOT2, specifically talking about how there's nothing unsafe about TOT2, it's just time for it to be retired. Along with what happened, I don't necessarily blame anyone for questioning *why* a lot of long standing attractions at Dreamworld are suddenly being removed... was it a result of them being unsafe? (Note that question was rhetorical, we all know this not to be the case, again, public perception). Understandable to those with an understanding of theme park ride life cycles While standing in both DC Rivals and Superman escape lines I heard people asking what that grey coaster was. I mentioned to one that it used to be Arkham Asylum/Lethal Weapon but it's been decommissioned, to which they replied 'Oh, it seems unusual that they'd decommission a ride', to which I though, yeah, but really no. I personally think that ship has sailed. The opportunity for a ownership change / rebrand to save face has well and truly passed, and they've instead decided to double down fixing their reputation, invoking nostalgia of pre 2016 times, moving past the post 2016 ride removals while also acknowledging their history, embracing it and moving forward. Hopefully Dreamworld have finished their 'consolidation' phase and can now work toward re-expanding again, in a controlled and calculated way!
  4. I sound argumentative here but I'm not trying to be. People in positions shouldn't matter, the business as a whole should have policies and procedures in place to govern these matters. Dreamworld as a business is still responsible, regardless of who is in what position at the time. I actual felt a little bad for Dreamworld on our visit last week, having come from the village parks and seeing how jam packed the were with guests and with multiple hour waits for rides, and then going to Dreamworld where everything was practically a walk on in a busy holiday period. It was good to see some positive reviews however about peoples experiences in Dreamworld compared to the village parks. However reading through some of these comments people are still either worried about safety following the incident, or salty about the number of attractions that have been removed in recent years (screenshots below are from a ST POV video on youtube). Even with the addition of Steel Taipan the first thing people seem to do is compare it to DC Rivals, so unless they can manage to better VRTP in some aspect, they're always going to be the poor relative. So, in my opinion, DW still have two main issues to content with currently: the fallout of 2016, and the fallout of them cleaning up their act, which unfortunately has meant the removal of some attractions with no direct replacements announced. Steel Taipan is definitely a great addition, and I'd have to say its my number 2 coaster in Australia behind DC Rivals. They really need to back it up with something better, but I know this probably won't happen short term as there are other things in the park that need attention sooner.
  5. I don't think that area was open for the event. We went on tail spin during our visit and the whole area still had Halloween signage up. I liked the ST area, feels modern and new. The rock in the garden around the entry/exit seemed to be getting chucked around by the kids waiting for the adults on the ride (rocks were all over the path etc). The whole area smelt like a freshly paved road (tarry smell), not sure where this is coming from as everything looked to be concrete and wood. The rock structures in the ride area don't look like they've been sealed adequately enough, when you come off the MCBR there's like a calcium deposit all over the rockwork/track which is a shame considering it's only been open for about 5 months. I heard quite a number of people comment on how early the VQ's were 'consumed' when lining up at 9:30 to enter the park. Surprised they don't have the option to remove the VQ setting from the app altogether to avoid confusion.
  6. There's plenty of Google and Trip Advisor reviews to keep you all entertained if you want
  7. Doomsday is under maintenance, has been our entire visit. Wild West open with signposted 115m wait. When we lined up at the queue was just near the end of the entrance door. Overall the park seems much quieter today, still long waits for rides but definitely less crowded.
  8. Green Lantern down today. A frame out the front says it's not operating but the monitor above the ticket station says it was open
  9. Yep. Since our visit in 2019 the flood effect is working and the tunnel smoke. Other than that everything else is as I can remember.
  10. Primary thing they can do easily is stop gatekeeping wait times behind a park entry. Guests can see how busy the park is up front. Other than that restricting numbers or extending hours is all they can do, but I think that will upset an equal number of people being locked out of the park than those that want to go and wait in 3 hour lines. We hit up wet and wild today. It there was very little wet and quite a bit of wild. Got in a ride on Constrictor and then Kaboom and it was 1:30pm. We gave up, got changed and went back to SeaWorld. JetRescue was running much faster today! SeaWorld a lot quieter today than Sunday in our experience.
  11. I haven't made it over to Dreamworld yet, so I can't compare, but I couldn't really fault the ops on Rivals today (compared to Jet Rescue yesterday) They weren't running around, sure, but they had the next train consistently ready and guests loaded straight through. Props to the grouper running it today, the amount of yelling they did about not touching the belt, I'm surprised they still had a voice left by 5pm. Got assigned to the back row (but not backwards) seat. I was shook by the drop off the lift.. got flung up in the seat and was NOT prepared for that! One thing a few people have mentioned here is about the cash grab with FastTrack. From what I witnessed at both SW yesterday and MW today, there hasn't been a long line for fast trackers, and when there is people in the FT queue, they'll only load a couple and backfill the rest from the general queue. I did hear mentioned that due to being busy they weren't running Virtual Queue or single rider lines. So they're selling out of FastTracks, but they're not overselling them (when compared to something like FastPass/Ride Express at Disney / Universal. I can't comment on slow days, but here's how it was working today: 1. Harnesses would release on current train but ops would need to assist releasing some of these harnesses 2. Give guests a couple of seconds to dismount and get their stuff. 3. Open gates and let guests sit down. Guests told to lower their own harness but not touch the belt. 4. Ops lower remaining harnesses and secure belt / tighten etc. They would do each row at the same time. (If one side was taking longer the other would wait). 5. Brief speal to backward facing riders ( didn't manage to hear it but they always stopped to explain something specific to them). 6. Thumbs up and button press at back of the train and dispatch. The ops certainly weren't rushing, but the impression I've gotten from ALL ride ops so far on my trip is to take as much time as required to do the job correctly with no mistakes. Some of these rides would be very demanding physically in an op. I'd be interested to know if they have many manual handling injuries at theme parks purely as a result of loading coasters.
  12. SE looked to me like it had two trains, they were a bit slow at dispatching though. Just had another look at the app and it looks like SE is closed... The line was almost around the corner toward the Arkham entrance when we got off. Edit: just saw a SE train going so it's still operating
  13. We were at SeaWorld today. We arrived at about 1pm (we went to Paradise Country early). Park was busy but we managed to get 2 rides on Jet Rescue and 2 on Storm (Storm rides were right before close). Operations on Jet Rescue are frustratingly slow. When the ride finishes, the passengers dismount but they never move the train to reload until every single passenger walks 25m to the photo room and closes the gate. Only then do they move the train up to loading. Now that the train is now in loading, it's time to start assigning people to rows, why can't someone be doing this while the ride is running so they can load straight in? I get it that the unload procedure is a safety thing, but why not rework the unload station so the gate is much closer to the train? Everyone was dawdling to the gate and it just prolonged the cycle time. On what everyone is saying is one of the busiest weekends, why only one train? (does JR even have two?), Why not have another loader/grouper? In saying all of the above, riders were just as to blame for delays but could have been helped by another loader/grouper. People were locked in and had to be unlocked as they still had hats/glasses etc on. Storm was great but only appeared to have 3 boats, not sure if this is normal or not. Two seemed to sit in the station while one was on the course, they'd dispatch one as the previous one was rounding the corner to unload. This is our first trip to the GC in 3 long years and the first trip really since I've been paying attention to how rides operate. I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed fingers crossed the crowds get a little better after tomorrow. Bonus image of our park today, we were in the overflow of the overflow carpark
  14. It does but it also needs to be careful in doing so. It doesn't sound like they have any other fall back options now if it doesn't work out.
  15. Assuming these are three full days where you can enter at park open and leave at park close, Dreamworld, Movieworld, Seaworld in no particular order, I'd just consider ride closures and work around these if there's any ability to do so. If the ticket I happened to purchase for VRTP allowed for park hopping, I'd probably enter Seaworld at park open, do the rides, look at the attractions/shows etc and head over to Movieworld in the afternoon.
  16. I'd argue that this is already a step above cheap. It's painted black. Cheapest I'd expect to see is plain galvanised metal.
  17. There is a lot of white around Sea World, mainly roofs etc, but there is a lot of shade structures that are also white or quite light in colour (beige/cream) It's been a few years since my last visit so I'm working with Street View here, but I don't think it would look as out of place as some of you are making it sound, especially once some planting takes place. Most of the sheds are going to be facing back of house are they not?
  18. I don't know a lot about our parks, but we were in the GC November 2019 and Surfrider was running. It went down a lot during the day we were there, but it was running.
  19. Could be as simple as a limit switch/sensor is malfunctioning and needs replacing, and they don't have the parts/staff to do it.
  20. I think its more about bullying a company into submission through fear of viral negative backlash / boycotting when said bully doesn't get their way.
  21. Just as a contrasting story. I had a pass purchased as a gift last christmas for the VRTP theme parks. It's valid for 12 months. Now there's been time within these last 12 months where we could have attended, but really we were waiting for these new rides to open to make better use of our time. Lockdown's came and its now going to be too close to Christmas when we're allowed back in to QLD. So we asked VRTP what we could do, they gave us a 'refund' in the form of a credit to use within 3 years. Now, did they have to do that? No, but it's good PR that they did. They could have said 'sorry, but these are the terms' but they didn't, and I'm happy that they did. Instead of having something negative to say, I'm saying something positive. Whilst I don't agree that anti-vaxxers are on the right side of the argument, I do feel that the parks need to take their requests seriously. Remember, just because someone is vaxxed, doesn't mean that they won't retaliate against businesses that enforce their own mandate for vaccination (in addition to existing Gov. rules), some have reluctantly been vaxxed due to threats of job loss etc.
  22. Look between Taipan's spike and and loop... took me a while too.. Well done
  23. Its been about 6 months since most of those rides were commissioned, is there like a 6 month mandatory service that rides would need to have happen, regardless of them being used or not?
  24. He says that, but now that he's let the cat out of the bag, he can say hello to the introduction of limits on the offer to prevent others from exploiting this loophole.
  25. Working fine here... Edge 95.0.1020.30 Chrome 95.0.4638.54 Firefox 93.0 Make sure your browser(s) are up to date (go to Help > About in the relevent browser generally).
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