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  1. This was an image attached to LPs Email. I’m noticing SLC Track. 🤔 8BD595A2-21D1-41EE-B880-3556E99389C3.webp
  2. Yeah looking at the plans, I realised it’s very much just for kids. but I still can’t ask enough… why another miniature railway?! We literally have the Illawarra Live Steamers, the Illawarra Light Railway Museum Society and then Penwood Railroad inc. just a little further south of Wollongong. we literally have 3 places that offer the same thing already!!
  3. There has been no news about this until now, I even had no idea this was in the works, until I saw a news article (which I can’t read due to a paywall). I managed to find the image online to share with you. looks like a family based amusement park with a few miniature railways and a few small rides. Not bad for Stanwell Tops. only thing I don’t like about it personally, is the fact that we have 2 other miniature railways driving distance from Stanwell tops, and as far as I’m aware, they’re not the crowd pullers they use to be.
  4. I’m a part of the Theme Park Review Facebook Group and someone in the group asked if anyone knew what the manufacturer of the HMS Endeavour was from Wonderland. I instantly thought Huss, or possibly Intamin as they use to work with Intamin, but upon trying to research the ride, not much is known about the manufacturer. so I thought I’d come here to see if anyone can share some more about the ride
  5. With big dippers opening date hopefully in December. When do you think we may see full circuit testing?
  6. Any updates on leviathan? It’s been a while since an update was made.
  7. With the recent announcement of Cedar Point removing Wicked Twister in September, a piece of me is wishing and hoping Dreamworld grabs it, being a thrill coaster with a higher capacity than Buzzsaw. most likely not gunna happen and will probably stay within the Cedar Fair Chain, but I can wish
  8. That land would fit a Mack PowerSplash. I believe that would be perfect as a ToT and RHLR replacement
  9. I’m pretty sure Universal is using “The Haunting of Hill House” as a maze. I’d love to see them use that IP this year, but as Universal is using it, I doubt it.
  10. That is for the view of Jamberoo!! The construction for Velocity Falls is making me excited!! It’s gunna be big!!
  11. Agreed. Its almost as if they’re trying to kill the Theme Park industry in Australia.
  12. I’m currently watching and all I can say so far... I’m very annoyed!! This whole program is about deaths and disasters. Completely portraying a negative view on the industry.
  13. https://www.kotaku.com.au/2021/06/sega-theme-park-australia/?fbclid=IwAR2SmaKdpe2VcwrWOkZu3lGlm8HQ6NqqOrU2E8lqZIcxbIV5ibt9KWi9B5g I saw this article online and thought it would be best to share it on here for everyone to read and discuss!! Who here has memories of Sega World when it was originally in Darling Harbour? and has anyone experienced any others from around the world?
  14. I was legit about to post that comment too. It was posted on the Movie World Fan Club group on Facebook.
  15. Was at jamberoo today. they’ve completely Excavated the plot of land where “Splash Out” use to be, slide is no more and splash pool is demolished. They’re really getting a head start!! I would have photos, but I didn’t have my phone on me. Sorry.
  16. My apologies. I completely forgot the Giant drop was built after TOT. Whoops, that’s embarrassing
  17. As far as I’m aware, the “Tower or Terror” was the name of the tower itself, and when the coaster was built, it took that name. I could be wrong, but I’m sure the name painted on the tower was there before the Tower of Terror itself.
  18. I’m hoping with the maintenance happening on Batwing Space Shot, and it may be far fetched, but I’m hoping they extend the tower to make it taller, and add the new S&S Spin Shot seats. this will bring new life to the ride!!
  19. OMG!! I just saw this on Facebook. And literally ran onto here!! I am shaking!! 😱😱🤩
  20. I’ve ridden it a number of times. Usually 5-10 times a visit. I don’t get scared up the top. But the drop always takes my breath away. I wouldn’t say you’re desensitised, more the fact that you’re aware of the feeling. maybe a bit of a break may help. But I wouldn’t stress. As it’s an amazing rides and deserves to be ridden again and again and again.
  21. So I attended Halloscream on Saturday and had to check out the Tumble Bug. im not sure if it has been mentioned already here on this forum but the fencing around the ride had been removed. It appears to have been cut using an Angle Grinder. This looks like it may be the end of the ride
  22. I didn’t realise the Moon Ranger had been removed until just then!! I was only checking because I’m going to Halloscream this Saturday. Sad to see such an iconic ride leave Happy it was replaced temporarily by the Power Surge! Excited to see if they will invest in a new permanent ride to take its place in the future tho.
  23. I’m going to do 2 days at each Disney and universal park. I was also going to buy members passes for the chains like Six Flags, SeaWorld and Cedar Fair. That way I can pay them off over the course of a year. This also gives me the option to race back into a park to get those missed rides if needed before travelling to the next park. hopefully this trip follows through. Keen for a solo American coaster trip!! Bring on 2022!! thanks for the help!! I don’t know. I have a feeling once Avengers Campus opens, more boarding passes will be available. I think it will be longer before they remove the boarding pass system and move over to the normal standby lines.
  24. For those that have been to the major parks in the US, which parks would you recommend visiting more than one day for?? Thanks. just planning 2 years early. 😂
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