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  1. I'm very excited for this new coaster, personally I would like a lift hill hyper with a mid-course launch and add a new area so it can be themed to mad max but that's not going to happen. I'm hoping for a Cyborg theme!
  2. Cooper Olsen

    The Off Topic Topic

    At Dreamworld right now and found this... Really?
  3. Banshee at Kings Island
  4. NOOOO my favourite ride in history!
  5. Cooper Olsen

    The Off Topic Topic

    Question... Why isn't Shockwave (Zamperla Disco' Coasters) not counted as a Rollercoaster?
  6. Cooper Olsen

    Arkham Asylum - VR coaster at Movie World

    This is going to make capacity awful!
  7. Cooper Olsen

    2016 for Movie World

    I'm not that fond of VR after riding New Revolution at SFMM. It's fine but I wouldn't like it on AA or GL or HWSW. If they did VR I hope it's on MDMC and while they're at it re-theme it with new trains and call it a brand new experience.
  8. Would love a Skyrush at MW!
  9. Cooper Olsen

    Doomsday Destroyer - 2016 Movie World construction

    I love having more photos! Every photo I notice something new, keep them coming.
  10. What theme do you think it will be?
  11. Honestly, I would rather a MACK than a B&M any day. But this is coming from the guy who rathers AA (A Vekoma SLC) than Batman: The Ride (B&M Inverted Coaster)
  12. Cooper Olsen

    The Off Topic Topic

    You are correct! 30 dollars later and argument with boarder control it was all good.
  13. Cooper Olsen

    The Off Topic Topic

    I bought this from Disneyland!
  14. Cooper Olsen

    Movie World Fright Nights 2016

    Just a question, do you think we will get another "icon" like the ringmaster and gang? If so what would it be or will the ringmaster return?
  15. Cooper Olsen

    Dreamworld Q&A

    Hey Belinda... is their any plans that Dreamworld had that never happened and we don't know of? What were they if you can answer it. Or anything about the future of Big Brother!