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  1. Sky Voyager can be updated and converted in minutes. So don't let it's short maintenance period fool you!
  2. Circling back slightly, but I believe there is still some contractual requirements that VRTP need to meet, to continue to use the Top Golf brand. Although I'm unsure of the timelines, I know that they were meant to provide a certain amount of investment and expansion. That is one of the reasons why we have seen a few of the little hole in the wall experiences launched. When first opened, Melbourne was slated as the next "major" location, to a point where they had already started taking EOI's for Gold Coast team members to fly to Victoria to train and on-board management. I'd say VRTP will still be contractually obliged to fulfil these requirements in the near future.
  3. Not really understanding the criticism regarding branding? Businesses are profitable when they're recognisable... a multi million dollar business is obviously going to drop some coin on logos around their properties. Besides that, I think the hotel looks fantastic, and truly hope we get something similar for Hotel V.
  4. Ringers haven't supplied uniforms for quite sometime now. There were a few issues with the whole partnership...
  5. I think you're on the money to some degree. It smells like an after thought to me, personally. Just ticking the box really.
  6. That's a very fair point. In saying that, a major event would be something they would've been planning for more than a few months. Hooray's concept had been floating around for a few years before it was introduced as the 30th celebration. I think you're on the money though. There would've been an almost crowded event lineup with Spooky Nights, Fright Nights and then a 50th celebration. There has also always been some contention within the company for as long as I can remember, on when Sea World should actually celebrate it's anniversary.
  7. Extremely disappointing, and such a missed opportunity for them to not be running any form of in park celebration. With the success of Movie World's 30th event, I'm floored by the fact that we won't be getting anything. Especially for an arguably more significant milestone. On a positive note, I'm loving the 50th logo design.
  8. Hahaha I'm more referring to Friday night. Tonight they were more enthusiastic at getting up and leaving once the band was off the stage. After going through the list of performers again, I honestly have only heard of like 2 of them. I do love that you had a photo on standby, showing off the energetic crowd.
  9. I'm not a fan of any of the acts this year either. In saying that... I have experienced both concerts so far, the performers have defiantly gotten the crowd into it whether or not they were actually a fan. They have been running an autograph signing session each night so far at 7pm, there defiantly hasn't been a crowd anywhere near as big as last years ones.
  10. I agree with that too Jason, after experiencing both Friday and Saturday nights, I fell like tonight wasn't as good as the first night. I honestly can't put a finger on exactly why that was the case. But I defiantly walked away from tonight not as satisfied as I was the previous night.
  11. Those screens are part of the two secret rooms within the two hero mazes. This is accessible only buy Terror Tour guest. The Scare actors have no directions from anyone besides the cast briefing at the start of the night. The screens show four areas that the guests can trigger certain effects to scare the maze goers.
  12. The two mazes are extremely good. Very dark and full of some real creepy moments. Personally Friday the 13th is scarier with tonnes of real creepy moments involving Jason. Wyrmwood will have over 40 scare actors in it on the nights, we got to experience it with only 20 last night and it was still awesome.
  13. Heres a quick highlights video from the opening day of the new world. Video also includes the ribbon cutting ceremony.
  14. The smoke dose differ throughout the day. Extraction fans are turned on to keep the smoke from setting off the alarms. If you find it low when your on have a look outside when your finished and you'll see it being funnelled out.
  15. Yep. I was there for the ribbon cutting this morning. Ill have photos and videos up very soon.
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