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  1. A coaster with a single platform loading and unloading from the same side is absolutely detrimental to capacity (aka. Cyclone). Might as well not bother building it at all if you're going to work it like that. So unless there's separated load and unload platforms like SE you will be exiting from the opposite side but could easily loop under the track (Like GL) back to the same side. It might just be me, but that area doesn't look quite large enough to have 2 platforms in a straight line although that depends on how long the trains are. Or maybe there's a curve between the two? All will be revealed soon.
  2. nitromefans

    2016 for Movie World

    Funny thing is that I went to the park on the 29th of Nov and it felt like an average school holiday weekday (Not Jan. of course) The closeness to Christmas is obviously driving people away.
  3. Just for fun I did a sketch of the appoximate layout of the coaster on google maps and it came out at 900m. This obvs doesn't include track length obtained from vertical change, nor any other elements. From this, it won't be 2km, but it would certainly be at least 1200-1300 at a minimum.
  4. nitromefans

    Super 8 Aqua Racer at Wet N Wild GC

    Is it just me, or is that mustard colour disgusting?
  5. nitromefans

    2016 for Movie World

    So ya don't burn ya feet
  6. Just a reminder to the doubters that there may be some merits in what djrappa is saying.
  7. nitromefans

    Not a photo of Movie World's new coaster

    I can't believe how seriously we're taking this pic...
  8. nitromefans

    Movie World Fright Nights 2016

    Costumes are fine as long as it doesn't prohibit safety and as for makeup, keep it light, nothing that stops you from being identified. And no face masks at all. EDIT: Quote from Movie World Full face masks are not permitted, however you are welcome to come in costume with minimal make-up only;
  9. nitromefans

    2016 for Movie World

    There's probably only one thing I can say about today and that's Oh my god! I have literally never seen that many people in the park outside the peak of the peak in January. Too be honest, if you're thinking of going for one of your regular visits this week, give it a miss and wait for the QLD kids to go back to school. The overflow carpark was close to full at the peak of the day, all rides (apart from Batwing and DD) were at least a 60 min wait almost all day, and that was with 90% of the staff being really on the ball. Even at 4:10pm Arkham was over an hour. Anyway, being the first time I've been since DD opened up, I'm pleasantly surprised with what Movieworld managed to pull off with this new area. Only irk is that if you go in from the Scooby end you have to walk through the shop as the gate's closed but whatevs I guess. DD will be a real crowd soaker in peak times, considering that with loads of teething issues it pulled through a very good capacity. I even saw Greg out there being taught how to, and then operating it from the booth :P. 2 trains on superman (thank god) however I found fast track, having been sold out, became disruptive with alternating loads (generally 1 load Fast Track, 1 Load Normal) however in the peak of the day, one operator was giving 2 loads fast track, 1 load normal and that got excessive. Most of these people were on Unlimited Fast Track and I saw plenty were just milking it by going on again, again and again. Most staff are really giving it their all for operations though which have noticeably improved compared with a few weeks ago. No real standing around and superman cycles <2 min. Good job Movie World, but hell, I'm not going when its this busy again. Didn't spot ya though Max
  10. nitromefans

    Wild West Falls Refurbishment

    There's one lot on page 8 and TPG has some on page 9.
  11. nitromefans

    Tiger Island Refurbishment - Dreamworld 2016

    Basically never outside of the summer rush of post boxing day and most of January. Dreamworld has a temp one put up just before Christmas which remains during the peak season.
  12. nitromefans

    Tiger Island Refurbishment - Dreamworld 2016

    Break Down most likely IMO. I might be wrong but I'm not aware on any cap on Q4U/RideExpress numbers for rides, so I can't see why that'd be. (Hell, one day I was there the line was longer at the Q4U booth than some of the rides and they still showed as availiable)
  13. nitromefans

    Tiger Island Refurbishment - Dreamworld 2016
  14. That's just the track layout, it's always been like that if you've been near or at the front. The further back in the train you go, the better.
  15. Is that a revamp of the Gold Coast - Theme Park Capital of Australia campaign?
  16. Why on earth would they do that Push? All that means is the money goes into companies' pockets, rather than the theme parks, apart from the supposed rent.
  17. nitromefans

    'World Best' Attraction coming to VRTP

    WnW uses it as a temporary spillout during super busy days in Janurary. Otherwise I've never seen it being used for much.
  18. Sorry, there's not much you can see from ground level except for the nose of the first car when they were doing the winch tests. You need to get up on a slide tower to see anything really which makes photos difficult.
  19. Was as DW & WWW today and had a look around the Ex Cyclone area from rides and slide towers and on the interior, there seems to have been a bit of work done. New train's on, essentially each train car is literally themed a coloured car. Maintenance folk were running it up and down the station (repeatedly winching it back) in the afternoon. Track's been painted in the station but is still grimy and yuck everywhere else. Track colour in station is the same as before. Old cyclone train in pieces in the storage lot. Station seems to be themed as a pit stop with shelves and crap lining the outside of the indoor brake run. The old Cyclone doors have been removed with orange looking mesh sliding doors in its place. Floor's been redone, painted a blueish grey colour. From the top of Tailspin it looks like the interior of the cyclone queue tower's had its panels painted an organgey colour although it's hard to say since I couldn't see much. From WWW, the thing looks mostly gutted inside on the upper levels, doors were open. Mesh windows have been installed facing WWW from the station but otherwise no exterior changes, still its ugly sheet clad self. Brock Museum has had it's shell and roof done, doors open to interior, couldn't see much from Wipeout though. The F&B outlet is mostly gutted inside.
  20. nitromefans

    'World Best' Attraction coming to VRTP

    Push, you do realise the development application is for a Roller-coaster right?
  21. nitromefans

    'World Best' Attraction coming to VRTP

    Well, I doubt that VRTP will pull out the big guns for WnW, we can safely assume it's for MW.
  22. nitromefans

    Fright Nights - 2015

    They're showing the horror film reel at HSD and a Friday the 13th movie in Roxy.
  23. When I was at Dreamworld yesterday there was 3 electricians laying cables into the ride near the bride over the rapids.
  24. nitromefans

    Movieworld trip report

    Back in 2012 the campfire had smoke working. It sadly broke and never got fixed after that however.
  25. nitromefans

    Funfields new Ride/Attraction

    Didn't Funfields release a statement a while ago saying they weren't taking it on due to it's age and uncertainty in regards to reliability?