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  1. This can be answered on February 24th once the findings have been released. “• The findings required by s.45 (2) of the Coroners Act 2003; namely the identity of the deceased person, when, where and how they died and what caused the death. • The circumstances and cause of the fatal incident on the Thunder River Rapids Ride at the Dreamworld Theme Park, which occurred on 25th October 2016.“
  2. I thought it was just a really late replacement for the Eureka Mine Ride
  3. They said both Port Orleans Riverside and a moderate or deluxe resort as well, with the B resort being in between those two stays.
  4. Just to clarify this part, Magicbands are supplied for free if you stay at a Disney Resort. They’re just a basic colour that you can choose on your reservation, and you can then purchase one with a design on it or customize one.
  5. There is the Coca Cola store in Disney Springs which has a selection of the international drinks that were offered at club cool, but no Beverly (un)fortunately. Club Cool will return though in a new location as part of EPCOT’s redevelopment.
  6. I remembered seeing a person post on their page asking about the rule change, and I went back to find their response which according to them is a change in manufacturers guidelines
  7. Ohh, this is my specific area of expertise. I worked that ride back in 2016. So the orange side will have you feel 2.5g’s when it’s spinning at its maximum speed of about 60km/h. It does 3 spins like this lasting around 30 seconds each, total ride time is around 4min 20sec. It is also a pretty enclosed space inside the capsule, so not recommended if you have claustrophobia (if you do and want to try it, let the cast member know and they can close the capsule for a few seconds and then re-open it to check if you’re okay with how enclosed it is). With all that said, it’s a great ride
  8. Ok, so I made a mistake since I don’t post here often. You could’ve simply said that straight up instead of being a smartass about it. If I could edit the post, I would. So I’ll add the credit here to please you. https://cruisingtheparks.com/2019/10/05/breaking-incident/
  9. The new Disney Skyliner has had some gondola cars collide at the Riviera Resort Station, with guests slowly being evacuated
  10. Grabbed a few snaps of the slide pieces from the entrance while picking up my season pass
  11. Pretty much sounds like it, except with a result that changes based on guest participation whereas Mission space is just "computer override" -> "congratulations, you made it to mars" if you don't push your button on time. Which does make me wonder what happens in the case of not having a full "crew" for your ride on smugglers run.
  12. I guess the problem here is that the billboard doesn't say "coming/opening soon" or "now open", so people who see the advertisement would most likely assume that they're advertising an open attraction.
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