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  1. AmazIng footage. Thank you taking the time out of your day to film this!
  2. Looks rough transitioning in and out of the spike (on this angle at least)
  3. What’s going on with construction? When will testing commence? Has the station building been completed? Theming commenced? Why is this so slow ?? Sorry for the unnecessary bump.
  4. I was at movie world Saturday and Sea World Sunday. The dispatchers were extremely slow. But then it dawned on me why! They want people to pay the $10-$20 to “ride it now” 😃😃 absolute thieves.
  5. I’m excited but I wish they decided on an original layout with more airtime elements.
  6. So who’s going to make a POV in mo limits?
  7. Here is a great example of a 32m high 1km long woodie https://youtu.be/WppWBUdvZOY
  8. Backwards is incredible! I could feel the force literally in my toes. The airtime during the last bunny hills are amazing, you literally feel like you’re thrown out of your seat! As it was my first riding since reading everyone’s opinion my expectations were high - I felt it wasn’t as “intense” as I expected but it was a really fun ride and in my top 5 for best roller coasters in the world.
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