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  1. May I ask why White Water World is no longer operating annually now?
  2. How fast is this thing supposed to be going again?
  3. Nice snaps, it really has turned out to be an impressive looking structure
  4. The only thing I don't like about The Gold Coaster (probably since the original trains were replaced by Hot Wheels) Is that it doesn't make the iconic Arrow *cling clang* noise as it goes up the lift hill. After Sea Viper was demolished, it was the only coaster in Australia that did it
  5. I've been playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, The Last of Us, Hollow Knight (Australian game) and Ghost of Tsushima
  6. As Carl Sagan once said ”Luna Park Sydney is a very fun place, in a very small space”
  7. If Movie World ever decides to build a Mad Max themed roller coaster, they have to call it Mad Max: Fury Ride
  8. I'm doing a hospitality course at Dreamworld and a staff worker said they're aiming for a December 2021 opening and that you should expect the majority of the ride structure to go up by about July next year
  9. I strongly agree with your first point I also like the second but I don’t know how they would be able to do it or where to put it (maybe the old blue lagoon site) Yout third point is insane.
  10. For a rough estimate I’ve ridden The Giant Drop about 25-30 times total in my life since I first rode it as a kid in 2006. I’m currently doing a hospitality course at Dreamworld working in the Preston Campbell cafe at the back of the park and usually on my way out I’ll give it a ride. Over the past 2-3 weeks I’ve rode it about 10 times and one thing that I’ve noticed is that it doesn’t give me the same sense of fear it used to. Over a few years now I’ve noticed that my sense of overall thrill and anxiety (healthy of course has diminished with every time I’ve been on it (though I still enjoy the view the same) Can someone share just how many times they have been on this ride and has their experience of it been blunted over the years and that if you ride it frequently enough that you can actually feel next to nothing when you’re at the top. I just want to know if I should distance myself from it for a while because I have a concern that enough rides could cause a desensitisation and diminish my overall enjoyment of not just The Giant Drop but other rides in Australia because it is in my opinion the most intense ride in the country and probably still will be for many years.
  11. Yeah I can definitely see that being the more realistic outlook. Mack wasn't really on my radar when it came for big sprawling coasters, I only knew them for their wild mouse rides, but Rivals completely changed my outlook for what the company could do reminding me of Blue Fire which I didn't really know about until Rivals opened
  12. If MW are thinking about replacing it, it has to be a B&M. Australian coaster fans have wanted one for years and now is the perfect opportunity. Better yet, make it a flyer themed to Batman and add an updated VR experience just like what they did previously
  13. I know this is completely unrelated, but can someone tell me which year exactly did the Dreamworld logo change from the old logo to the logo we have now. I know it was sometime in the early 2000s but don't know exactly when
  14. A drop tower would be more appropriate to put in LPM because of it's small ride footprint
  15. I got stuck on Rocky Hollow Log Ride once when I was 9. I was with my Dad and we were just about to crest over the top of the conveyor belt when the ride shut down and we were stuck there for about 30 minutes. Next week after that Dreamworld offered us a free tour of the park and a worker there at the time called Cameron took us past the queues and through behind the scenes passageways to get on the rides. It was a great memory and is proof of just how friendly and great Dreamworlds staff are, or at least what it was like back in 2006
  16. So what this article is trying to say is that Dreamworld will stay in financial jeopardy long term after this ride is built. Years even?
  17. Also one more thing that is on my mind, maybe someone here can give me a legitimate answer. That black shade that is attached to both gondolas on TGD that goes over the heads of the riders. Why was that added in the first place, because in all the pictures of the giant drop in its early years before about 2003-04. That black shade is nowhere to be found which must mean it was added later for some reason. Was there some incident in the ride's early years that lead to the addition of it. Also note in the picture there are no safety railings above the top part of the vehicle
  18. I always thought it wouldn't be too far fetched of an idea to have the Brisbane expo 88 skyneedle to be converted into an Intamin Drop tower. I could always be wrong though.
  19. Fingers crossed the give The Giant Drop a years long coming upgrade
  20. I actually have ridden that a few years back. I thought they closed it
  21. I can't be the only one that is wanting this after all these years. The Giant Drop is up there as my favourite 5 rides in the country behind Superman Escape, DC, Arkham, The Claw and Jet Rescue and still stands up today up to many rides overseas in the states and beyond being an Australian force in the theme park business more than 20 years later. But why is it still the only drop ride in the country after all this time? Of course back in the late 90s, Intamin drop towers were still very new and cost over 10 million AUD to make. Hell! The Giant Drop was only really an afterthought that was constructed over a year after the original tower of terror was built with the tower itself only designed for the roller coaster in mind. Now with TOT2 closed, the tower only exists now for The Giant Drop. Six Flags Magic Mountain followed suit with this notion with Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom, which is a carbon copy of the same ride design. I would love to see another drop tower being installed somewhere else in Australia and it doesn't even need to be as big as TGD, I don't want any record breakers here, just more than one in the entire continent, how hard can it be. I also know that TGD wasn't the first, Space Probe was (which was only 60m with three for seat gondolas) instead of the two 8 seaters that TGD has. I know the US has about 10 of them or more operating over there, with Falcon's Fury being a notable contender for what we could try out over here. A facefirst freefall. Like imagine a Giant Drop attraction but done face first. It's already been done there. Doesn't seem to far fetched to have a ride like that over here. It doesn't even need to be that flash or intimidating for my taste. Just 60 metres or higher and I'm happy :)
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