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  1. WED99

    USA 2013

    If you're doing the Grand Canyon I reccomend flying over to the Arizona side. The Nevada side is no where near as amazing. If you do fly to Arizona be sure to stay the night. It's a great experience there when you don't have to rush. Check out the Holiday Inn Express in Tusayan, a small town just outside the Grand Canyon national park. The hotel prices are much to steep in the park. And I agree with @djrappa Blue Man Group is the best show in Vegas!
  2. Most likely just change all the old members to the new ones on signage and Big Red Car.
  3. I agree that more should be added, but backstage space doesn't really allow it. Scooby and Superman's buildings confine it.
  4. That makes sense, hopefully one day they do have a reason.
  5. No actually, left me wondering why Gotham City Cafe would need to be re-equipped? Thank you, I still feel like its placement is a little odd. Especially when there is an empty Arkham area!
  6. I'm not familiar with the term "refit" Explain?
  7. Whoops! But still, why don't justice league or superman? (Not sure about Arkham) Sorry, ceilings probably is a better word. And yes, maybe it's something technical like that.
  8. I do admit, the new Arkham area is amazing and I would love to see something more added! (Maybe move Gotham City Cafe as well?)
  9. I noticed it at the park the other day, none of the queues have a roof over them. The walls just stop and everything is painted black up to the lighting. Is this maybe how they save money? Justice League was built with only 9 million, maybe this is one of their techniques? Anyone know?
  10. I hope they get rid of the stupid Scooby Doo making of video in the queue for spooky coaster first! The amount of time I have seen that thing and wanted to punch Matthew Lillard in the face!
  11. I feel like Movieworld is already crossing the line with the amount of DC attractions, so I think avoiding Batman is a good way to go.
  12. WED99

    Ride stories and theming

    Sounds good, but I think Scooby is a worthy replacement. Thanks for the link!
  13. WED99

    Ride stories and theming

    10 minute pre-show? Must have been pretty low capacity per hour.
  14. WED99

    Ride stories and theming

    I'm obsessed with theming and detail to the point where it ruins my days sometimes, so please believe me when I say a know a bit about this subject. I went to movieworld yesterday and have to admit, didn't expect much. I was pleasantly surprised, especially with the new attractions! Arkham and Justice League have amazing theming and their queues are entertaining enough to keep me from getting bored. The facades are nice too! LTRR was my old favourite ride because of it's great story, but Arkham has taken the cake! In my opinion, MW has only got better lately and are finally in the right path! But then again, I never rode Gremlins.
  15. I know I'm a bit late but I just want to point out Looney Tunes have a new show on Cartoon Network so they're not forgotten, they are well known. After going to Movie World yesterday I realised only one ride I rode was not DC themed. I love all the DC rides but I still feel they should include some different themes. So Looney Tunes would be perfect right now! A walk through attraction is something used for things like Harry Potter and Narnia which has unique environments, Looney Tunes was always drawn with buildings exactly how you would see in real life. No real appeal to enter their world. A family ride is define telly necessary for that space because right now, Justice League is doing all the work.